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In our tradition, we used to serve this snack and its partner, kupat or ketupat as a meal for Bakdho Kupat, that took a place at a week after Eid day. Ita€™s pretty different from other Indonesian, whom nationally serve the ketupat at Eid day. The reason of this tradition was to celebrate of success of people whom able to do the prophet sunna of six day fasting right after Eid.
Well, I dona€™t do the fasting since as I know, the hadith of this command are weak for called a€?Hadith Ahada€?, but I like the tradition, which not related to worship: serve a meal! LEPET, is composite of words lepat luput kulo, nyuwun dingapuro our mistake and miss, please forgive all of it.

So if someone send you or serve you this meal, you should take it, as if someone confess their mistake you should forgive.
Which symbolized by meals that coloured white covered with JANUR, JAti ning NUR, or light of the spirit, as the Lepet.
And the reason for I said these meal as expensive meal is for its price, that cost 75.000 for 50 pieces. The Janur or young coconut leaf for cover itself cost 500 for each, which would only to be dump after we ate the lepet. And moreover if you count time to grated the coconut and covered the dough, perhaps it would need a day long!

It's not favorable if we took a long time to cook, but would only need a short time to dismiss it at eat!
When I experimenting with those Lepet things, Si Enah comes to disturb, which Si Enah admit: comes to sleep!

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