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Nuts are an easy snack that in addition to all the protein also offers a good amount of fiber.
Nuts, berries and edamame all contain a bit of the B-complex vitamins which are essential to balancing your blood sugar.
Clearly you should be eating more foods than just these, but I figured I’d state the obvious just in case. In addition to providing a boost of natural sugar, which is clearly so much better for you than eating chocolate and cookies, berries are packed with antioxidants.

Nut butters can be eaten with whole grain bread, crackers, or with an all-natural berry spread if you like something a little sweet.
Now, add entrepreneur to the job description and you can imagine the energy required to pull it off. Antioxidants keep your immune system functioning optimally and prevent free radical damage (google it). If you’re eating a nut butter, for example peanut butter, look for the natural peanut butters without added sugar(yes, this is important!).

The protein slows your body’s absorption of the sugar and carbs in the berries so your energy lasts a good long time. However, you’ll adapt quickly because it tastes great – you’ll never go back to the sugary stuff again.

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