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New study shows the bene-fits from improved air-quality from increased use of renewable energy in ChinaChina National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) are cooperating on a 2050 scenario analysis for the Chinese energy sector, which shows the external costs associated with Chinas increase in air-pollution. The new CNREC and DEA study is comparing the emissions from two different scenarios: the Renewable Energy Scenario (RES) with a share of 60 % of renewable energy in 2050 and the Business as Usual scenario (BUS) with a renewable energy share of approximately 20 % in 2050.
In order to enhance the impact of the scenario analysis, CNREC and DEA has in cooperation with Research Fellow Yanxu Zhang from Harvard University evaluated the benefits in terms of improving human health by increasing the share of renewable energy in the Chinese energy mix in 2050.
The study estimates the impact of SO2, NOx and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and their direct and indirect impacts on human health in China.
Tidal energy or tidal power, is the energy from the tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, and the rotation of the earth.
The simplest generation system for tidal plants involves a dam, known as a barrage, across an inlet.
Tides are totally predictable, so plans can easily be made to have other power stations generating at times when the tidal energy barrage is out of action.
A major drawback of tidal power stations is that they can only generate when the tide is flowing in or out -- ten hours each day. Tidal turbines are a relatively new technology that draws energy from currents in much the same way as wind turbines do.
Air Force leaders outlined what the next 20 years will look like for remotely piloted aircraft in the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan published April 30. Designed for long-range, high speed missions, Kestrel represents the most efficient electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAS in the world. Jeffery Antonelli of Antonelli Law has been tapped by RCAPA to represent the organization in the RTCA Drone Advisory Committee. By Woo Jae-yeon SEOUL, May 20 (Yonhap) — It is often the case that regulation fails to keep pace with rapidly developing technology.
The use of mini tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has become an essential feature of land operations against adversaries that take advantage of their knowledge of the terrain.

MicroLink Devices is proud to announce that Airbus Defence and Space has issued a production contract for MicroLink’s epitaxial liftoff (ELO)-based multijunction solar sheets for use on the new Zephyr S platform. You have to hand it to Xiaomi they know how to spin up the hype (see what I did there) The same old patent pictures of a quad and a watch controlling it are being released and now we hear of a 4K camera.
The Director of Flight Operations will join Airware’s Professional Services and Customer Success organization to lead a team of UAV Operators and Instructors.
The results of the study were presented at a seminar at CNREC in Beijing on 16 October 2014. The study is based on scenario results on a provincial level, which only provide indicative figures for the health impacts.
The evaluation shows that the benefits from the RES compared to BUS scenario in terms of avoided deaths from exposure of particulate matters (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) emissions are 1,750,000 persons during the period 2015-2050. This evaluation is based on a value of statistical life for China of 1.68 million RMB per avoided death.
It is important to include the external costs, which are not reflected in the market prices, when evaluating different development pathways for the energy sector.
Sluice gates on the barrage allow the tidal basin to fill on the incoming high tides and to empty through the turbine system on the outgoing tide, also know as the ebb tide. Tidal energy barrages can change the tidal level in the basin and increase turbidity in the water (which can have long term environmental effects).
One is located in the Rance estuary in northern France, which has been operating since 1966.
With the benefits of VTOL and the aerodynamic advantages of fixed-wing flight, Kestrel delivers long flight times with high payload capacities in even the most challenging environments. The study is likely to underestimate the positive impacts because not all the negative impacts has been accounted for, and because of limitations in the primary data. About 80% of the avoided mortality is in the period after 2030, and particulate matters account for approximately 87% of the avoided mortality.

The study is part of an on-goring effort to enable CNREC to include external costs in the scenario analsysis of the long term development of the energy sector, in order to get the full picture of China’s energy sector in the future. There are two-way systems that generate electricity on both the incoming and outgoing tides.
Because water is about 800 times denser than air, tidal turbines will have to be much sturdier than wind turbines. The methodology could however be used with data from more comprehensive health studies when they become available. Tidal power generated in this way is analogous to hydroelectric power generation, but with the water source fluctuating on a daily basis. Senator Mitch McConnell will hold a press conference, flanked by his stalwarts and lit only by antique incandescent bulbs, declaring that the debt ceiling can not be raised until real Americans get their coal-fired electricity back.Wikipedia provides a succinct explanation of power transmission frequency maintenance practices in the USA. Tidal energy barrages can also affect navigation and recreation and have a negative impact on plants and animals in the estuaries.
Regulation of power system frequency for timekeeping accuracy was not commonplace until after 1926 and the invention of the electric clock driven by a synchronous motor. Network operators will regulate the daily average frequency so that clocks stay within a few seconds of correct time. In practice the nominal frequency is raised or lowered by a specific percentage to maintain synchronization.

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