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For some years now I have been providing special sessions to women who find themselves pregnant when they do not wish to be. This approach enables the spirit of the unborn child to consciously participate in the abortion decision. With every spiritual abortion session, the child's spirit brings a message of learning to the mother and father.
Tachyon energy also is referred to as Prana, Chi, Universal Life Force Energies, Aura, among other names.
In many instances, this message involves the importance of nurturing and caring for one's own inner child. So if you are a converted Christian who seeks to know how to better reflect the Lord in these last days, please keep your mind open as we reason together from the Scriptures.
But then it continues to flow and seep into every area of the life, producing obvious external changes. There will often be changes in what appears on the table during dinner and on the television after supper. Through the Holy Spirit we become His representatives-to reflect His image in everything from the way we talk and work to the way we eat and dress. Those opposed to Christianity rejoiced, mocking the immorality and hypocrisy exhibited in the lives of these men and their wives who professed to speak for Jesus. God made all of the gold, silver, and precious jewels in the world, and He intended for them to have a practical use. When shoppers went to the market to buy an expensive item, they would simply pull off one of their rings or bracelets to pay. These genuine seekers of God entered the sanctuary hoping to find a church home, but instead they found extravagance with which they could not compete. These individuals have been thrilled to worship where they don't feel that they're looked down on if they don't wear the latest fashions.
The Scriptures simply record a faithful history of God's people-including all their failures.
He replaced the prodigal's rags with a comfortable and clean robe and put shoes on his bare feet. Even though I might be able to drink moderately, I do not want my bad example to cause another person's downfall-especially for something so unnecessary as intoxicating beverages. We have all seen people who cover themselves with gold and precious jewels-gem-aholics, if you will.
If I really love my brother, why would I insist on taking that risk for something so frivolous and unnecessary as jewelry?
I know that on the judgment day, God will not condemn anyone for not wearing enough jewelry. Adam and Eve never would have dreamed of hanging gold or silver on their bodies to accent their fig leaves! Filled with pride, he decided he was beautiful enough to have God's place on the throne of the universe. Some display gems on their bodies that, if sold, could build an entire church in the mission field. I fear that if we were to pass the plate today in the churches of those who profess to follow God's Word, we would have enough jewelry to make a whole golden buffalo!
It was not because He approved of these practices, but because His people had bigger problems to deal with at that point in time. It fell on the tenth day of the seventh month in the Jewish year and was a solemn day on which the Lord would sanctify and judge the children of Israel. To try to improve human appearance by poking holes in the ears or nose from which to dangle lifeless minerals would be like trying to improve on the perfect beauty of Solomon's temple by releasing a street gang in the marble courtyard and telling them to express themselves with spray paint.
They represent the two great religious powers that are in conflict throughout church history.
God's Word tells us to let our inner light (not our external jewels) shine so that others might see our works (not our wealth) and glorify God (not ourselves).
Cardinal John Henry Newman points out that the wedding ring, along with many other pagan customs, infiltrated Christianity through the compromising influence of his church.
But if sincere seekers of God's will study this topic and are convicted to remove all jewelry, God will give them the grace to follow Him above tradition.
Personally, I cannot picture my Jesus drilling holes in His ears, nose, or anywhere else in order to hang glittering minerals from His extremities. But if I had to pick two of the best, it would be these -- love for God, and love for our neighbors.
In particular they often have to build on steep slopes and therefore the houses need to be adapted accordingly. Our bodies are not only sensitive to, but are energetically balanced by, Tachyon energy.Through a breakthrough inA  physics, we can now harvest this energy, restructuring materials and tools at the submolecular level in such a way that they become permanentA  antennae for tachyon energy, as it flows through all layers of your subtle bodies.
I believe that we are spirit and that we have come into the physical realm for learning and experience. The basis for the spiritual abortion process comes from the belief that when you enter the physical realm as a baby, your body is small and needs to be taken care of, but your soul may be old and full of wisdom. Women who are questioning whether or not to have a child can contact and support their child within. And James is crystal clear that a relationship rooted in Jesus will produce external evidence.
During this tragic time, the secular media often made reference to their flamboyant dress and gaudy jewelry as proof that these professed Christians were not genuine.
Since even small amounts of these minerals are so rare and valuable, long ago they began to be used as money. In heaven, gold is used for pavement, and diamonds are the stones that form the walls of its mansions! Obviously, as we've just seen, this parable is not an inspired comment on whether Christians should wear rings.
Out of money and destitute, the foolish prodigal later found himself flat broke, hungry, and poorly clad. People are now piercing their flesh and wearing rings in their eyebrows, navels, tongues, and other places we can't mention in a Christian publication. Decorating our mortal bodies with glittering gems and minerals usually springs from pride and is diametrically opposed to the spirit and principles of Jesus. In our sinful condition, we are no better able to resist the tendency to sinful pride than was Lucifer. And all the people brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. Before we go there, God wants us to separate from the things of this world that will compromise our relationship with Him.
God's people have more money to spend on sharing the gospel and relieving the needs of suffering people.
The example of Jesus in the Scriptures is consistently one of practical simplicity and modesty.
The peeling paint, broken windows, and hungry yard dogs were an embarrassment to the entire community.
But whenever a person allows Jesus to take over the heart, a cleansing process begins immediately. Is it too much for Him to ask us to lay aside our lifeless baubles and beads that we might better reflect His simple purity in this lost world?
The Fura series features a design that is a large house on a site that would normally be restricted. It offers a complimentary blend between our traditional house designs and the contemporary Trend designs with large windows and high ceilings to maximize the views of either the countryside or even the sea. If this is so, then why not communicate with the spirit of the unborn child and let it know that this is not right timing? If this is true for a baby then it is also true for the unborn child, the one just beginning to develop a physical body inside of the womb that holds it. The Scriptures plainly address the subject of a Christian's external appearance and adornment. But if the root is healthy, the plant will soon become visible and bear fruit above ground.
In desperation he returned home, trusting in the goodness of his father to at least take him in as a servant.
And to the son who just wasted his riches, this father gave the signet ring-the family checkbook- with free access to his remaining fortune. Why would a Christian want to be a stumbling block for someone else and encourage this trend by wearing any jewelry?

In this prophecy, the women (churches) were to be severely judged because of their pride, which is directly connected with external adornment.
When our physical bodies are changed at the second coming of Jesus, we will no longer be tempted to sin.
God's money should not be spent for parading diamonds and gold or even cheap costume jewelry. And in order for Jacob and his household to commune with God, they had to abandon all such influences. Taking up our cross and following Jesus is much more challenging than wearing a bumper sticker, tee shirt, or little golden cross as frivolous advertising. Then one day, after taking an extended trip, I drove back through town and was stunned by the dramatic change that had come over this infamous structure. Jesus will remove those things that distract from the Christian's inner beauty, and people will notice the outer improvement as well! CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) THE TRUMP CARD ENACTED BY CONGRESS FURTHER ASSERTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT AS UNOUTCHABLEPEOPLE OF THE LIE: CANCER ! All matter, from this page, to the human heart, to the cosmos and beyond, is made of energy and is part of an "Energetic Continuum", a term used to describe the flow of energies as they move down from 'THE SOURCE'.
Since it is a sin to covet, why would you want to entice a brother or sister to covet your money by wearing it for all to see? Judah hired a prostitute for a night, impregnated her, and later discovered she was his daughter-in-law (Genesis 38:12-26). The prodigal felt that he no longer deserved to be a son, since he had squandered half of his father's hard-earned savings. Others believe they are unattractive and hope to increase their perceived beauty by adorning themselves with beautiful gems. Yet even then the saved will remove their golden crowns in God's presence (Revelation 4:10, 11).
All the jewelry will melt when Jesus comes, and I would prefer not to be wearing any when that happens! Thus God ordered Jacob to make not a temporary removal of these articles, but a permanent burial.
And if God says we should not cut our bodies, what makes us think that piercing the ears is somehow permissible?
No longer do men need to worry about whether the ring they give their wife or girlfriend is large enough or makes a big enough social statement.
The old, peeling paint had been stripped off, and a beautiful natural stain now covered the wood. The spirit of an unborn child is filled with wisdom and always has a powerful lesson to share with the mother and father.
How silly it must appear to heavenly beings when we dangle asphalt and bricks on our ears and wrap them around our fingers. We cannot assume that God condones such unsavory practices just because these incidents were mentioned in the Bible. And women don't have to invest an ounce of emotional energy in comparing their jewelry with others. Clean, new windows had replaced the broken ones, and all the junk and old vehicles were gone!
Formless Zero-Point Energy, (in Quantum Physics), is considered to be the starting point of the energetic continuum, and the first formed energy to emerge from it is called Tachyon, which is a Greek word meaning swift.
One of the most common issues between parents and children is the desire of the parent to control the child and mold the child into what the parent wants. Wouldn't you look twice if someone walked into your church next week wearing a black asphalt pendant and a matching tar ring?
Other passages of Scripture clearly tell us that God condemns alcohol, incest, prostitution, and jewelry as anti-productive to accomplishing His purposes for humanity. It is his plain dress that we should emulate, because we live during the prophetic Day of Atonement. Instead, they had to settle for His most valuable piece of clothing -- a modest, seamless tunic (John 19:23, 24).
The two bedroomed Fura 80 has a loft room above the bedrooms for extra space and triple glazed windows as standard.   The Fura range offers extremely high energy efficiency and are popular with couples and first time buyers. When the child (who desires to find a healthy, independent identity) rebels, the pain and separation that result are often blamed on the child. Rather than an ornament for display, signet rings were a tool for officiating documents and were usually worn on the index finger. Just as the entire camp of Israel was required to clean and change their clothes on Judgment Day, so are we who live in the judgment hour just before Jesus returns to earth called to purify our hearts and to separate ourselves from all pagan influences. Just look at her jewelry!") I'm sure everyone would agree that there is a point when enough is enough! In itself, Tachyon Energy has stored all the potential needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every individualized form of life.
There is a longing to return to this ancient wisdom of the Goddess.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy makes it possible for the mother to connect with the spirit of the unborn child and together they agree upon a natural miscarriage.
Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. Of the women I have worked with several have naturally miscarried shortly after their sessions while others have needed to have clinical abortions. In place of a functional, supportive parent who encourages the child to individuate, we find a dysfunctional parent who controls, either subtly or overtly, to have his or her own needs fulfilled by the child. One of the best aspects of the house design is the large open full height living area with circular beams at the ceiling. When women have clinical abortions scheduled just following their session and they follow through with the abortion, it is impossible to know whether or not the process would have occurred naturally. This window is the gateway between our frequency world and the non-frequency world of faster-than-the-speed-of-light energy where everything exists in a state of pure potential. My belief is that as more women become aware of this option, it will become easier for them to have natural abortions, and that it will become easier for women to consciously choose when to become pregnant. Some of the most common lessons the spirit comes to teach are about healing the inner child, bringing forth creative energy, empowering the self, healing relationship issues and healing from past abortions or miscarriages so that the mother may choose a healthy new pregnancy.
The standard Jrven 100 has three bedrooms and a loft area that provides extra sleeping accommodation if required. At this point of singularity, anything that is in the "space" is altered at the sub molecular level, causing its natural molecular structure to realign in such a way that it becomes a permanent antenna for the non-frequency tachyon energy. When I first began doing this work I felt that if the miscarriage did not happen naturally, the process did not work.
Sometimes the connection between the woman and the unborn child runs very deep and the mother experiences feelings of great love and pain in letting go.
The layout is totally flexible and you always have the option of adding a sauna if you wish. All our houses are constructed from slow grown Nordic pine logs and are fully insulated in the walls, ceilings and floors. Once a material has been Tachyonized, the rich flow of tachyon energy through the material will maintain the molecular alignment of the material permanently. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes. The material will still look like the original host material, yet now is a permanent tachyon-energy antenna. I now understand that everyone woman has her own process to go through and sometimes that process includes a clinical abortion.
A right choice in our lives can bring feelings of loss, grief or loneliness and still be the right choice for us. Just as a radio antenna would never need to be sent back to Sony to get new music, Tachyonized materials never need to be sent back to be re-Tachyonized. Whether or not miscarriage occurs as a result of this process, the process is always powerful. For example, leaving an abusive relationship can bring up many painful feelings and still be the best, healthy choice for us. There are again three bedrooms and a loft area which can of course be changed to suit your exact needs. Once the fourteen-day process is complete, the Tachyonized materials are permanent antennas that will serve for many generations. The mother heals emotionally from guilt, fear, grief, self-hate or whatever emotions she is carrying.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy is extremely valuable for both actual abortion and healing from miscarriage.
You can also change the sauna shown on the floor plan into whatever extra space you require, we like to help you add personal elements to your home to help make it totally unique for you and your family. All our houses are constructed from slow grown Nordic pine logs and are fully insulated in the walls, ceilings and floors.

These unique and remarkable toolsA  support and enhance your health on all levels of your being. Through the use of this advanced technology, I trust that you will find new avenues for personal and planetary transformation, plus a renewed sense of oneness with All That Is.Tachyon Energy strengthens the energetic field which is directly linked to the physical body. If you enjoy entertaining this is an ideal space for guests and hosts to mingle as dinner is being prepared or served.
It then activates and intensifies the structure of the cells, reminding them of their perfect order. When an abortion or miscarriage takes place and there no spiritual healing involved, feelings such as grief, guilt, anger, and fear may become stuck in the body. It has two bedrooms and a loft area which can be adapted to be a further bedroom and as with all our flor plans the internal layout and choices of room use can be tailored to your needs. All our houses are constructed from slow grown Nordic pine logs and are fully insulated in the walls, ceilings and floors. Bodyworkers and laypersons alike, use the Tachyonized Silica Disks to create the "River of Life" on their massage tables, which facilitates a natural flow of healing energy. Naturopathic physicians have told me that many women who have ovarian cancer, cysts, fibroid tumors, abnormal bleeding and other female problems have experienced an abortion or miscarriage at sometime in their lives.
The Silica DisksA  raise the life force potential of anything placed on them, and they have a wide range of uses including energizing theA  Chakras, as well as placement on circuit breakers & computers.
In our modern medical environment a hysterectomy is often offered as the cure.a€?a€?The womb is the center of the feminine body.
The open plan living space still adds a spacious feel and it has two bedrooms and a loft area that you can use for a home study area or media room. They provide protection from harmful EMF's -see flyer.Many people "take a ride"A  in theA  Tachyon Cocoon, which surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-enriching sea of Tachyon, and creates a very powerful, directed flow of tachyon that facilitates profound balance and transformation. It is the birthing center of creativity, but the beauty of this is little recognized in our society.
As with all our homes and designs you can adapt the floor plan to suit your needs and choose a plaster finish to interior walls and ceilings if you prefer. All our houses are constructed from slow grown Nordic pine logs and are fully insulated in the walls, ceilings and floors. This experience promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, centered clarity!A  It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being.A To learn more about Tachyon from the video library and library of articles, go to my website and click on "What is Tachyon" first, before viewing other videos.
In this country, women commonly hear, a€?You're not going to have any more childrena€? or, a€?You're past the childbearing age, so let's do a hysterectomy.a€? What message does this give to a woman? I think the message that a woman receives is that her creative worth, (the womb being the center of creativity), is defined by bearing children. I bring attention to this because claiming personal power and creativity has been the major issue with several of my clients. With a large open plan living area combining the kitchen, dining and living area plus spacious bedrooms and a hall there are plenty of options when you choose from the Talltoppen range. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes. The height of the Talltoppen allows you to fully utilise the loft space and of course as with all our homes we invite you to change the floor plan to match your needs exactly. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes.
Childbearing can be a good camouflage for those who are afraid to look into themselves and face the fears, doubts and inadequacies that keep their expression of personal creative force at a distance. Of course, these women are not aware that they are masking something until they take that journey within the self.a€?a€?Men also hold unresolved feelings in their bodies. Although the bedrooms are slightly smaller than in the Talltoppen 100 but again you can choose to change the floor plan to suit you and your family.
With respect to childbearing issues, I'm not certain where in the body men hold this energy. The loft area is usually left open in this model as a home study or media room. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes. In the case of miscarriage a man might feel that he was not powerful, potent, or manly enough to save the baby.
The loft area is in the hall in this Talltoppen model due to the lower gable than in the larger Talltoppen houses. In abortion, it might be that the man feels that he did something wrong, that it was his fault and he doesn't deserve to have what he wants. It can accommodate three bedrooms or you can choose to make one larger and choose to have two bedrooms instead, the choice as always in yours. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes.
If you are a man who has had an experience with miscarriage or abortion, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the experience. Feel your feelings around this issue and notice where they live in your body.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnosis allows the woman to go deep within the womb to explore core beliefs and judgments held by her as well as by women throughout the fabric of time, past and present. It has a different pitch to the other models in the Tall" series with a lower 30 degree pitch which is sometimes required to meet planning rules. The Talltoppen 50 and the Tallberget 55 are very similar in their layout and as with all our homes the internal floor plan is totally adaptable. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes. Many women who perceive themselves to be independent, strong, and freethinking have been appalled to find such beliefs lurking in their innermost psyche. It is amazing to see how core beliefs that we are consciously unaware of, or thought we had let go of, determine what we attract into our lives.
With its cathedral ceilings and the large window over the ridge in the living room there is plenty of light to make it feel more spacious.
Through the Spiritual Hypnotherapy process, these hidden elements come to the surface where they can be healed and released. With two bedrooms, bathroom, hall, open plan living area and loft you still have lots of space to enjoy. One of the special features of our quality homes is the triple-glazed windows which are supplied as standard in all our homes.
The energy streams out of one side (the logo side with writing) in a beam reaching 15 feet.
You can protect the disk by placing it inside a CD case; however, if it cracks, it will not impair its function. Each strip is four feet long, combining to form an eight foot vertical loop around the head and torso, to surround and cover the chakras.A  Also, 1 Tachyonized Ultra Meditation Mask andA  2 cotton foot covers which hold a Tachyonized silica disk over the bottom of each foot. The hazardous electromagnetic field that emanates from these devices disrupts the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF's) of the body and can cause imbalances. You can use the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disks on any type of phone including mobile, cordless or a regular home phone.
For sleep disorders, taping a Silica Disk at the head of the bed has proved invaluable for many. It is a good idea to tape it three or four inches above your head so that the energy is not directed straight into the body.The Tachyon Eye Mask and Sleep Pad enhance the tachyon energy field in order to allow balancing and restful sleep.
The combined effect, allows for an undisturbed immersion in the deep sleep phases, a quicker processing of stress and generally more restful sleep.The Sleep Pad also protects against electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress while asleep. Babies are particularly sensitive to the disruptive sleep patterns that geopathic stress are known to cause.
It is also helpful with breathing difficulties such as emphysema, asthma, and pneumonia when applied to the lung reflex points.This pleasant smelling Tachyonized compound penetrates deep into muscles and tissues delivering tachyon directly to the source of the issue.
A gentle, warming sensation can sometimes be felt, followed by a measurable dissolving of the undesired symptoms. It also bypasses the blood-brain barrier, and transforms your whole being into a super conductor, energizing disrupted SOEF's and allowing blockages to dissipate. Removing blockages in the energetic system is one of the keys to radiant health and longevity. The increased bioenergetics allows your body to begin a physical and emotional detoxification. You are invited to explore these pages where exceptional tools and information for balancing body, mind and spirit await. It has a different pitch to the other models in the Tall" series with a lower 30 degree pitch which is sometimes required to meet planning rules. Through the use of this advanced technology which is a breakthrough in physics, I trust that you will find new avenues for personal and planetary transformation, plus a renewed sense of oneness with All That Is.This website also offers the Life Without Limits online practitionercertification course. It is a comprehensive course taught by David Wagner himself, and combines Practioner level 1 and 2. The distributor fees are FREE for Pennsylvania residents, as well as several other states, including West Virginia, Georgia, South Dakota, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, and the United Kingdom. They are truly wonderful products, and I am grateful to be able to integrate themA  into my healing practice.

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