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A casher scans Alipay's QR code on a shopper's mobile phone at a supermarket in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province.
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has struck a partnership with Chinese payment service Alipay, to expand Samsung Pay in the world's largest smartphone market. But Samsung Pay users are now able to link to their Alipay accounts and access to Alipay's QR codes to make payments, without separately opening the Alipay app. Samsung officials hope that by using Samsung Pay more directly, it will increase the popularity of the South Korean company's payment technology in China as it battles US rival Apple Inc. Run by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's finance arm Ant Financial, Alipay is by far China's largest payment service with 450 million active registered users. With domestic internet giants Alibaba and Tencent Holdings Ltd still largely dominating mobile payments in China, the agreement is the latest move by a foreign player to win market share. Last December, both Samsung and Apple signed deals with China UnionPay, the country's biggest bank card association. Sandy Shen, research director at internet consultancy Gartner Inc, said the agreement was a good way for Samsung to expand its business in China.
Shen, however, added that the cooperation is unlikely to have any major impact on the mobile payment market as a whole. China's top securities regulator said on Friday it will tighten regulation on subsidiaries of the country's mutual funds, to curb the explosive growth in areas of risky investments that it says were "blindly expanded" and that analysts say exist in a regulatory void.
The regulatory move came as the mutual funds have feverishly expanded their assets under management by setting up subsidiaries to invest in more risky nonstandardized assets such as private equity, the property market and the financing projects of local governments. The rapid asset growth has prompted the watchdog to draft a new guideline that focuses on improving the risk control system of the mutual funds units and enhancing their internal risk management and compliance, CSRC spokesman Deng Ge told a news conference. Deng said the CSRC has conducted a fresh round of inspections of the mutual funds' subsidiaries and found that some firms have "blindly expanded highly risky businesses" without establishing necessary risk-control and capital constraining mechanisms. In 2012, the regulator allowed mutual funds to set up subsidiaries in a bid to expand and diversify their investment scope. There is no capital requirement on the subsidiaries of the mutual funds except for a minimum of 20 million yuan as registered capital. One of the main methods of fraud is payment virus which can upload users' information without them knowing, intercept the verification code and steal users' bank account information. In 2015, about 326,000 new payment viruses emerged and more than 25 million users were affected in China, almost equivalent to the population of Australia.
Some bad habits of using the mobile internet can also increase the opportunity of being fooled, such as using the same pass code for multiple accounts, linking to unknown public Wi-Fi and filling in personal information on websites scanned from QR codes. Fraud through mobile payments also present some different features compared with offline fraud.
The report, based on the big data of its mobile payment platform users in the first quarter of 2016, also showed more than half of the victims were salaried men and only 17 percent were retirees.
In addition, the percentage of victims among residents in Sichuan, Shandong and Hebei was the highest - over 7 percent. The report also showed the most common fraud to be fake penalty messages from police and legal departments, 38 percent of the total. That was followed by those pretending to be customer services, sending links to phishing sites.
Besides new fraud methods based on new payment channels, some offline criminal acts are also combining with mobile payments, which have followed changes in lifestyles, penetrating almost every detail of our life. The report shows 12 percent of mobile payment criminal cases involve gambling and another 10 percent illegal business operations. Xu Guo'ai, vice general manager of Financial Technology at Tencent, said Tencent promises to compensate all losses of clients tricked by online payment fraud, "if not caused by their own negligence." He said the company has paid tens of millions yuan of compensation so far. A woman uses Uber Technologies Inc's car-hailing service via an electronic screen in Tianjin.
Be it car stations with artsy sculptures or an in-app lifestyle magazine, Uber Technologies Inc is going all the way out to woo Chinese customers over, amid the fierce ride hailing competition in the country. The US car-on-demand service provider on Friday launched Uber ArtSTATION in Beijing involving an initial batch of car stations. The total of eight car stations, each with a sculpture made by some of China's promising modern designers, are located at some of the most visited downtown areas in Beijing. Uber's new move comes soon after its biggest competitor in China - Didi Chuxing - announced in mid-May its latest financing of $1 billion, coming from US tech leader Apple Inc. Wang Xiaofeng, an analyst at consultancy Forrester Inc, said the era of cash-burning competition in China's car-on-demand sector has come to an end. According to Uber, which entered China about two years ago, it has also teamed up with an art gallery so that Beijing users can soon enjoy some artsy exhibitions inside the cars during their rides. Moreover, the San Francisco-based start-up will also bring an in-app service called UberLIFE to Beijing in early June. The service, which has already launched in several other cities in China, is another innovation in China market. Real estate developer Vanke, the largest residential builder in China, is entering the market in a partnership to finance a $200 million, 43-story apartment tower three blocks from e-commerce giant Amazon's headquarters. Vanke will be putting up a "significant" amount of the financing, though the amount is still being discussed and will be finalized next month, said Bob Kagan, senior vice-president of California-based Laconia Development, the partners with Vanke. The building on what is now a parking lot will have 400 one and two-bedroom units and retail on the ground floor.
Kagan said the building's location in Seattle's Belltown area is the city's most densely-populated neighborhood and on the downtown waterfront.
Another project in Belltown involving Chinese investment is the 41-story Potala Tower, construction of which has stalled because of accusations of fraud and misuse of funds by its developer, Lobsang Dargey. Chinese investors put $83 million into the project, through the US EB-5 visa program which grants investors a visa in return for a minimum of $500,000 investment into a new or ongoing American business, according to the Seattle Times. Kagan said that Vanke sees business opportunities in Seattle, where there is a burgeoning tech scene. Vanke's Seattle investment in the city is a significant step into the market, said Lucy Fletcher, managing director of international capital at JLL.
TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd, the Chinese TV maker, is to set up a joint production base in Egypt with local home appliance leader Elaraby Group, in an effort to tap into African and Middle East markets.
The first phase of the venture is expected to be operational by 2017 and will become the largest Chinese-invested LCD TV production base in North Africa, said officials.
Signing a memorandum of understanding in Shenzhen on Thursday, TCL officials said the plant's annual TV output will reach 2 million sets over the next five years. The Chinese firm is the largest domestic TV exporter to Egypt, while Elaraby is its country's largest home appliance company. Mohyielden Elaraby, the company's chief sales officer, said he is confident the partnership will expand its sales network and increase its market share. Liang added that TCL expects the venture to lift its annual TV sales in Africa and the Middle East to at least 3 million sets over the coming three years, 500,000 of which will be sold under the TCL brand. Despite TV sales stalling in China, the United States and Europe, TCL is optimistic about its prospects in Arab, African and Mediterranean countries, with data from market researcher GfK suggesting combined demand still exceeds 20 million sets per annum. Michael Wang, TCL Multimedia's chief financial officer, said trade agreements between Egypt and its neighboring countries would also help TCL boost sales. Additionally, the Egyptian government gives export tax rebates to companies that produce at least 40 percent of its components on home soil.
Owned by TCL Corp, TCL Multimedia set up its first overseas TV production base in Vietnam in 1999, and now generates nearly half its revenue overseas.
The company also has a major production base in Poland serving Europe, and one in Mexico feeding products into North and Central American markets. In an interview late March, TCL Corp's Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng revealed the company is considering other production bases in India and Brazil. Liang Zhenpeng, a consumer electronics analyst, said demand for LCD TVs in emerging economies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East remains strong and is expected to continue growing over the next 3-5 years. An assembly line of home appliance maker TCL Corp, which is based in Huizhou, Guangdong province.
Fujio Mitarai, chairman and CEO of Canon, said despite the current economic slowdown, "Asia will continue to be the growth center of the global economy, driven by a growing population and an expanding middle-income class in the mid-to-long term". Last year, the company posted 867,200 million yen ($7.9 billion) in revenue in the Asia and Oceania region, with Japan excluded. Hideki Ozawa, president of Canon Asia Marketing Group, said China will remain one of Canon's most important markets, with the country's thriving tourism industry and growing demand from small cities expected to boost sales there.
Currently, e-commerce is becoming an increasingly important channel for Canon, accounting for 30 percent of cameras sales in China. The Japanese multinational plans to expand the e-commerce initiative to more countries in Asia. The announcement came as the 79-year-old enterprise wrestles with falling sales of digital cameras, which have been hurt by the proliferation of smartphones, and sluggishness in printers. Zuo Yanque, brand director of industry watcher China Market Monitor Co Ltd, said the camera market, as a whole, is shrinking, but the high-end niche still enjoys steady growth. Last year, more than 120 million Chinese traveled abroad, up 12 percent year on year, according to China National Tourism Administration. In addition to safeguarding its presence in the camera market, Canon is also looking for new growth points.
Earlier this year, Canon agreed to buy Toshiba Corp's medical equipment unit for 665.5 billion yen in an attempt to enter into high-margin medical devices. In the next few months, the high-tech company will test related equipment, and recruit more parachuting volunteers to train them.
The first three challengers are an entrepreneur, a champion woman parachutist and an aircraft engineer.
Challengers will soar into the stratosphere in a high-tech balloon, and return to the earth in a parachute. Jiang Fang, founder and president of Space Vision, said many technical experts have endorsed the feasibility of the commercial tour, and China's flight system technology for manned spacesuits is mature enough for such projects. The commercial space parachuting project will be launched in Sanya, Hainan province, where the tropical island has ocean and space resources, clean air and a space launch center.
By 2030, China hopes to become an aerospace power, thanks in part to the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) to drive aerospace growth. With plenty of potential customers in China who have enough courage, physical strength, skills and wealth, professional parachutist He Yufeng would become the first woman space parachutist globally after her tryout.
Professional parachutists Wang Desong, He Yufeng and Qi Yao (from left to right) unveil China's first ever space parachuting suit on Thursday in Beijing.
Among the 78 online applications introduced on the platform, for example, Bailian Daojia (a home delivery service) will allow residents in downtown Shanghai to shop for groceries and fresh food from the company's online platform and have the goods delivered from the nearest outlet, with no more than three kilos, within three hours. Last year, Walmart introduced a similar service in Guangdong province by setting the time span within four hours. The home delivery service will be expanded to major cities in the Yangtze River region next year and later cities including Beijing and Dalian, where the group also has its outlets. But Sun Fangting, team lead er of consulting group Euromonitor's retailing group, thinks logistics or delivery speeds are still the secondary factors online shoppers consider now, while price and convenience remain the priorities. However, she added that the prepaid cards sold by Bailian, commonly known as OK cards, will be a cutting edge for the company to tap into the online market, since the card, acceptable by not only outlets run by Bailian but also restaurants and many other businesses, enjoys an unrivaled popularity throughout China. Ye expected that sales from the e-commerce platform should contribute to 10 percent of the total group revenue during the first "trial period". Apple's vote of confidence in Chinese innovation and future business prospects, by way of a $1-billion investment in ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing last Friday, appears to have discounted recent negative Western discourse on China. It also shows the post-Jobs, Cook-led Apple, the world's biggest brand, is feeling the need to reinvent itself for a future that will likely be marked by convergence of telecommunications, transport, e-commerce, data and content. Although a newswire report suggested that the Didi deal came about in just 22 days, it is reasonable to assume that much thought and research must have preceded Apple's investment decision. Apple's investment in a company that is already backed by Chinese digital behemoths, such as Tencent Group and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, signals the coming together of massive forces, analogous to a Hollywood multi-starrer.
If time shows that the American Apple and the Chinese "Orange" - a translation of Didi's legal name Xiaoju Kuaizhi - make for a delicious, profitable punch, what could it signify?
More than anything else, it would suggest Apple was right in seeing much value in an innovation-obsessed country when some chose to portray the land as one given to unfair practices and doomed to economic gloom. Clearly, global businesses and investors are not buying into the pessimism and negativity of some Western politicians and media toward China. The last millennium's wisdom was that economic concerns are paramount, and will eventually override political differences. This millennium's nous, the Apple-Didi deal appears to indicate, is that technology, and the businesses' need to control its rapid, unpredictable evolution and dominate its commercial applications, will overlook leader-manufactured negative mood on political matters and media's slanted analyses.
In the digital age, if economically aware citizens and citizen-friendly businesses find themselves on the same side of an issue, could leaders and governments afford to stay on the other side for long? According to Li, the independently manufactured shield tunneling machine is a case in point in China's endeavors to move from "Made in China" to "Created in China". CREG is a subsidiary of State-owned China Railway Group Ltd, focusing on the development and production of shield tunneling machines and tunnel boring machines.
This year, CREG will produce 60 to 80 sets of shield tunneling machines for the domestic market and also export to Israel, India, Singapore and other countries. Li noted that the need for infrastructure construction remains, even though global economic growth is slowing down. His company plans to move manufacturing bases abroad so as to bring down transportation costs and as well as offer jobs locally.
According to a report on shield tunneling machines by Beijing-based Bosi Data Research Center, these devices have great advantages over traditional excavators in that they are safer, faster and more convenient.

Song said that China's technology for shield tunneling machine manufacturing is on par with the best in the world.
Yet Song said it has made some major steps in terms of technological breakthroughs and now marketing is particularly important in enhancing its brand recognition.
So far, CREG has exported its products to mostly Asian countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Singapore.
In one project in Singapore, for instance, it's the first time that rectangular pipe jacking has been used in the country to build tunnels. Su said that employing such a novel method did not interrupt the traffic on the ground, with all work taking place below the surface. CREG has signed a deal to export six sets of shield tunneling machines to Israel for its first metro line in Tel Aviv at total value of 430 million yuan, the company's first export to the Middle East. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, has canceled a speech at an anti-counterfeiting conference in the United States after the trade group behind it suspended the e-commerce giant's recently gained membership. Alibaba has been dogged for years by accusations that its online shopping platforms were conduits for counterfeiters and critics say it has not done nearly enough to stop the problem.
At least three members of the Washington-based International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, including board member Tiffany & Co, quit the group in protest and others threatened to leave after Alibaba was admitted as a member in April. On Friday, the IACC suspended the new category in which Alibaba was admitted, effectively terminating its membership.
Alibaba Group President Michael Evans will speak at the conference in Orlando, Florida instead. Kuperman reiterated Alibaba's stance that it is "firmly committed to the protection of intellectual property rights and combating counterfeits". On Tuesday - the same day as the cancellation - Ma had lunch with US President Barack Obama at the White House, an Alibaba source with knowledge of the situation said. China's biggest e-commerce firm has pledged to fight fake goods and has hired an army of employees to root them out, but many brands say the problem is still widespread, particularly on the hugely popular shopping site Taobao.
In a letter to the IACC explaining its decision to leave the group, luxury brand Michael Kors called Alibaba "the largest marketplace for counterfeit merchandise the world has ever seen" and blasted the IACC for providing "cover to our most dangerous and damaging adversary". Last week Taobao said it was tightening controls on the sale of luxury goods, requiring sellers to show proof of authenticity as a way to try to combat the sale of fakes. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, attends a joint meeting on strategic cooperation with the city government of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province. Market researchers looking at the sector said that new lifestyle concepts are being adopted by Chinese consumers, such as "afternoon tea", "coffee break", and "office pantry". And analysts said these have driven the growth of consumption of dairy food and beverages, transforming food consumption habits. They added that helping to sustain the rise in demand are creative new food and beverages which are now finding favor with Chinese consumers.
The managing director of Fonterra's China operation, Christina Zhu, said Anchor Food Professionals would provide western restaurants, bakeries and casual dining restaurants in China with different products ranging from cream and cheese to butter, and the company would also help businesses with their product presentation, pricing, and promotions.
Analysts say that a wide variety of western food and beverages have been penetrating the Chinese market and that consumers' demand for bakery products, such as cakes, bread, dairy drink and desserts such as icecream, is growing fast, which in turn is attracting more players to compete in the developing market. A research note from China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd said young consumers are particularly frequent visitors to bakeries. Yu said her average spend in bakeries has increased from around 30 yuan per week five years ago, to 200 yuan now. Food sector experts say they have also seen growing consumer interest in homemade bakeries, another driver of the general growth in dairy goods consumption in the country. Drawing on its ties with the government, the bank said it has built databases of information on Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises in different provinces. The BOC said it is offering a series of matchmaking services to Chinese and foreign SMEs according to their demands. Gao Yingxin, executive vice-president of BOC, said on Tuesday Chinese SMEs have a wide market but they still need to improve the level of their technologies. Last year, the BOC held 11 matchmaking fairs both in and outside the country to promote SME cross-border investment and trade cooperation. During the fairs, the bank arranged more than 4,500 one-on-one meetings, which led to nearly 3,500 cooperation agreements. Ulrich Spiesshofer, its chief executive officer, said such products can be used effectively across a huge range of services, from cleaning and assembly operations within the chemical and automotive sectors, to working at height or at depth, where human workers face safety risks. As the Chinese population has grown wealthier, and more people live in cities, many service and labor-intensive industries have started to struggle to find sufficient numbers of workers, and have seen rising employee turnover rates.
The country's automotive, chemical, communication and consumer electronics product manufacturing sectors have been among the hardest hit, putting growing pressure on companies to increase their investment in fully automating factories.
Spiesshofer said ABB's plans to expand its advanced robotic technology capability in the service industry is in line with the government's flagship "Made in China 2025" strategy, which is aimed at upgrading the country's economic structure. He claims that with 80 percent of its robot models, and 90 percent of all its robots sold in China already locally produced, ABB is the only multinational to "localize" its robotics value chain, including research and development, production, sales, engineering and services. The Swiss firm employs 18,000 in China and operates 40 local firms across a sales and service network in 147 cities.
And it is working hard at building close ties with local universities and research institutes to develop new growth drivers in the region's fast-growing automotive, shipbuilding and railway transportation markets.
Zhang Bin, chief expert in world economic forecasting and policy simulation at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the efficient use of robots will play a crucial role in China's future economy. According to Zhang Xiaoning, deputy secretary-general of Shaanxi provincial government, during the recent 5-day Silk Road International Exposition held in provincial capital Xi'an, the authorities signed contracts worth $11.7 billion with foreign partners, and 681 billion yuan ($104 billion) with domestic investors.
Despite a slowing domestic economy and weak global demand, Zhang said the scale and scope of those deals is significant. Attending the Xi'an expo, Woo Jeong-hwan, director of South Korea's Trade-Investment Promotion Agency in China, said 70 percent of all cooperative projects between the province and South Korea now involve electronics-related activity. South Korea is now Shaanxi's third-largest trade partner and volumes have been growing steadily since the electronics giant Samsung Corp invested $7 billion in a semiconductor chips factory in Xi'an in 2012. Boosted by that spend, and the free-trade agreement signed in June last year between the two nations, Woo said he is confident the contribution of that accord to both the Shaanxi and South Korean economies will continue to grow. By late last year, South Korea had invested $5.6 billion in 244 projects in Shaanxi, accounting for around 19 percent of the province's total foreign investment. Zhou Weiqian, deputy chief of Xi'an Customs, said the China-South Korea FTA had helped Chinese people enjoy Korean products such as cosmetics, electronic appliances and foods more conveniently. It said the strategic cooperation will speed up the application of the world's advanced VR technologies in China's broadcasting, TV and video sectors. Wang added that the use of VR technology as a visual experience would change the ways people receive information from all dimensions. Founded in 2000, Sumavision is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and technical services of digital television software and hardware products.
Zheng Haitao, the founder and president of Sumavision, said the most crucial part of the broadcasting and television sector now lies in live broadcast, and live VR was a very meaningful area for them.
VideoStitch focuses on the production of VR video content, especially bringing live 360-degree video content creation software to content producers all over the world. Founded in 2012, the company has offices in Paris and Silicon Valley in the United States, and has over 1,000 customers in 45 countries, including Facebook Inc, Google Inc and YouTube.
The VR market is growing rapidly and a number of Chinese enterprises are moving into the sector, investing in handsets and related devices.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc has estimated that film, television and entertainment and live video will be an important application field in the sector, along with the games industry, with its market size reaching over $7 billion by 2025. Sumavision's Wang said he hoped that Chinese families could watch entertainment programs and sports events through VR live video technologies in future, and believed the cooperation with VideoStitch will bring about new business opportunities for both parties.
A woman plays a VR game provided by the VR device supplier HTC Vive at a mobile internet expo in Beijing. The Shanghai-based logistics provider is working with China International Capital Corp, HSBC Holdings Plc and JPMorgan Chase & Co to arrange the share sale in Hong Kong, according to the sources. Proceeds from the offering could help Anji benefit from growing vehicle demand in the world's biggest car market. Anji is preparing a Hong Kong IPO amid the slowest start for new offerings in the city since 2013, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The logistics unit is studying the feasibility for an overseas listing, SAIC said in a statement to the Shanghai stock exchange last week, which didn't provide further information. Chinese mainland stocks on Wednesday declined to their lowest level in two months, amid weak investor sentiment about prospects for the Chinese economy. Technology stocks, power equipment manufacturers, shipbuilding and materials shares led the decline. Analysts said that Wednesday's decline could reflect fragile investor sentiment about prospects for the economy after key data for April released over the weekend showed weaker than expected growth in industrial production, fixed-asset investment and retail sales. Such is the whipsawing sentiment on China's outlook," said Jeremy Steven, Asia Economist at Standard Bank. The benchmark Shanghai index has declined 21 percent this year, making it the worst performer among the 93 benchmarks tracked by Bloomberg. Guo Yanhong, a strategist at Founder Securities Co said that Wednesday's market slump also reflected the rising confusion of investors over Beijing's policy direction after a recent article by the People's Daily, citing an unnamed authoritative person, stressed an "L-shape" economic recovery path and criticized using leverage and massive credit easing to stimulate growth. The stock selloff on Wednesday also came after media reports suggested that the securities regulator is mulling new rules to curb the trading leverage of the hedge funds, subsidiaries of mutual funds and asset management firms.
More than 2,000 Chinese sturgeon, a protected and precious species of fish, have been released into waters at the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei province, to improve the river's ecological system.
The endangered Chinese sturgeon are often called "aquatic pandas", because they are considered a living fossil whose origin is believed to date back millions of years to prehistoric times and the age of dinosaurs. This is the 58th time that the rare species has been set free into the river by China Three Gorges, a State-owned power giant, which set up the country's first sturgeon research initiative in 1982. He said some 60 Chinese sturgeon were found near the Gezhou Dam for reproduction in 2014 but it was unable to be determined whether they were bred naturally or artificially. The tracking systems now connected to six vigorous selected sturgeon under the latest initiative are designed to obtain data about their environment as was their swimming patterns, Jiang said. The building of the dam on the river's upper side has blocked the passage to the Jinshan River, the habitual breeding ground of the fish. The institute says it has been doing a great deal of research on artificially inseminating and spawning cultured Chinese sturgeon to save the species from extinction. CTG, the Beijing-based power utility, has spent 200 million yuan ($30.7 million) on research and associated activities over the past 30 years.
More than 5.5 million of the fish bred in captivity have been released into the wild over the past three decades, according to the company. President Xi Jinping has said that Yangtze River ecological restoration should focus on extensive protection, not engage in large-scale development. Cao Wenxuan, the academic and aquatic species researcher from the China Academy of Sciences, said artificial breeding is an important way of protecting and developing Chinese sturgeon and a measure to maintain the diversity of the river. Authorities release Chinese sturgeon and other species of fish into the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei province.
On April 29, together with London-headquartered Plan International, one of the world's largest child-centered humanitarian development organizations, AkzoNobel announced the Youth Employment Solution for You Project.
Western China is experiencing rapid urbanization, which has created markets for many industries. As one of the major cities in western China, Chengdu is home to about 2.2 million rural migrant workers.
According to official statistics, 60 percent of rural migrant workers are members of the post-80s and post-90s generations. She said Plan International has identified youth employment as a priority program in China.
For the first year of the project, 200 vulnerable young men and women will receive market-oriented vocational training. The training will cover five areas, including barista training, automotive technician training, room attendant training, restaurant service training and Shu embroidery training, with training in each category lasting for three to eight weeks. Four local employees from AkzoNobel will participate in the life skills training to share their experiences in terms of career development, job seeking and communication skills with the young trainees. Ruud Joosten, Executive Committee member responsible for Decorative Paints at AkzoNobel, said education strengthens the cities that people live in, work in and connect with. Chang Cheng, sales manager of a consumer goods company in Chengdu, said his department would like to hire migrant workers, but they often require a longer time to gain the professional skills necessary to fit in compared with local talent. A launch ceremony for the mother and infant health development fund "Breast-feeding for Love", was held in Beijing on May 14. Four hundred people took part in the "Wujiang Run" on May 14 in an ecological park in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. More than 30 Taobao e-shops have been set up by farmers in Jingyuan county, Gansu province, following efforts by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to boost the local economy by offering business training to startups.
A second conference and workshop on treating children with thalassemia, a form of inherited blood disorder, took place in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on May 14.
The Zhifuqu Disabled Person's Federation of Yantai, Shandong province, has held its 26th National Day for Helping the Disabled, during which handicrafts made by children were sold to raise cash for the physically challenged people.
A larger shareholding in KUKA AG, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, will help facilitate the "smart" strategy of Midea Group, one of China's leading industrial groups in consumer appliances, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, according to a top executive of the Chinese company. According to Fang, the Chinese home appliances maker would like to have a meaningful stake in KUKA above 30 percent, making Midea the biggest shareholder, ahead of Germany's Voith, a maker of industrial equipment. In line with the applicable regulatory framework, the increase of the shareholding requires an offer for all issued shares in KUKA AG, according to the Midea.
Trading of Midea's shares was suspended in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Wednesday, while KUKA shares jumped 33 percent to 112.60 euros in Frankfurt at around 9 am, according to Bloomberg.

The intended offer is in line with Midea's "smart" strategy, which was launched in 2015 and aimed to upgrade the largest Chinese home appliances maker's manufacturing competencies and develop more smart home devices, according to Fang.
One of KUKA's key strategic focus areas is the broader robotics market in China, an area in which Midea also sees substantial growth opportunities driven by rising labor costs and an aging population, according to Fang.
KUKA has already expanded its Asian presence in recent years, with a factory being established in Shanghai in 2013 and already having helped Midea to automate its factories.
By 2020, KUKA plans to grow sales to 1 billion euros in China, according to the German company sources.
Lin Jiang, a professor at the Guangzhou-based Sun Yat-sen University, said Midea's increased shareholdings in KUKA would help bring more automation and smart solutions for traditional manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta. Reporters visit consumer appliances maker Midea Group, which is based in Foshan, Guangdong province.
Li Jianning, Pearl River Piano's vice-chairman and general manager, said the purchase will ensure Schimmel can continue to be independent, and continue to manufacture some of the world's highest quality pianos. Yang Weihua, secretary of its board of directors, added the purchase will also help raise his own products to a higher level.
The German piano maker builds its instruments at two factories in Germany and Poland, and those operations will be unaffected by the acquisition, the statement insisted. Schimmel sells around 2,200 pianos annually worldwide, giving it a 10 percent global share. Pearl River Piano celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and is believed to be the world's largest manufacturer, selling 131,590 of the 135,432 pianos it produced last year.
It claims to have produced 35 percent of China's pianos and a quarter of the world's, after selling more than 2 million in its lifetime. Zhu Wenyu, chairman of Shanghai Best Friend Music Culture Co Ltd, China's largest domestic piano retailer, said the local market has grown substantially in the past three decades. The Ministry of Commerce said it would fight for fair treatment for its steel companies through the World Trade Organization's settlement mechanism.
The US Commerce Department said on Tuesday that China's cold-rolled flat steel products were being sold in the US market below cost and with unfair subsidies. The duties will increase by more than fivefold the import prices on Chinese made cold-rolled flat steel products, which brought in $272.3 million of sales there in 2015.
China's Ministry of Commerce said the US has adopted unfair practices during anti-dumping and anti-subsidies investigations on Chinese products, which severely harmed the rights of Chinese enterprises to formally defend themselves. The ministry said that because the US refused to levy separate rates on Chinese State-owned enterprises, the companies were forced to give up on their response to the probe, which has resulted in high punitive taxes on steel products from China. Cold-rolled steel is used in automotive body panels, appliances, shipping containers and construction.
He said the ruling will not affect Chinese steelmakers in the short term since their steel exports to the US market had already fallen to less than 1 percent of total steel exports.
But experts said the Chinese government and companies should be prepared for further talks with the US on the issue, taking the issue seriously, in case it spreads to other types of products. Any trade protection practice can trigger disputes between the two countries and lead to global trade war, he said.
China's Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday that it will maintain its tax rebate policy for steel exports as part of its efforts to help the sector tackle its longstanding overcapacity problems.
In an exclusive interview with Reuters on Tuesday, Guo said his group - which up to now has largely targeted companies in developed markets - was also turning its focus to investment opportunities in emerging markets. Guo also said things were "back to normal" following an incident in December when he was briefly reported missing, with Fosun's president saying Guo was helping police with an investigation.
Fosun has spent about $30 billion in the past two decades outside China, mainly acquiring insurance and real estate assets in Europe and the United States, as well as making investments in the likes of tourism group Club Med and Canada's Cirque du Soleil.
Almost a quarter of the population will be pushed into fuel poverty by the end of next year, a report has suggested. By the end of 2009, 5.7 million UK households will be spending at least 10% of their income on energy bills, the National Housing Federation said. Average household electricity bills are expected to increase to more than ?500 per year by 2010, and gas bills to around ?900. The National Housing Federation research, entitled Energy Prices and Debt, said low income households would be worst hit by increases to pre-payment schemes. The number of families in fuel poverty - defined as when more than 10% of household income is spent on fuel bills - has increased by 100% since 2005. But the report said big energy companies charge the five million people who pay for their energy through pre-payment meters more than those who are billed quarterly. Ruth Davison, director of the federation's campaigns and neighbourhoods department, called the findings part of a "full-scale national energy crisis".
Energy companies should not be allowed to charge pre-payment meter customers "grotesquely high tariffs", a cap should be put on prices, and "companies should use profits to pay for social and energy efficiency responsibilities," she added.
The research coincides with calls from charities and consumer bodies for the government to follow a 10-point charter on fuel poverty.
The charter, supported by Friends of the Earth, the Association for Conservation of Energy and National Energy Action, urges the government to properly insulate UK homes, install renewable energy systems and provide short-term crisis payments to low earners. Ed Matthew, Head of UK Climate at Friends of the Earth, said the government's current fuel poverty plan was "hopelessly off course" and must be transformed. A spokesman for the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform said: "The government is committed to responding to the new insecurities that hard-pressed, hard-working British families face and is already doing a lot to help people save energy and reduce their fuel bills.
Winter fuel payments help nearly 12 million people a year in the UK and in addition to the ?200 normally awarded to the over-60s and ?300 to the over-80s, a one-off payment of ?50 and ?100 respectively has been made available for this winter, he added. But it is facing mounting pressure to help those hit by high energy bills, with TUC leader Brendan Barber the latest to call for a windfall tax.
When customers pay, they need to open the Alipay app, then scan a QR code provided by the retailer.
Industry experts said that many firms do not have sufficient capital to cover the loss of their risky and often less liquid investments. For instance, men are considered more rational and cautious than women, but more than 70 percent of victims of mobile payment fraud were men, according to a report released by Tencent on May 19.
The initiative is said by the company to be the first of its kind in the world and aims to use creative ideas to connect its Chinese clients with some of the most beautiful things - art, fashion and design.
And these are only a part of the wider effort Uber has made in China to provide value-added services. The investment is expected to help Didi Chuxing consolidate its dominant position in China.
So we think why not offer some local lifestyle guidance, such as the most popular local restaurants and the most interesting shows," said Zhang. Construction will start early next year and take approximately a year and a half to complete, according to Kagan.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Dargey in August and a judge will decide whether to transfer ownership from Dargey to a Las Vegas developer and Chinese firm that both own partial stakes in the tower. I've always said that Seattle is San Francisco's most northern suburb," he said in an interview. You've seen that immigrant wave in Vancouver, where today market pricing is at all-time record highs for condos and residential.
Recent years have seen a growing demand from teenagers and senior citizens who have become big fans of photography. JHY Space Technology Co Ltd (Space Vision), a Beijing-based company, released China's first ever space parachuting suit on Thursday. The especially customized suit has a radar, ground-based monitoring operations, space-ground communications and an image transmission system.
Experts say that as government policy encourages it, demand for the brand new industry is increasing, and many other private aerospace companies are emerging. Although it rose from the 7th in 2014 to the top among all Chinese retailers, its growth rate experienced a negative 0.7 percent. Apple must have weighed many options before deciding to back a Chinese company rather than, say, an Indian, Japanese, Australian or Israeli company.
Everyone with broadband access appears to know which side of the smartphone, err, their bread is buttered.
Its CEO Tim Cook reportedly remarked during his Beijing visit on Monday that Apple would extend marketing help to developed-in-China mobile apps in order to help the latter go global. And all of us, I suspect, know the answer to that question, whether or not we acknowledge it at a conscious level. China used to completely rely on imports until 2008 when CREG developed its own shield tunneling machine independently after six years of research. But international recognition of our brand is still very low," said Su Wenyang, deputy project director of the company's overseas department. Moreover, it has effectively prevented collapsing or swelling in shallow earth excavation, Su added. In 2015 alone, China had 40,000 new bakeries and beverage stores serving dairy food and drinks, while in 2012 the number was fewer than 5,000.
A survey which polled more than 2,000 respondents across China showed 43 percent of consumers, aged between 20 and 30, said they visit bakeries two to six times every week. This allows them to conduct video conversations at the initial stage of contact, followed by face-to-face and one-on-one communication. Some of their products are not competitive enough, and some companies have problems connected to heavy pollution and high energy consumption. It also has plans, he said, to establish a robotics application center in the industrial hub of Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei province.
It says it is a leading enterprise in promoting China's progress in so called three-network convergence, which aims to combine cable television, telecommunications and the internet into one seamless chain. The offering could take place early next year, they added, asking not to be identified as the information is private. China reported sales of 25 million automobiles last year, up 4.7 percent from the year before, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It tumbled more than 2 percent during intraday trading, but managed to recoup some of the loss as big-cap financial stocks rallied toward the market close.
That, coupled with illegal fishing and the deteriorating ecology of the river, has put the species in danger.
It will help 800 vulnerable young people, aged 16 to 29 in and around Chengdu, to gain certain skill sets for them to hold down a stable job.]]> AkzoNobel NV, a Dutch multinational focusing on specialty chemicals and coatings, said it is committing itself to the development of western China's talent by launching a youth employment project in Chengdu, Sichuan province. AkzoNobel, like other foreign enterprises, has been accelerating its business expansion in the area.
However, only 34.8 percent of them have received job skills training, with even fewer having received an opportunity for proper life skills training. It has implemented several programs in many provinces and autonomous regions in China, such as Shaanxi, Ningxia, Yunnan, Anhui, Sichuan, Qinghai and Hunan. Organizers said more than 30 domestic and foreign experts, including those from the United States, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, are supporting the initiative by hosting events such as health forums, public lectures, and parent-child health development events. Coorganized by Wujiang Daily and local sports and health organizations, the campaign raised 639 yuan ($98) in total, which will be used on public welfare activities organized by Wujiang Daily. Jingyuan is renowned for the Chinese wolfberry, considered one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits, and the online development effort has greatly helped sales.
The event was co-hosted by the Thalassemia International Federation, the Thalassemia Chinese Federation, China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Beijing Angelmom Charity Foundation and China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University. More than 70 children participated in this year's event, at which advice on dealing with disabilities and free cataract screening were also offered. The voluntary takeover offer will be conducted by Midea's affiliate MECCA International Limited, at 115 euros in cash per share. Some 30,600 domestically built pianos were exported, while 147,500 were imported, an 11.7 percent rise on 2014. He said approximately 3 percent of families in the country now own a piano, but around one in five families in Shanghai has one. Even though it will not affect Chinese companies in the short term, it matters about whether Chinese companies have really dumped or received unfair subsidies or not," said Zhou Mi, senior research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. You've got a number of major growth drivers in the Seattle economy," she said in an interview. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple alone lines up many more billions for investing in various Chinese tech startups down the line.
But now as my income has risen, I love to buy 16-yuan croissants for breakfast, or buy an assorted bag of bread for the weekend," said Yu Zhihua, a 27-year-old Shanghai consumer, shopping at a bakery in Lujiazui. It also allows on site visits, and a package of customized financial services during the life cycle of Chinese SMEs, once they reach cooperation agreements with their foreign counterparts.
He said they are finding it increasingly difficult to receive funding, especially during China's economic slowdown. A spokesman for SAIC didn't immediately respond to calls seeking comment, while representatives for CICC, HSBC, JPMorgan declined to comment. A charity Jingyuan wolfberry picking festival will be held in July, co-hosted by the local government and State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.
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