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Property developers should consider the importance to them of building sustainability ratings schemes as they commission a design for a green roof, wall or facade.
NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) looks at the energy efficiency of new residential developments, and green roofs, walls or facades can be designed to improve efficiency.
Melbourne Water’s online STORM calculator assesses the effectiveness of ‘water sensitive urban design’ (WSUD) treatment measures on a site. Other rating systems sometimes applied at local council level include the STEPS (Sustainable Tools for Environmental Performance Strategy) tool and the Sustainable Design Scorecard (SDS) aimed at residential and non-residential developments, respectively. Although these Australian tools and rating schemes do not yet explicitly include green roofs, walls and facades in their range of treatment options or as a stand-alone category for points, knowledge gained from local green roofs, walls and facades will influence their future development.

This tool is often encouraged by planning departments of local councils, because Clause 56.07 of the Victorian Planning Provisions requires treatment of stormwater in all new housing developments. These tools can be used in the assessment of developments at the planning permit stage as they provide an indication of the environmental performance of a given planning application.
Research will be important to ensure the thermal, biodiversity and stormwater retention benefits of green roofs are quantified and modelled. There are examples of international rating schemes that explicitly rate green roofs, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) – the green building rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council. Its smooth creamy texture allows for easy application and the 12-month shelf life allows for multiple opportunities for use across all four seasons.

Local councils in built-up urban environments are likely to respond more favourably to building proposals that show an understanding of their water flows onto and out of a site and have measures to manage these responsibly. The subsequent months have dashed these hopes in the wake of the flagging green economy with the bill still waiting to be addressed in the Senate.
All easy to paint over creating a seamless, youthful appearance for your walls and trim and text by Ann D.

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