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As a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), these are the types of questions I get each week both online, and in real life.
At the time, I was regularly blogging here on Healthy Chicks, and had just gone through some major body breakthroughs.
I became one of those girls, the kind that didn’t own a scale, who skipped the gym sometimes, and could eat a piece of pizza without feeling guilty. Unlike a doctor or dietician, you don’t prescribe meds, complete medical reports or have your clients weigh in. As I mentioned above, I knew I had sooooo much to offer, and just didn’t have the platform nor profession to do it. When I decided to get after a certification in the world of nutrition & wellness, I did tons of research first.
At the end of the day, IIN was the best fit for me — almost like when you find your dream college (ahem, JMU)!
The course takes 1 year to complete, and at the end of the year you’ll officially be a Certified Holistic Health Coach. As a student, you’ll get access to IIN’s cutting-edge learning center, which can be accessed from your laptop, tablet, and even your phone! For me, I kept a part-time job throughout: I worked at a spa and picked up freelance writing gigs when I could. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that you can make your own schedule, and work with clients on your time! Oh, and do your best not to compare yourself to others (this will actually work against you)! This is the beauty of having a career as a health coach: there are endless options and there really is no one, right answer! You can be a full-time health coach and made a solid salary, or work part-time while you take care of your family, hold another side job or even keep your full-time corporate job. This past June, I left my job to go back to pursuing my health coaching business & writing full time. Clients will pay good money when you are helping them make meaningful, positive shifts in their life.
My #1 advice is to close your eyes, and envision what you want your life to look like in 3 months, 6 months, 2 years. If a career in health coaching is something you’d like to pursue, feel free to reach out with any questions via email at rachelAThealthy-chicksDOTcom! On other notes, if you’re interested in working with me as your health coach, I’d love to meet you! I was particularly excited to read this book, as Jared Koch is not only a fellow graduate of IIN but he’s also someone whom I admire greatly for his success as an entrepreneur in the wellness field. In the first half of the book, the authors cover a number of healthy eating principles, including following a plant-based diet, everything you need to know about grains, nuts and seeds, and the basics of eating meat in moderation.
I love how all the recipes are clearly labeled as Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Naturally Sweetened, Raw, and Omnivore Friendly, making it easy to choose recipes that are right for your diet.
I would definitely recommend Clean Plates Cookbook to anyone looking to healthy-up their diet, or those who would like to break out of their comfort level in the kitchen and expand their recipe palates. October 2011: I completed my second half marathon in Newport, RI, which I will also be taking part in this year. December 2011: I fell more deeply in love with core fusion classes at Exhale Spa, and celebrated the holidays surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. May 2012: My article written for Milkshake, LLC on the Green PolkaDot Box was published in the Huffington Post. June 2012: I quit my part time job at the spa to focus more on growing my business, freelance writing and networking. August 2012: I received my certificate as a Certified Health Practitioner in the mail, and could not be more proud of myself.
Yesterday afternoon I met with some fellow Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduates to talk about our business goals, achievements, concerns and inspirations.
That right there gave me the chills, as I took it as he meant that I’d make it in life, in love, in my business. When I brought up my story at the meeting, all of the ladies agreed that an angel was sent to deliver that message, that I am going to make it, that in fact I already am making it and may not even realize that now.
After a couple hours of chatting, snacking and discussing our dreams and goals, we ended the meeting with some Law of Attraction cards and my favorite part: a meditation.
I love snuggling up with a cup of soothing chamomile tea with raw honey and a good book in those last minutes before bed. Lately, I’ve been purchasing a plethora of wellness related books, mostly do to my studies at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and recent launch of my health coaching business Zesty Living. The other day, I was sitting in a gourmet coffee shop with the boy sipping a hazelnut cream feeling awfully zen.
While those are our five year goals, I also have some things I’d like to work on now, you know in 2012. Continue to take on freelance writing gigs & stay busy If you know me, you know that I like to keep busy. I’m highly emotional and sensitive, HATE olives and am obsessed with peanut butter, cheese, and tequila.
Like the fact that I’m going to be a certified health counselor in less than 8 months.
Integrative Nutrition teaches us ways to incorporate a holistic lifestyle when coaching our clients. I also want to experiment with corporate wellness (helping business get their employees on track), group counseling, and seminars. I am enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I will be trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and study a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I have been passionate about helping others make healthy choices in and outside the kitchen for as long as I can remember.
It frustrated me to see the scale stay the same (or go up) and my jeans get tighter no matter how many crash diets I went on, the number of salads I ate, or the endless hours I tracked at the gym. It wasn’t until I graduated college and starting really focusing on myself that I realized happiness and health go hand in hand. As of now, I plan to keep updating Healthy Chicks as my personal blog, similarly to what I am doing now. This morning I was beyond delighted to wake up to an email from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution team, informing me that Healthy Chicks has been chosen as one of their blogs of the month.
I believe Jamie is creating a real revolution, something that can ultimately change hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives and that all starts with just ONE person spreading the word. Seeing Jamie Oliver take on the world one person at a time shows me that big things are possible, and that people out there are dying for help.

I chose IIN because I could do it online (I was working full time at an agency at the time). IIN is the largest nutrition school in the world offering a cutting-edge online training program geared toward people looking to improve their eating habits and live healthier lives, as well as people who are passionate about wellness and looking to launch a new career as a Health Coach.
IIN is a comprehensive online program that teaches the exploration of holistic health and healing concepts, as well as skills to help others achieve a balanced diet and lifestyle. I was able to listen and learn from some of the most well-known and respected professionals in the field of health and wellness, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dr. ForA me the only thing I didn’t care a ton for was all the extra attention around coaching and building a business. TheA great thing about being a certified Health Coach is that the possibilities for success are limitless. Perhaps theA most important thing I did was learned to apply what I had learned at school on and for myself. If you are ready to enroll at the school today, please contact me and I will make a personal introduction for you! Join thousands of other women who already receive my exclusive newsletter information on the gut and healing + true wellness with food and lifestyle.
I was jumping from part-time job to job (everything from barista to spa concierge), searching for my purpose. That year, I learned that I didn’t need to count calories, go on restrictive diets or give up bread to be healthy. The weight I had held on from years of dieting, bashing my body, and weighing myself 5 times a day. I was super passionate about helping other women make positive lifestyle changes, and wanted to share that with the masses!
They offer a cutting-edge online training program geared toward those looking to improve their own wellness, as well as those with an interest in launching a brand new career as a Health Coach. Each week, a new series of lectures are released that you can take at your own pace to complete.
I have several friends who worked full-time throughout the program, then slowly transitioned out as they began to take on clients. Throughout the year, I took the program very seriously, and spent quite a bit of time each day listening to the lectures, studying, reading and participating in the group discussion boards. However, I definitely recommend keeping your day job while you figure it all out so you’re not stressing about money. If you love empowering others, want to be your own boss, and are passionate about helping others live a healthier, happier life, you’re on the right track! I feel such a sense of joy and gratitude when I get to work with other women who have gone through what I’ve gone through.
For me, it was plain to see I needed to work with women who were obsessed with dieting, and constantly comparing themselves with others with very little confidence in themselves. I know of several graduates who have went on to launch their own wellness products (like the gals at NibMor Chocolate!), others who have a successful online businesses & travel all over the world, and then those who pair their coaching with another specialty like yoga, massage therapy or personal training. By the end of school, I already had several clients in both my 6-month and 3-month programs I had at the time. You can also contact me directly for an exclusive savings offer on your tuition if you’re ready to enroll! When I was studying to become a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, self care was one of the first topics we discussed. Between the change in seasons, a new job, starting my own business, and meeting with clients life can get pretty hectic at times (which I know you can all relate). I hope you all have a magical evening celebrating life, and everything positive that happened for you this past year, while also celebrating the year to come. It’s time for a book review of Clean Plates Cookbook, written by Nutritional Consultant and Founder of Clean Plates Jared Koch with Cookbook Author Jill Silverman Hough. While vegan dining may suit your best friend, you may thrive on high-quality, organic meats.
However, even with all the wonderful nutritional information throughout the book, they still get that we can’t be perfect all the time. Purchase your copy here, or learn more about Jared Koch’s Clean Plates initiative here. I also attended IIN’s Fall conference, where I met a group of like-minded students and inspiring speakers like Deepak Chopra and founder Joshua Rosenthal himself. This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I went to college for journalism and have always taken great pride in my writing. This was a big year for me, as I have many goals for myself at 25, including becoming financially stable and growing my business. What are some little things that you’re thankful for, that you may not even realize at the time? You find a better job that suits your personality, you fall in love again (even if it’s just with yourself), and you move on. While I do appreciate my fair share of those kinds or reads, I’ve always been more of a flip-through-the-pages, fresh-from-the-press kind of girl. It puts your mind and body at ease, letting you escape to a different place for a little while, a place that doesn’t include worries, thoughts, text messages or tweets. While learning new information every day about health, wellness and nutrition, I also like to keep up-to-date on the latest finds by reading books, studies, and lengthy articles. Food Energetics by Steve Gagne (An in depth look at the way food effects our emotions and energy.
Have a wonderful evening, and do yourself a favor: pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and head toward your bedroom. Yup, I may not talk about it all the time on my blog because a blog is just a blog after all, but I am currently studying holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.
When I was in college, I struggled with body image issues, high-stress, dieting, and low self-esteem as many young women do.
As I began to embrace life and follow my dreams, the pounds starting coming off – and staying off! I also chose it because, while I knew a lot about nutrition, I didn’t know a lot about how other pieces to lifestyle could and do affect us. The school was founded by Joshua Rosenthal with the belief that food changes everything, and that through holistic education and Health Coaches, we can make the world a healthier, happier place.
Oz, Geneen Roth, Lissa Rankin and many more inspiring doctors, authors, and researchers who are leading the global shift towards holistic health. You will become a Certified Health Coach (CHC), which is someone who helps guide and support clients in integrating a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I have spent the past 10 years in business, and I already had an established blog and platform. I don’t think IA reallyA understood while attending, but after being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue this past year, I began to 100% immerse myself in the things I learned. I had all the passion in the world, but couldn’t figure out how to turn it into my career.
I learned that nourishing your body (through good food and soulful activities) is the best thing you can do for yourself! Founded by Joshua Rosenthal, the program was built on the premise that food changes everything, and that through holistic education the world can be a much happier, healthier place! There were times when I considered becoming a nutritionist or dietitian, and I also looking into various Natural Food Chef programs, and other coaching certifications.
And while I love food (and learning about food & dietary theories!) I wanted more than that. I also knew several graduates I admired, who only had the best things to say about the program. You can also connect with fellow students & staff throughout the program, which I highly recommend to make the most of your experience! For years, I struggled with food, body image and feeling like I wasn’t enough, and I was able to overcome that (without dieting, restricting or doing anything crazy!) I want to help other women do the same, to show them that they are so worth it.
I didn’t know who my ideal client was, and would work with anyone who would give me money.
As I gained confidence, I began to re-define my niche and opened up the gates to work with clients who I could really resonate with. You can make money in many ways from one-on-one coaching, group programs, and even retreats! In the meantime, get the curriculum guide here to see if IIN may be a perfect fit for you too.
If you haven’t already done so, you can read my newsletter on setting intentions for yourself in 2013 over here. It seems like just yesterday that I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to begin my journey to become a health coach, and now I’m finally there. I was also accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador, an outlet for me to continue to share my passion for healthy living. I can honestly say that this had been the best year in my life including my relationship, career and personal life. She also stressed that at the end of the night while going to bed, be thankful for all the little things that transpired throughout the day. Currently, I’m working part time at Exhale Spa, attending school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, doing some copywriting for a large parenting company in Boston, and am a contributing writer for Milkshake. My health counseling will entail more than just nutrition; I will focus on exercise, lifestyle, cravings, career, spirituality, relationships and mood. At this time, I also found a love for home cooking (using REAL, natural ingredients), running and yoga. His mission in teaching people how to spend more time in the kitchen (and less time at the drive-through), cleaning up school lunches, and helping people fuel the bodies and soul with proper nutrients is absolutely phenomenal. I show women how to nourish their mind, body + soul so they can ditch dieting and depriving and start LIVING a life full of bliss. I appreciated learning about healing from a holistic viewpoint, and I was grateful to learn so many different dietary theories (even though many I would never prescribe to, but again, bio-individuality).
This is also one of the best things about the school — your own life will vastly improve!
If you are reading this from today through October 17th, you can get 30% savings on tuition, or nearly $2,000!
It’s as if a huge weight was lifted off of my chest, and I was finally free…I felt alive! When I stopped depriving (and trying so damn hard), everything began to fall into its place. You know, like understanding cravings, overcoming emotional eating, and finding your passion.
The more I began to honestly share my story (without jazzing it up or trying to make it into something more), I began to attract clients who could relate. Throughout the process, I also hung onto several part-time freelance gigs to support myself financially as I built my business.
There will be times when things will get hard, when money fears or comparisons to others hold you back, but once you forge through those self-limitations you’ll be able to experience the true beauty! If you’re interested in learning more about my education at IIN, feel free to email me at any time, comment or head on over to their website to learn more. Berardi, Michael Williams & Kristina Andrew (More so a recipe book than an actual book, but brilliant nonetheless! I need not get so anxious over itsy bitsy things as 99% of the time things work themselves out and all it takes it a deep breath, a big hug or a new perspective to reframe your thoughts.
I’d love to continue with my freelance writing ventures as writing is both exciting and therapeutic for me.
I believe that every woman should have the joy of living a glass-is-half-full, passionate, guilt-free life, and that you absolutely can too!
One of these part-time gigs unexpectedly turned into a full time job offer with sweetgreen, which I accepted in 2013.
This will also help me achieve my vision (see above) of being published in a women’s health magazine. My job was flexible, creative and allowed my to live out my passions for healthy living and empowering others (but there was a piece of me that deeply missed focusing on coaching)!
To learn more about the ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, I highly recommend John Douillard’s book The 3-Season Diet. I want to support anyone who has ever battled body image issues, weight problems, or health concerns, and show them that it’s NEVER too late to make a change. Then comes quality, meaning choosing fresh, organic and local food when you can for optimal nourishment. Financial Friday: How to Earn an Income on the Side as a Health Coach Read More About Us Who We AreOur mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness.

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