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Visually explore Herpes Simplex Virus 1 pictures, or more commonly known as Oral Herpes (cold sores) Pictures. In all honesty, we thought the new GTS and its Chev-based LSA engine produced slightly less than the 430kW written in the spec sheet. Finding the output at the engine requires a lot more testing, which is what manufacturers quote.
On a side note, Tunehouse says the LSA 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engine is very easy to tune. In your article, it is stated that the typical power loss at the wheels for modern cars with manual transmission is around 15% which is consistent with the results of the dyno. However, the questions begs…how do you explain the dramatic discrepancy between the sedan and the ute? To answer your question, there is an infinite number of reasons for different results for different cars.
LOL- dinosaur fans and their kw’s- it’s almost as though they are making up for something!
With the exception of a singular shot and a brief press release, Honda is predictably mum on details about its GT500-bound NSX replacement.
We’ve just put the popular mystery to bed by taking a fresh GTS Maloo over to Tunehouse in Sydney. After three dyno runs using Tunehouse’s hub-type Dynapack dyno, which is regarded as the most accurate type of dynamometer, this completely stock example with around 5000km on the clock produced 368kW and 697Nm at the wheels.

Using the same internals and major components, the V8 can be boosted to around 440kW (at the wheels) with relatively minor modifications such as an exhaust system and computer and boost pressure adjustment.
We’re also putting together some details about tuning possibilities for the LSA to give you some aftermarket inspiration. However, what you failed to mention is that for the GTS sedan, a typical RW power figure obtained on a dyno has been around 320kws or a 25% power loss. In fact, if you ran your car on the same dyno for multiple runs, chances are you would get a different reading for every run.
You would need to do a back to back run with the ute and the sedan to find an accurate answer. During these tests in these conditions and using Tunehouse’s calculations, this specific GTS Maloo produces around 432-433kW at the engine. Thankfully, one fan in Japan was able to snag shots of the HSV-010 undergoing testing at the Suzuka Circuit ahead of its first race in May, and judging by the pics below and videos after the jump, SuperGT fans have plenty to be excited about.Based on reports from the ground, Honda will campaign four HSV-010s in the 2010 season, each of which was testing at the racetrack late last week (check the differing window banners in the gallery below).
According to Tunehouse boss Jim Ghelis, the loss for a modern manual transmission vehicle is around 15 per cent.
In the Maloo, it’s no wonder it is labelled as the fastest and most powerful production ute Australia has ever made. He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. Indeed, this was the RW dyno power figure for my car and I was able to have it tuned to nearly 350kws at the RWs for a relatively small investment.

With a hub dyno, as used above, runs are much more consistent – all three of our runs resulted in just 1-2kW variation. The styling bears some resemblance to prototypes that ran the Nurburgring in recent years, but it's decidedly curvier, more aerodynamic and -- to our eyes -- damn sexy, particularly in matte black with the angry LED eyebrows.As previously reported, Honda has no plans to sell a road-going version of the HSV-010 to consumers. Sarazot serijveida auto vini, atskiriba no Toyotas, Nissana utt, nemak.Tavai zinaashanai arii Ferrari un Lambo shiniis gonkaas parasti piedalaas. In that case, it might be safer to account for a 18-20 per cent power loss for a manual and even higher for a rear-wheel drive auto (drivetrain load is also different for front-wheel drive cars). Based on the chassis of Honda’s stillborn NSX revival, the HSV-010 (HSV, by the way, stands for Honda Sports Velocity, not Holden Special Vehicles) weighs in at 1100kg and packs a 3.4-litre V8 hoofing out around 500bhp.
As per GT500 regulations, a sequential manual gearbox channels all that power to the rear wheels.The HSV-010 will race for the first time at the GT500 season opener at Suzuka on 20-21 March. Nevar salidzinat.Tik pat labi es ari varu pateikt, ka F22 ir atraks par ferrari fxx ja norautu spaarnus.

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