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The World Health Organization released these sobering stats on Wednesday, and this is the first time the agency has done a head count on the disease, Reuters added. HSV-1 is becoming the leading cause of genital infection in rich countries, where improved hygiene has lowered the infection rate in childhood. The scary thing about HSV-2 is that for reasons currently unknown to science, it can increase the risk of contracting HIV and passing it on to others. The World Health Organization said that its study should serve as a warning to countries to keep track of herpes within their populations and of sexually transmitted diseases as well. And according to Reuters, the herpes problem has gotten so big that the World Health Organization wants a vaccine to be developed to combat its prevalence.
The National Institutes of Health and pharmaceutical companies have already jumped on the project with trials to determine which was better — a therapeutic or preventative vaccine.

A vaccine trial has already been abandoned because it was effective against one strain but not the other, but World Health Organization medical officer Sami Gottlieb said it was “interesting and promising and gave a proof of concept that these vaccines can be developed.
More trials are underway, and Genocea Biosciences recently abandoned its efforts to develop a pneumonia vaccine to concentrate on developing one for herpes.
Now if only the World Health Organization could do something about making bacon and red meat healthier, everyone would feel a lot better.
Gwen Stefani Gets Candid About Her ‘Shocking’ Romance With Blake Shelton, But What About That Massive Diamond? But when people grow up and become sexually active, they catch herpes, usually during oral sex.
Add to that number the 417 million people who suffer from the second strain in the same age range, the World Health Organization added.

Though the Atlantic offered this more balanced report on their ruling that processed meats cause cancer.
The World Health Organization’s estimates indicate that half of American women and 39 percent of men have the sexually transmitted disease, NBC News reported. HSV-1 is more annoying than anything else and is usually contracted in childhood by kissing, and it leads to mouth ulcers. However, this strain can cause genital sores as well, and oral sex is the leading cause of transmission, the World Health Organization concluded.

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