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Range 2: Fill in the following table by finding the wavelength, frequency, and energy for each of the transitions shown. Drag the electron from the ground state to level 2 to answer all questions in this section. Energy intensity of different economies The graph shows the ratio between energy usage and GNP for selected countries. 6.9% during a yeara€”from 1412 W ma?’2 in early January to 1321 W ma?’2 in early July, due to the Earth's varying distance from the sun, and by a few parts per thousand[clarification needed] from day to day. The United States Energy Information Administration regularly publishes a report on world consumption for most types of primary energy resources. The world's most powerful photovoltaic solar power plant is the 20 megawatt Beneixama photovoltaic power plant in Spain, although a 116 megawatt plant is under construction in southern Portugal, one of the sunniest places in Europe.[28] The largest photovoltaic installation in North America is the 18 megawatt Nellis Solar Power Plant. Since 1991 the largest solar power plant has been the 354 megawatt Solar Energy Generating Systems, in the Mojave Desert in California, using parabolic trough collectors. Political considerations over the security of supplies, environmental concerns related to global warming and sustainability will move the world's energy consumption away from fossil fuels.

A government led move away from fossil fuels would most likely create economic pressure through carbon emissions and green taxation.
However, political and environmental concerns about nuclear safety and radioactive waste started to limit the growth of this energy supply at the end of last century, particularly due to a number of nuclear accidents. Fossil fuels range from 0.6-3 YJ if estimates of reserves of methane clathrates are accurate and become technically extractable. From 2003 to 2008, coal, which is one of the dirtiest sources of energy,[14] was the fastest growing fossil fuel.[15]. Biomass electricity generation increased by over 100% in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Stirling Energy Systems is currently building a 500MW solar power plant using solar concentrators and Stirling engines with a 750MW plant also planned.
This is a measure of the amount of energy it takes a country to produce a dollar of gross domestic product. The concept of peak oil shows that we have used about half of the available petroleum resources, and predicts a decrease of production.

Some countries are taking action as a result of the Kyoto Protocol, and further steps in this direction are proposed. The oceans cover 71% of the planet and wind tends to blow stronger over open water because there are fewer obstructions.
Starting in 1965, France made large investments in nuclear power and to this date three quarters of its electricity comes from nuclear reactors.[70] Switzerland is planning to cut its energy consumption by more than half to become a 2000-watt society by 2050 and the United Kingdom is working towards a zero energy building standard for all new housing by 2016. In 2005, the Swedish government announced the oil phase-out in Sweden with the intention to become the first country to break its dependence on fossil fuel by 2020.

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