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A commitment to sustainability guides Powersmiths to consistently strive to advance in the field of energy efficiency, stimulating substantial innovations in power quality and energy monitoring and management technologies. Our vision is simple - by reducing our waste today, we are improving our environment for future generations. A "lean and green" strategy guides Powersmiths operations and services. Initiatives such as increasing transformer efficiency, use of FSC wood and biodegradable product packaging and the reduction of harmful volatile organic compounds in production processes, are just a few examples of the extent to which Powersmiths takes its values seriously. By taking a quality-centric approach to operational procedures, Powersmiths is able to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. In addition to its ISO 9001 certification, Powersmiths extends its quality-centric approach to the performance of its products. Powersmiths is an equal opportunity employer who takes extraordinary pride in our employee competence and commitment to environmental, social and economic responsibility. Our diverse team of employees enjoys strong and innovative leadership, opportunities to advance and learn, a safe working environment, and the encouragement of working with a dedicated team of experts. Generosity during social programs, such as food drives, charities and on-going participation in environmental and community programs, represents the Powersmiths team’s commitment to giving back and creating a more sustainable future. In 2010, I have used the OpenDCME model dozens of times to measure and report the energy-efficiency of commercial data centers, governments, enterprises, small businesses, etc.
This Work, Open Data Center Measure of Efficiency, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Netherlands license. Facebook spent tens of millions of dollars developing a super energy efficient data center, the specifications of which will now be available to whoever wants it. Facebook is publishing files for the Prineville data center’s servers, power supplies, server racks, battery backup systems and building design.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. After nearly three decades in this business, our customers have grown to know Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) as the experts when it comes to building, maintaining and improving data centers.
Physical infrastructure is a critical component when considering the enablement of energy-saving technology.  EEC assists customers in significantly reducing PUE levels by conducting infrastructure assessments and deploying advanced technologies such as mechanical systems that generate free cooling. Another option for data center operators looking to increase energy efficiency is retrofitted technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about data center strategy and energy efficiency, download our free whitepaper or watch our Google Hangout video. Through the innovation, manufacturing and marketing of products and services, Powersmiths helps organizations manage and reduce resource-use and emissions, while supporting and promoting sustainability initiatives.
Powersmiths pioneered the development and manufacturing of ultra-efficient transformers offering our customers the lowest lifecycle ownership cost, which go far beyond the 2005 Energy Act.
Through its commitment to these efforts Powersmiths has earned the prestigious ISO 14001 certification. Effective governance of fundamentals, such as terminology, performance improvement metrics, documentation of processes, training practices, and financial management are a few of the areas that have allowed Powersmiths to earn the renowned ISO 9001 certification. Through meticulous and methodical testing by highly skillful and proficient staff, Powersmiths’ testing procedures are validated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to produce traceable and reliable results. Each time, it resulted in a number of improvements that can be made to save money on energy and IT spending.

Following the success of open source software, the Facebook team shared the mechanical and technical specifications of their Prineville data center in Oregon. When we are approached for assistance with accelerating data center energy efficiency throughout a facility, our advice is to start at the base – review and assess the foundation of the data center and the currently deployed assets, focusing on reliability and energy efficiency. In addition to improving energy efficiency by 36%, the new data center is 24% cheaper than the company’s other facilities.
When done properly, this will guarantee a data center’s readiness to perform and address customers’ needs. Unfortunately, these luxuries are not attainable for many businesses, leaving them to rarely achieve PUE levels of 2.0 or lower.
To demonstrate the efficiency and performance of our products in the field, Powersmiths developed meters and sensors.
The designs are being released as open hardware in order to encourage industry-wide collaboration around best practices for data center and server technology.
These meters and sensors are used to quantify savings in kWh, cost and environmental impact. WOW was developed as a natural progression to fulfill the needs of the marketplace and support organizations on a journey to become more sustainable, economically, environmentally and socially.

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