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When I read Save the Children’s recent report on childbirth and infant mortality worldwide, I was pretty floored to find that a huge number of infant deaths that occur could easily be solved with simple, inexpensive procedures and equipment.
While the majority of solutions listed below may seem obvious to us, in third world and developing countries this information simply isn’t available or widely known.
Click through below to read the 6 top ways to reduce infant deaths, then share and pass it on.
In third world countries where there is no other option in how to feed your child, breastfeeding is a relatively free and simple way to reduce infant deaths. Teaching doctors and midwives how to provide immediate resuscitation to a newborn is critical in managing infant mortality rates.

Kangaroo care provides immediate skin to skin contact, promoting breastfeeding and lessening the need for expensive incubators that many providers and facilities don't have access to or funds for. Steroid shots help premature lungs develop quicker, for women in or at a high risk for preterm labor.
Chlorhexidine can be used to clean both the belly button and umbilical cord stump after birth.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Who will help spread the word so that we can start to save our littlest victims of worldwide ignorance and neglect?

Lack of resources and education to the people who need it the most; mothers and care providers.

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