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It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! To accomodate the suffered delay, the bracket's pair of batles will be on vote at the same time. Loch Ness' control over water allows a more efficient and brutal performance, with its most Brave Burst , Maelstrom, being quicker and fiercer than other attacks. The sun warmed my eyelids as i leaned my head backwards, touching the warm stones of the stand's back wall. It is curious how Balmos can change the arena to fit the fight: half of the arena is covered by sand and stone pillars, while the other housed a pool of sea water.
A burst of water issued forth - a large, serpentine body, splashing white, blue and purple scales against the water. The Cobalt Gate opened, and not a moment too soon came the contender - a knight in silver and blue, honing two sharp lances in his hands.
The gong echoed through the Ring, yet the two opponents stood still, locked in a deep, staring transe.
Loch Ness swiftly dashed forward, his jaw munching the pillar that Raydn jumped out in a split second.

Raydn attempted a fourth thrust, but Loch Ness retaliated with a skull bash, hitting from the side. Raydn's eyes revealed his urge to quickly strike, and the strong glint on his spears confirmed it. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form. This in turn benefits his Brave Brust, Flood Horn, an attack that not only causes severe damage but also increases the potency of its twin spears' attacks when used together. The Ring basked in the mild glory from the afternoon sun, salty winds refreshing one's senses. As its four wings raised it upward, the dragon's visage brought many among the crowds into fear with its deep, golden eyes.
The water formed a cyan tidal wave of water and ice - Loch Ness' Mealstrom was unleashed.
A powerful leap upward saved the Guardian from the tidal wave that washed the arena, striking its border's shield with a mighty impact.

Reckless whips form the tail made him step back twice before finally hitting a flank on the third thrust.
Loch Ness quickly amassed his power for another Maelstrom, finally unleashing it against his opponent. I was pretty intrigued on how would the fight would resolve itself, as each side could be confined to their half. The waters dispersed violently, and while the dragon wasn't directly hit, the impact tossed its large body to the side, sand gripping on its wet scales.
He also had a part of his attack stored within- it was unleashed as both spears connected simultaneously on the dragon's head.

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