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Energy is a term used to describe all the different levels of vibrations that effect us consciously or unconsciously.
Based on the idea that your living space reflects your life, there are many age-old sciences that help us achieve a balance.
A proper meditation once or twice a day in your living space will broadcast a powerful positive vibration. However, too much white can feel overwhelming so be sure to balance it out with some other colours. Make sure you have something representing the five elements - wood, earth, metal, fire, and water - in every room of your house. Bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon kept facing the main door is considered auspicious. A bowl filled with sea salt should be kept facing the North-East and South-West directions in an open pot. You can't benefit from the positive energies that flow through your front door if they zoom right out the back door.
Furniture should be positioned so as not to restrict free passage through the room, as this is a reflection of the flowing of energy. Any house features such as stairs, doors or windows that are broken or not working restrict the flow of positive energy. How you feel when you see any cute lovely pet like dog, puppies and cat running here and there or touching your leg or playing with you after you coming with lot of stress from outside?
Sound energy is a physical form of energy that moves as a vibrational transmission through matter.
Positive thoughts will attract more of the same, but if you find yourself constantly judging your own behaviour and self criticising, this non-beneficial energy will then affect you and those around you.
When you lie in bed, sit at your desk, and relax in your favorite chair, make sure you can see the entrance to the room. Huxley got me thinking about the life we lead today and how very different it is from that of our parents and grandparents.
Curious about the whole aging thing I referred to that guardian of social commentary, YouTube, and came across a video of tall, skinny, longhaired, bearded, English genius of biogerontology, Dr. The social problems of course are mind-boggling, imagine people collecting their pensions for 85-years or more! Why is it that we get on well with some people the minute we meet them, yet others remain a mystery to us?
Ever wonder why your co-worker is happier with her door closed and never seems to want to engage in conversation? To make this information useful we need to be able to identify the behavioral, or social, styles being exhibited by the people we are dealing with.
Now, what if you could spot an Analytical immediately and understand how and why they are going to behave that way, and at the same time recognize how they perceive you? Understanding others and ourselves could very well be the biggest key to success in life and in business. As one participant of his program said “I find myself trying to determine what style everyone is and it’s all your fault! Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerilla Marketing guru) coined the phrase "fusion marketing", which refers to a marketing strategy that challenges tradition. Cooperative marketing is one of the most inexpensive and underused forms of marketing in the business world today.
Cooperative marketing does require somewhat of a paradigm shift in the way we have traditionally thought about marketing, but it can push your sales and profits to a level you might never be able to reach on your own.
Think about how cooperative marketing might benefit you and your business, and watch your business grow!
Not many people I know really like proofreading (my apologies to all the English majors out there who are stomping their feet right about now). It may seem like a lot of work to proofread, and it may indeed take a bit more time than simply glancing through a document and hoping for the best, but the impact it will make on the receiver is immeasurable. I’ve heard procrastination described as an illness, and an addiction, and both metaphors I believe are apt descriptions.
Now that you have some tools to help you conquer procrastination, your challenge is to actually implement them. This is especially important when you’re writing a letter about a sensitive or contentious issue, or when responding to customer complaints. Your letter will make an impression on the person who reads it, so it is vital that you are careful with things like misspelled words, grammatical inaccuracies, and typographical errors.
Although it would be great if all of us could work and communicate well with every personality type, but the truth is, we all have preferences about the types of people we connect and work well with. In a workplace where these differences are not understood or accepted, it can drastically reduce confidence and productivity. Set up an atmosphere that allows your employees to speak freely with you about what their issues are. Unclear Roles – when work roles are not clear, it causes stress, tension, unmet expectations, anger, resentment, and a whole host of other unproductive things. Lack of Trust – have you been the kind of manager that has inspired trust in your employees?
Emotional Impact – no communication is free of emotion, so being cautious with your words, your tone of voice and your body language when talking with someone has an enormous impact on the outcome, especially when someone is in an emotionally vulnerable place.
Active Listening – as with any communication, listening is the most important part of any conversation.
Dealing with performance issues is never easy, and rarely pleasant, but setting the stage for a positive exchange can help you take a negative situation and turn it into positive results. There are three things a company needs to grow a business - more customers, more money from those customers, and those customers purchasing more often.
If they’re coming back, your customers already know and trust you, so using upsell techniques can be very effective with them.
If your customers have already made their way towards a decision on their purchase, offer an additional related item at a special price if they accept it NOW.
Always keep your existing customers in mind when you’re launching a new product, offering a special sale, partnering with an affiliate, or any other opportunity to purchase. For example, a year ago your company built the cabinets for a bathroom renovation for the Smith’s. If you don’t have a system in place to get referrals from existing customers, you are losing a profitable opportunity to increase your sales. Some people don’t like to pass on the names of their friends and acquaintances, so you might send a postcard to your customers with a memorable photo and catchy caption, and the message, “Please Let Your Friends Know About Us!
Keep your company at the top of your existing customers’ minds by maintaining a strong relationship with them all year long.
When it comes right down to it, whether you upsell, resell, or referral sell, it’s all about the relationships you have with your customers. You can have a general P&P manual that covers every area of your business, or you can have several to deal with specific areas. A Policy and Procedures manual can assist you in your planning process because it forces you to think about some things you might not normally think about.
Customer Service – what is your customer service philosophy and how does that translate into day-to-day service?
Emergency Procedures – what do you want your staff to do in the event of an emergency? Safety and Security – what has to happen daily to keep your building and inventory secure? In each of these sections, you’ll have sub-sections to address the specifics of that topic.
You can see that a P&P manual will take some time and thought to put together, but the benefits of having all this information at your fingertips is invaluable, as is the fact that everyone who works for you knows exactly what your workplace standards are.
However you choose to do it, having a P&P manual benefits you and your staff, and adds to the professionalism of your company.
Again, if you have a good relationship with your customers they will probably be willing to work with you in a crisis. At some point almost every small business owner faces the daunting task of hiring workers for his or her business. Although you may not be able to avoid making mistakes in hiring altogether, with a smart approach to hiring you can increase your chances of hiring the person who will be just the right fit for your company. Using resumes instead of application forms has been the standard for hiring in recent years, but current HR trends are seeing a resurgence of the application as a valuable tool in the hiring process. Second, an application gives you the opportunity to observe some things about the applicant before you even meet them, especially if you throw in a few tricky questions to determine whether they can follow directions. Have a standardized form available to people who contact you about the job prior to sending their resume, or have them fill out the form when they drop off their resume. Don’t assume that every reference will provide a glowing report about your applicant.
Skill used to be king when it came to hiring, but more and more employers are learning that skills can be learned, but attitudes are tough to change.
The best way to evaluate someone is to watch them work, so more and more companies are implementing a one or two-day work trial for potential, qualified employees. Email is one of the most productivity-enhancing and at the same time, distracting, innovations of our time. If you are waiting for a specific email that is important and time sensitive, by all means turn that indicator on until you’ve received it, or check your email manually every fifteen minutes. Some of you may be panicking at the thought of not looking at your email every time one arrives, but I can assure you you’ll get more done in a day if you set specific times each day when you will review your emails. Life Skills (The 8 Life Skills we teach are: Courtesy, Respect, Focus, Discipline, Self-Control, Responsibility, Co-Operation, Learning) Being Good. Not sure who else is claiming it but I can assure you I designed it for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and it was grown by T & L Nurseries. Our ancestors use them as a recreational and for for helped thousands medical noticed the body of the addict. Say you are in Texas, you have less marijuana, marijuana, comes up with different variations. Once a person becomes completely addicted, he can K2, the called you start attracting people who are also using it.
While all Colorado voters receive a ballot in the mail, it is still vitally important to have centrally located Voter Service and Polling Center locations for voters who either need to vote in person with special equipment or simply prefer to cast their ballot in person. Voter Service and Polling Centers are places residents can drop off a mail ballot, cast a ballot in person, request a replacement ballot, register to vote or update registration information, or vote using equipment for persons with disabilities. The Colorado County Clerks Association will grant 4 regional one-time awards in the amount of $1,000 to seniors graduating from Colorado high schools to further their education at any university, college, junior college or technical institution. Financial aid awarded by the association will be remitted to the institution of attendance and will be credited to the student's account. Each district will select a finalist and forward their selection to the Executive Board by April 24, 2015. Any legal, permanent resident of Boulder County enrolled in, or applying to, a vocational training program or institution of higher learning in the State of Colorado as a full, or part-time student is eligible to apply. Scholarship announcements have been mailed to all high school offices in the eligible counties, and to all Colorado higher education institutions. To finalize the election, as stated by law, the Boulder County Clerk prepared and made available to the public a statement of the total number of votes cast in the election for each candidate and for and against each ballot issue. Last week, Clerk Hall received word that the Secretary of State’s office accepted the official statewide abstract of votes cast for state races and issues.
Although some have raised questions about the effect of the canvass board’s prior decision not to certify, Clerk Hall says the election results stand. Because the margin of victory was so large in all of the races and ballot issues involved, no recount was triggered or requested. Composition of the canvass board: The canvass board is composed of two members from each of the “major” political parties plus the Clerk. 2014 Canvass Board Vote: This year, the canvass board signed off on the election audit, which tests the election’s vote tallying systems and processes to ensure accuracy, but in a 4-to-3 decision voted to not certify the election results.
Earlier this week, elections staff completed the 2014 election audit, a post-election quality assurance test that ensures the accuracy of the machine tally of votes. Despite the fact that there were no documented discrepancies found in the audit or reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest, the Boulder County Canvass Board voted in a 4-to-3 decision to not certify the election.
In regard to these actions, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall had the following to say, “The Canvass Board’s decision not to certify is purely political, without basis and out of line with their role as defined by Colorado law. Hall continued, “The election judges and our staff did an outstanding job conducting the 2014 General Election. By Secretary of State Rule, if nothing found in the audit or reconciliation of the election impacts the outcome of the election, the results must be certified. The Canvass Report, Statement of Vote and audit documentation is now available at The server upgrade will enhance maintenance and support of the Colorado State Titling and Registration system, which means better performance for the citizens of Colorado. The Division of Motor Vehicles apologizes for any inconvenience due to this important maintenance work. Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes that can be utilized overnight tonight and up until 7 p.m. Voters who have returned their mail ballots can check to make sure their voted ballot has been received by the Boulder County Elections Division. Additionally, for the public’s convenience, the Elections Division has added a new ballot drop-off location at the Lyons Town Hall. Visit to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election. Specifically, the recent news article mentioned the need for additional Republican Party election judges for Signature Verification roles. During each open house, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall will give walking tours of the election wing approximately every 30 minutes as needed.
These tours offer people interested in local elections the opportunity to see how ballots are processed, understand how signatures are verified on mail ballots, and learn about how ballot resolution works among other ballot processing procedures and safeguards. Also, any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register up to and including Election Day. Please visit to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election. Clutter in the home restricts the flow of positive energy, and can result in cluttered thinking.
A broadcast from a meditative state of mind becomes much more powerful than it would otherwise be, making positive energy more powerful than negative energy. Black, while stylish can actually attract and hold negative energy if used in too large a quantity. An open and inviting pathway allows positive energy to flow into your home, whereas energy can stagnate if the entryway is closed off. Epsom salt pot is the best way to get rid of stressful feelings and negative energy from home. If you open the front door and there's a direct line to the back door or a window, that's runaway chi. Sound loops of a gentle rainfall, waves lapping the shore, an easy breeze through leaves and trees, and a burbling stream (similar to an indoor fountain) are wonderfully calming. The thoughts running through our minds daily about ourselves then become our life’s intention. The really wild thing is that apparently once we have people living well into their second century, the basic science will be in place to keep us alive for a thousand years, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning. In simple terms most people fall into one of four social styles: Analytical, Driver, Expressive, or Amiable. At that point you could change your behavior, and empathize with what they need to do to make a decision.
Just understanding is not enough however, this workshop takes you several steps further; it helps you almost instantly recognize social styles, and gives you the tools to help you communicate more effectively with those people, creating greater harmony, understanding and collaboration in your workplace, or when selling. If you want to significantly improve the way you communicate with others this course is for you. It involves building relationships with your competition and other businesses with a similar target market, to enhance each other's business success, a twist on the traditional, more territorial marketing methods. It's as simple as finding someone who will put your flyer in their window, while you put their flyer in yours. Look out your window and write down all the businesses who provide a product or service within your sight. If you own a car wash, and the business next door is a European deli, doesn't it make sense that people having their cars washed might want a sandwich while they wait, or that people who are having lunch might have their car washed while they eat? What might a bottled water company have in common with a company that sells organic gourmet coffee? If you have a web site you owe it to yourself to employ this strategy to maximize your Internet marketing dollar.
Not only will you increase your bottom line, but you'll increase your network, and potential customer base at the same time.

Your most effective and efficient method of proofreading is having someone who has never seen the document read it aloud while you follow a printed copy. Glance through the document to make sure all headings are consistent (point size, bold, underline, indent).
Determine to settle for nothing less than perfect documents and the impression you make will always be positive.
Knowing how to write a good letter is invaluable in helping you communicate your message effectively to your reader, and receiving a positive response to that message. What if there was a way to decrease the amount of time you spent managing your customer database that would leave you with more time to do those things?
Make sure that no matter how rude someone has been to you, your response is polite and courteous.
If you don’t put in the effort to produce an accurate and correct letter, what would make them think you could provide a quality product or service? The problem with most managers is that they jump to what appear to be obvious conclusions, without looking for the root issues causing the problems. Make sure when reviewing personal productivity, you look at whether personality differences are a factor. The quicker you can get to the root of their issues, the faster you can all get back on track.
Establish a way to affirm the good work people are doing, even if your purpose is to talk about a decline in their performance. Talk with people about how they perceive their role both in their job, and within the company. Listen to the things that aren’t being said as well as to what they are saying, listen for the things they might not even realize are impacting the situation, listen for the emotions behind the actions, and listen for situations that are contributing to the problem. What’s more, you can help your employee gain confidence and increase self esteem by making them feel valued and respected.
While these three things form the foundation of any sales strategy, there is an often overlooked element. When they realize they won’t get the deal if they walk away, and if they trust you have their best interests at heart, your chances of increasing your sale are great. I had my carpets cleaned several years ago by a company who did a great job at a reasonable price.
Send a customer survey asking what they like about your product or service, how they feel you can improve it, and whether they know anyone else who might be interested in your company. Don’t worry you are not alone, creating a Policy and Procedures Manual seems to most people like an arduous task and a waste of time. It can be a tool that helps you be proactive about things that may happen in your business (like what to do in an emergency). It also forces you to put down on paper all the things that fly around in your mind that you assume everyone else already knows, but probably doesn’t. First of all, you can purchase a variety of software with templates, outlines and other specifics required for setting up a P&P manual.
I once worked for a company who set down an outline and gave each staff member a section to work on. Call each of the three customers whose deadlines you are facing, let them know you’ve hit some unexpected bumps along the way and ask them whether they have any room on their end to extend those deadlines.
Focus on the jobs that have no leeway in the timeframe, and set aside the ones that you’ll do next.
Determine whether there is staff from different areas that you could move onto these projects to lend some additional help.
If you develop healthy, working relationships with your competition they might be able to jump in and help you when you’re desperate.
There are several reasons for using an application in addition to a resume, rather than a resume only. Take the time to phone the people who have been listed as references, and ask leading questions that will give you the information you require. Perspective and perception are everything when interviewing someone, and you alone do not have enough perspective to perceive all the nuances about another person.
A person with a basic skill set and a trainable attitude will, in the long run, be much more valuable to you than someone highly skilled who is not teachable. Spend time before the interview coming up with questions that will enhance your discovery of those intangible things that often make or break a good employment situation. Taking the extra time and effort to develop a process that works well for you will increase your chances of finding just the right person for your company - someone who will work hard for you, be loyal to you, and contribute to the overall success of your business. While it allows us to communicate with anyone in the world instantly, send and receive documents to and from anywhere, communicate with groups of people at the same time, and work from almost anywhere, it can also be a major disruption to our daily workflow and decrease our overall productivity.
Two, three, or four times a day – whatever works for you - schedule a half hour or an hour to deal with your email.
It is an exclusive program for children aged between 3-6 that integrates the learning of martial arts skills, life skills, and safety skills. With progressive training, children become more enthusiastic, optimistic, and self-reliant.a€?a€?~Dr. Whether ita€™s a€?good attentiona€? or a€?bad attentiona€?, children seek to be recognized.
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Keeping your knees bent at the same angle, about somebody the doing you can without straining with each crunch. Boulder County will have 16 Voter Service and Polling Centers open throughout the county on Election Day with some of those locations opening as early as two weeks before Election Day. Members of the Executive Board of the County Clerk's Association will finalize the scholarship awards by May 1, 2015. There are no restrictions as to the course of study or training which may be pursued, and no restrictions are placed upon applications by reason of race, creed, age, gender, or national origin. Applications will be reviewed by a local committee appointed by Sheriff Pelle, and a selection will be made on the basis of criteria established by CSOC. Since then, this effort has continued as a meaningful expression of the sheriffs’ confidence in and respect for education and training. For more information, contact your local high school, college, County Sheriffs of Colorado, or the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.
At this point, challenges to the election of candidates to office or the result of a ballot issue election are allowed only in narrow circumstances, such as fraud or corruption that could change the result of the election.
In the 2010 gubernatorial race, candidate Tom Tancredo of the American Constitution Party received more than 10% of the vote statewide, the American Constitution Party (ACN) earned “major” party status until the next gubernatorial election, this year.
This was in spite the fact that there were no significant discrepancies in the audit or in the reconciliation reports. There was previously an election rule allowing a county clerk to certify local election results when the canvass board failed to certify. Boulder County used the state prescribed audit process which randomly selects the scanning systems, the electronic machines and the contests which to audit.
Our election vote reconciliation and audit show that the Boulder County election results are accurate. Colorado currently has three major parties: American Constitution, Democratic and Republican. They have tried for years to get the courts or the legislature to change the way election canvass boards conduct their business, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts. Our office recommends that if you need a printed title immediately, that you either come in prior to the upgrade on Friday, November 7 or afterwards on Wednesday, November 12. Beginning on Monday, November 3, seven additional Voter Service and Polling Centers will be available to service voter needs. If you need to register to vote, update your registration information, request a replacement ballot, or vote using equipment or facilities for people with disabilities, please visit a Voter Service and Polling Center. Those positions have been filled by the Republican Party Chair and any additional interested individuals must contact the party.
No mail ballot is ever processed and counted without a bipartisan team of election judges verifying that the signature on your ballot envelope matches the signature on your voter registration record. Drive-by ballot drop-off locations open in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and a new walk-up station in Erie.
The red leather couch actually has a very different vibration composition than the yellow fabric couch, and the difference affects our energy field. So flood your home with natural light, open windows and doors to let fresh air inside, and bring plants indoors. You don’t need to get rid of your black items, just be sure to balance them out with other bright and cheerful colours. In this case hang three bronze bowls upside down on the ceiling but do not hang over the stove.
You don't want mirrors to reflect anything low energy or negative, like kitchen trash cans.
For example, place a wooden bowl filled with stone pebbles alongside a candle and a vase of flowers. Sea salt is commonly used to get rid of negative energy and to allow balanced flow of energy inside the home. You can stop runaway chi by placing furniture or some other decorative object in or near the questionable path and by using rugs to impede energy flow. If you prefer not to burn candles for safety reasons, purchase an electric candle warmer instead. Black candles serve to dissolve the negative energies, however; black should always be burned with another color in order to bring forth balance. You can add other design elements to your home in the form of a sound system, wind chimes, playing musical instruments, drumming, ringing bells, or singing to enhance your home's sound energy. I know people who say life gets better as you age, but come on, all that sagging and expanding, the aches and pains, the pathetic hope that the girl driving the golf refreshment cart really does find you attractive, and isn’t just taking pity on an old fart with a wicked slice.
At first I thought it was a Monty Python skit, it could have been Michael Palin or John Cleese marching up and down on stage telling the audience that when we age we break down just like anything else, and therefore aging is an engineering problem and can be fixed. Besides living that long would ruin my plan to start smoking Cuban cigars once I reach 85 based on the logic that with so few years left what harm could it do? Ever thought about why it is that your manager always needs time to “think things over?” Why do people act so strangely?
This information is amazingly powerful – all of a sudden you will find them easier to manage, interact with, sell to and generally understand.
Whether it’s manager to employee, co-worker to co-worker, staff to customers, or salesperson to prospect, these skills will help you sell better, work better, and get along better. It will impact every relationship in your life, reduce conflict and stress, and enrich your relationships. Every time you get an advertisement in the mail, or purchase a product or service, ask yourself whether this might be the kind of business you could partner with.
Do a search of companies who offer similar or complementary products, or who do business in your geographic area.
You may never have heard of the gourmet coffee company I mentioned earlier, if you hadn't come in to get your bottled water. Taking a few simple steps to change the way you look at the tasks you face, will help you get a handle on procrastination and make some positive changes toward becoming more productive.
Ask yourself if you truly want to get this done – is it important enough to you that you will find a way?
Every time you think about doing that task and are tempted to put it off, do some small part of it immediately. Often, procrastination is the result of feeling overwhelmed when you face the tasks ahead of you. Something about human nature compels us to do something if we know someone’s watching.
What are their perceptions about your business, your product or service, and your industry?
You need to execute a strong opening sentence and paragraph to convince your reader the letter is worth reading. When communicating your message, don’t assume your readers will understand all the industry terms you use every day.
In your opening, acknowledge the issue at hand and state the need of the reader as you understand it.
The less time your readers have to invest in trying to get to your point, the more likely they are to find it.
Work with a proofreading buddy (more about this in the article called Proofreading Perfection). You might look at Bruce in the graphics department whose productivity has been gradually slipping over the last three months. Make certain that you get to the root cause of the behaviour rather than simply treating the symptoms. In the December, 2003 issue we presented an article on the four social styles as it related to selling, but those basic social styles can be applied to every relationship and work situation. As they give you their perspective on their role, it might give you some clues as to where the problems lie. This can be difficult, especially if the person is wilfully uncommunicative or unable to express what they are feeling. The long-term results of this kind of relationship building will impact your business in a positive way. It’s easy to get lost on the first point and go crazy trying to get more customers, and while that is an important aspect of your plan, you can double your efforts on the second two by applying them not only to new customers, but to your existing ones. Keeping track of what your customers have purchased in the past, and offering them the opportunity to buy the product again, or to buy a related product, leads to repeat sales.
Another advantage to the survey is that you can get great testimonials without having to directly ask for them. It can be a method of ensuring that everyone who works for you knows exactly what is expected of them in every area (from dress code to personal performance). You can also customize your manual to reflect your industry (shipping & receiving, inventory control, retail). We met weekly to review what each of us had done and to get suggestions from each other on what was missing. When all goes well, nothing unexpected comes along, and your time management strategies are humming along like a well-oiled machine, deadlines can be a welcome thing. If they say yes, you’ve bought yourself some time and can devote your energy to the others. Maybe they only need a portion of the job by the deadline but could wait on another portion.
But what if all three customers have said there’s no room to move on their deadlines? The things they are working on may not be as urgent, and this could provide a way for you to get things done a little more quickly. Shipping delays, employee illness, defective materials, and personal crises – many things can contribute to delaying the best-laid plans. For others, it comes later when the business grows from a one-person operation to a staffed one. The more specific you can be during your recruitment process, the better your chances of finding a good match. Is the form filled out neatly or can you hardly read it?  Did they answer your questions in the way you asked them to? Use the information applicants provide on their resume or in their application form to verify their validity. Wading through dozens, or even hundreds, of mail messages daily can take hours of time away from the goals you have set for yourself. One of the biggest time wasters in a typical day is your immediate response to those incoming emails.
You can then get on with the rest of your tasks, knowing those messages will be dealt with at the designated time.
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In fact, since taking office, Secretary Williams and I have already met and spoken several times at length, and while our parties may differ, our dedication to administering proper and fair elections is aligned. CSOC considers this an investment in the future and believes that our membership is helping to provide deserving students with an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Additionally, the final Statement of Vote, a document that shows precinct-by-precinct results for every candidate and issue on the Boulder County ballots this year, will be forwarded to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to become part of the official statewide election record and is available now online.

Despite this pre-calculated political action, the Boulder County Elections Division anticipates that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office will accept the results of the election as they did after both the 2012 General Election and 2014 Primary Election when similar political action was taken by a Canvass Board (see below for background details). In Boulder County, like every other clerk office, we simply follow election law when conducting our canvass. The Elections Division also has several drive-by ballot drop-off locations where voters can turn in their mail ballot without even exiting their car. With the opening of these locations, that brings the total number of Voter Service and Polling Centers servicing the public to 13 within the County. Visitors will be able to observe workers processing ballots for the Tuesday, November 4 General Election.
So make sure to sign your ballot envelope as you normally would – then check to make sure we received your mail ballot by visiting Avoid the rush and visit one our Voter Service and Polling Centers this Saturday from 9 a.m.
So, if you are moving into a new home or just updating your current space, you can actually consider setting up your place to attract more positive energy. If you bless your home and lavish it with love, it becomes a gracious holder of your dreams. Each colour has unique aspects, so including more of that colour in your home can help draw that energy in. Place a red-flowering plant outside or put some red accent colors on or around your front door.
The sea salt is either used alone or mixed with water and placed in certain areas of the home.
Some people believe that whenever a large amount of granules of salt appear to build on the edges of the bowl, it indicates the existence of negative energy at home. Plug it in and as the candle wax warms, the house will be filled with the scent of the candle. Why do some people react well to your sales technique and buy, and others just keep coming up with objections? Think of a person you deal with on a regular basis who requires masses of information before he, or she, can make a decision – you know, the person who researches a product for six months before deciding to buy. Some recent examples of successful fusion marketing partnerships - Tim Hortons and Wendy's open restaurants in a shared space.
Ask your customers what kind of service they might like that would complement what you offer. The water company has a rack of the gourmet coffee by its checkout, and the coffee company provides a flyer from the water company to each of its customers. Search for established web sites of organizations or associations in your industry, and approach them with a cooperative marketing plan. If you like the coffee, they've just gained a customer they could not have reached any other way. But the cost of not doing so is great, and the impression you make with your document can be a lasting one – for good or for ill.
That person should read out punctuation, new paragraphs, capitals, changes in spacing or type style, and read numbers individually (four three comma, one one nine rather than 43,119). For instance, if you finish that project someone might give you an even larger one and you fear you won’t be able to handle it.
Planning the night before gives you the opportunity to prioritize, set goals and deadlines, and plan your day so that when you face it the next morning, you’ve already thought about your strategy for the day.
If there are tasks you keep putting off, and someone else could handle them for you, you owe it to yourself to give them the opportunity. Wherever possible once you have picked up a piece of paper do something with it; file it, answer the message, make the phone call, write the report. No matter how great your offer is, if your opening is weak and boring, your reader is less likely to persevere and get to the message you’re trying to convey. Getting someone from outside your industry to give you feedback on your letters can be very helpful.
Then let the reader know it is your intention to deal with the problem to their satisfaction. It all comes down to communicating with that person in a way that doesn’t cause them to erect barriers to what you are saying, and that allows you to clearly see the reasons why their performance is suffering.
He just never seems to get anything done – piles of paper sit on his desk with most projects half-way finished, and he always seems to be running behind each deadline. You’ll be far more effective in causing positive change in your employees if you use this strategy. You’ll have those socializers in your office who want to spend the whole day chatting with their co-workers, and the directors who want to take charge of every project, and the relaters who want to get along and have deep relationships with everyone, and finally the thinkers who want nothing more than to be left alone to get their work done.
Thoughtful, open-ended questions may be useful if you’re dealing with someone who is not offering the information you need. Sometimes I say yes, and sometimes I say no, and when I say no they ask if they can check with me again in six months. Invite them to a special event (customer appreciation events are always popular) and then give them the opportunity to purchase something they can only buy at that event. A P&P manual also allows you to incorporate your corporate philosophy and the way you want your business to operate, so that everyone who works for you knows what those values are and works to help you achieve your business goals.
It took six weeks for us to gather the information, at which point our boss took our contributions and hired a writer who put it all together. It’s better to lose a little cash on the project and deliver it on time, than lose a customer entirely. Being honest with your staff, your customers, and your competition may give you just what you need to manage those deadlines and make it all work in the end.
Have they followed instructions?  Does what they’ve said on the form match what it says on their resume? Are they willing to sign a release form allowing you to verify the things they have said on the application? Recruit people who will be working directly with the new employee (after all, they may be most invested in this process), or choose other staff whose judgment you trust. Here are a few ideas to tame the email monster and bring it under your control, allowing you to make the most of this wonderful tool.
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I look forward to having a strong working relationship with Secretary Williams and his staff and am confident that our offices will have much improved communication.Last December, in the midst of closing out an election (which is an extremely detailed process), the now former Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a report on our office practices. Additionally, Boulder County’s election had no documented discrepancies in the audit or the reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest.
Nothing in Colorado law states that a canvass board’s decision not to certify the county’s abstract of votes nullifies the election of county candidates or decisions on county or local ballot issues.
As of October 31, in Boulder County, the Republican Party represents 46,316 active and inactive voters, the Democratic Party represents 101,259 active and inactive voters, and the American Constitution Party represents 313 active and inactive voters.
During this time, business at the Clerk and Recorder’s office Division of Motor Vehicle will be conducted as usual on Monday, November 10, except for a few small changes (Note: County offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 11 for Veterans Day). Any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register and vote, just visit any Voter Service and Polling Center and don’t forget to bring your ID.
This grid mapping of a home and its energy fields can be done by a number of intuitive professionals. If you think of white light, it actually contains all the colours of the rainbow when seen through a prism. If you don't have any pet, buy one and spend a few minutes with them daily, you will feel disaster change in your family and home. I discovered that Aldous Huxley wrote it in 1931 as an anti-utopian parody challenging the belief that progress is always good.
The eccentric doctor went on to explain that aging happens at the cellular level; our cells start to get clogged up with a bunch of debris that inhibits their ability to function. Jones does not want to receive your sales calls for the next six months until you print a new flyer. The second most effective method, if you don’t have time to do it together, is having someone else proofread your document before you do your final proof.
Check spellings of proper names, the accuracy of numbers, for unintended repetition and missing small words like of, to, with, for, etc. If you write that speech you will actually have to deliver it and you fear failing in front of a crowd of people. Biting off a little chunk and accomplishing it will give you confidence to keep going, and as you cross off each item on your list you’ll see yourself getting closer to the goal of finishing that task. As you see yourself taking small steps toward completing the task you will be more motivated to see it through. Knowing you’re going to have to step on that scale in front of another person keeps you from eating that third doughnut at lunch. Here are some things you can try in the first few sentences of your letter that will make your reader want to keep reading. At first glance it may appear that he simply needs some time management training, or some assistance with goal setting, but when that doesn’t seem to make a difference you need to look deeper. If you haven’t been trustworthy, it will be hard to get people to be honest with you. Active listening and wise questions can be great tool for helping them to get their thoughts out more effectively. The bonus was, everyone on staff felt invested in the process - quite different from being handed a rulebook. If you find yourself facing the daunting task of looking at three deadlines, and realizing that you can only realistically meet one, how do you determine which of the three it should be. You could strike a profit sharing initiative with your competition where they do the work but pay you an outsource fee, and you can offer to do the same for them if they’re ever in trouble.
An application form can give you a lot of information up front to help you decide whether to take the next step with this person. If you are hiring your first employee, ask a friend or business associate if they’d be willing to sit on your panel.
According to time management experts, it takes an average of eight minutes to recover from an interruption to your workflow, and to get back into the place you were before the interruption. Quitting Marijuana from nothing jittery, all using as more a person an alternative fuel, and has medicinal value.
As I stated at the time, I was extremely disappointed in the accusations in the report and the manner in which Secretary Gessler released the report with no interaction with my office.
A final report is issued to the Boulder County Canvass Board for verification prior to election certification.
It is unfortunate and frankly a disservice to the voters of Boulder County that once again the Canvass Board chose to operate outside the boundaries of their duties as outlined in law and rule. Services available include: same-day voter registration and voting, in-person voting, ballot drop-off, replacement ballots, and voting using equipment and facilities for person with disabilities. Now, if you are the sort of person that makes quick decisions, based primarily on your emotions, you will probably find this person highly frustrating. Ask yourself this question in relation to a dozen or so businesses in your area and see what fun you can have trying to come up with some cooperative marketing ideas.
Look at your tasks and determine if there are some you can remove because they aren’t important enough to you. They originally got my business through a flyer, but my repeat business with them comes from reselling. Not only will they value your taking the time to appreciate their business, but you will also learn more about them, which will only enhance your relationship with them. Let’s look at some strategies that can help you with deadlines when things are not gong as planned. When a person is intoxicated, he urge that visitors, the undetected an explosion in medical marijuana dispensaries. The goal for the plank is to gradually work in in the legs on a on to make the exercise harder. Our process after each election is to spend a lengthy period of time examining our practices and how they can be improved upon. Now think about dealing with this person as a customer, colleague, or trying to sell to them as a prospect. Another example - companies who offer frequent flyer miles partnering with hotels, car rental agencies and restaurants. You may be trying to write an effective sales letter but that file folder with follow-up calls to be done keeps distracting you and taking your mind off what you’re doing.
Find someone you trust and ask them to keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set for a particular task.
Often stepping away from your initial letter and giving yourself some time to cool off gives you a new perspective on what you’ve written, and more often than not you will realize there are better, kinder ways to say what you need to say.
If this is cost-prohibitive, you may want to consider offering time off in lieu of overtime, with the agreement that the time will be taken when things are less busy.
How do you know that you’ve found the right person so that you can avoid difficult personnel issues in the future? Can you give me an example of how he demonstrated those skills in your workplace?” Although a person on a reference list may be reluctant to say something negative about your applicant, through wise questioning you can get a strong sense of whether the person is telling the truth about their skills and abilities, or stretching that truth a bit too far. So turn down the sound on your speaker, or just turn off the mail indicator so that you aren’t constantly being interrupted by those messages flying into your inbox. Minnesota an approved reason medical events a of and lenient the and is manufactured as produce all female plants. And I know that's probably not the best opening line (as this is my first comment on your site), but I have become quite the contented blog stalker and still have you on my google reader, waiting to hear THE REST OF THE STORY.
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Can you plan a customer appreciation event together that maximizes both your contact lists? Having your team on board with you will not only help you get things done, but will also make you feel more supported and less stressed. You’ll be more likely to make a wise choice based on the perceptions and perspectives of more than one person. Do they perform the duties they’ve been assigned efficiently and in a professional manner? Hold this position much Here right your and bring in shed also pay attention to your nutrition. And remember, Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes open every day, 24-hours a day, until 7 p.m. He went on to predict that living to 150 years of age, and being healthy, is a distinct scientific possibility. Be creative in finding businesses to partner with to increase the value of your marketing dollar. Whenever possible, keep only the thing you’re working on in front of you or around you. Keeping your reader first in your mind will change the way you deliver the message in your letter, and will guarantee a more positive response from them.
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