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Infection and inflammation of the skin and tissue around the toenails are a big problem for many people.
Ingrown toenail is a condition in which the edges of the nail cuts the surrounding skin and continues to grow in it.
It occurs as a result of wearing tight shoes, socks, mechanical injuries, poor hygiene, foot deformities and poor nail trimming.
Use ready aloe gel or pick 1 leaf of cactus, grind it and put it in a cap or a similar mold in which you will put your big toe.
Aloe has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, and also hydrates and softens the skin. Home Healthy RecipesTHE BEST NATURAL LAXATIVE: EAT THIS AND YOU WILL EMPTY YOUR BOWELS AND EXCESS FLUIDS! Ingrown toenails have a characteristic of the regions around the toe region being uncomfortably sore and red. The big toenail is the usual candidate of the condition but other toenails can also be affected. It may be easy to figure out the causes of this condition but it leads to discomfort of patients. So you are a fashion-crazy person and you cannot get away from those high-heeled shoes of yours?
Furthermore, other people do not realize that wearing pointy and tight fitting shoes may cause the condition.
This implies that you do not have to cut the corners of your toenails by shaping them through rounding the corners. As a result, specialists recommend regular soaking of the foot in warm water as a homemade remedy for treatment of ingrown toenails. On the contrary, you should not underestimate the potential of ingrown toenails to develop into complications beyond your handling.
If the pain and swelling continues, examine the toenail for any early signs of pus and redness.
If you neglect your toenail and lead to a severe situation, you will require partial removal of the toenail by the doctor.
Treatment of such a case either requires the doctor to completely, or partially remove the toenail.
These remedies are important to the treatment of ingrown toenails in the event of an infection. Lastly, we should not allow development of ingrown toenails since the causes are self-inflicted.

The main symptom of an ingrown toenail is the pain from the nail growing into the skin instead of over it. You may be able to prevent ingrown toenails by wearing roomy and comfortable shoes and socks that do not press on your toes. If you have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease, talk with your doctor before you trim your own toenails. Call (+65) 6471 2674 (24 Hour) for an appointment with our doctor regarding your ingrown toenail today. This can be very painful and uncomfortable experience, and what is worse, it is possible to be repeated. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. However, following this advice can enrich you knowledge about the causes and treatment of the ingrown toenail.
Although, it is a condition that begins insipiently, many people may be ignorant and leave the condition to develop into a full-blown situation.
In addition, people hardly notice the condition develop into ingrown toenails until discomfort results. These disorders lead to nails to grow thick and wide across the surface to the toenail tips. Fungal infections are not only undesirable since they lead to ingrown toenails but are also irritating. Someone is asking “how?” When you put on such footwear, you subject the toes to unnecessary compression leading to abnormal growth of toenails. As a result, the toenail changes the normal direction of growth and diverts to the tender parts of your toe to grow.
However, you should not ignore the likelihood of some causes like injuries to the toenails.
It is important to note that prevention of infections to the affected toenail is pivotal to treatment. Soaking of the foot in water can be boosted by application of antibiotics for effective treatment of the affected areas. For instance, you can apply this remedy for treatment but you realize continued pain and swelling. This includes lifting of the edges of the nail embedded into the skin of the toes; however, this remedy is applicable to mildly ingrown toenails. This may involve numbing of the toenail with a local anesthesia for the surgical procedure to take place.

However, readers should not forget one important thing; ingrown toenails have their roots of origin with individuals themselves. A little care taken at home will save us from treatment costs and damage to our natural beauty. Cutting your toenail too short or rounding the edge of the nail can cause it to grow into the skin. If your toenail is very ingrown, your doctor might suggest minor surgery to remove all or part of the ingrown nail.
If you work in a place where your toe might get hurt, wear sturdy shoes such as steel-toed boots to protect your toes. People with diabetes have a hard time feeling their toes and might cut themselves without realizing it.
If you do not respond to the first signs, the fester infection can go deeply into the skin and further increase the pain and complicate the situation.
Those high heels are not good for your toenails; unless you do not love your beautiful toenails. This will lead the rounded corners of the toenails to dig into the skin leading to an ingrown nail.
The essence of this procedure is to help the nail to grow normally above instead of inside the edges of the toes.
For instance, when the condition is coupled with the occurrence of a fungal infection, many implicative consequences are possible.
To prevent the nail from growing into the skin again, your doctor might destroy all or part of the nail root. If you seek medical advice, the doctors will prescribe you some oral antibiotics for infection, and if the problem repeats – you must undergo a surgery for complete or partial removal of the nail. If your shoes are too tight, they might press the nail into the toe and cause it to grow into the skin. You can also leave your toenail a little longer at the corners to help it grow over the skin.
If your doctor removes all or part of your nail but does not destroy the root, it will begin to grow back within a few months.

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