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In a flap: Customers and dealers are asking for paddle shifters, but HSV says it is waiting for the right time to introduce them.
Even though US buyers picking up a Chevrolet-badged Commodore will be able to change gears by simply flicking a paddle behind the steering wheel, HSV buyers must wait until the trick shifters finally get a nod for locally-made cars. Yes, once again, despite feedback from dealers saying customers are asking for them, Holden’s go-fast division has failed to deliver what many of them want. HSV director of sales and marketing, Tim Jackson, said there was a growing expectation that if a car-maker had a sports car, it also had to have paddle shifters.
Also missing from this generation of HSV models is a rumoured transaxle gearbox, with HSV revealing it had looked at two separate options to fit between the rear wheels. As well as an adaption of the Albins gearbox built in Ballarat and used in the V8 Supercars, Mr Jackson said HSV also investigated adopting a unit from British supplier Zeroshift. However, he said the car-maker was constantly in talks with parts providers, and the transaxle gearbox would have added too much cost to the HSV-badged range. Chevrolet isn't hiding the fact that a new rear-wheel-drive performance sedan - called the SS and seen in full checkered-flag regalia above - is on its way to US shores, courtesy of GM's Australian division. As we all know, General Motors has a cornucopia of engine choices at its disposal, from standard four-cylinder engines to turbocharged four- and six-cylinder units and, of course, the classic V8.
Backing up GoAuto's assertion are some engineering mules being tested by Holden that reportedly have the tell-tale whine of a supercharger underhood. The Theranos finger prick blood test for herpes has been approved by the FDA, thus gaining significant credibility among peers and patients alike.

Theranos is a startup company that focuses on developing new and improved technologies that could be used in healthcare. In case it sounds too good to be true to you, then a great many scientists would agree with you, because the Theranos line of tests was met with quite some skepticism by the scientific community.
For the moment, the exact methodology behind the test remains secret, as the company has not disclosed the entire process just yet.
The FDA is widely renowned for its complex testing periods and for its strict requirements.
However, the test will prove to be extremely useful because it is virtually non-invasive, which makes it accessible in a wide range of harsh situations. Jason LeathersJason is a graduate of Biology and Chemistry, who wishes he had more time to spend travelling, immersing himself in new cultures and enjoying the outdoors. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Considering that both the SS and Camaro will be sharing the same basic Zeta underpinnings, the addition of the stupid-powerful V8 seems distinctly possible. If you pull the radiator cap while pressure is in the cylinder you will hear air or see bubbles. Its innovative herpes virus test only needs a tiny drop of blood in order to detect the presence of the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1). However, the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has awarded it with its approval gives it great weight, in spite of all the secrecy.

Therefore, if the Theranos test has managed to get passed them, then its methods might be trustworthy after all.
Lakin points out, there is more to be done in order to build on the complete assurance that the Theranos methods are safe and reliable in all possible circumstances. Furthermore, the test does not require trained medical personnel to perform it and therefore it could be used by anybody who needs it, without having to go to the hospital. He is keen on digging for the latest news pertaining to pharmacology, medical stories and science related topics.
In addition, the test costs only $9.07, which makes it extremely accessible to everybody who needs it.
It seems that the HSV-1 test has been tested on 818 subjects during the testing period, and the results have been perfectly in line with the requirements of the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This also makes the cost of the test decrease considerable, thus making it financially viable for a lot of people to get tested. From delving into these sources to creating compelling stories that are attractive for his readers, Jason enjoys every moment of it.

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