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Leverage our expertise in behavioral health and public sector program experience, while extending our capabilities into physical health management.
Integrate physical health, behavioral health, and psychosocial care management into a single product, using behavior change principles and evidence-based practice guidelines.
Feature a robust and extremely flexible design that is easily adaptable to clients’ program preferences. Beacon Health Options offers practical, feasible, on the ground solutions for an evolving healthcare landscape. We define integration broadly, along a continuum, and support it at all levels from care coordination to extreme integration. We are the ONLY company of our kind that has co-developed collaborative integration measurement tools to identify the critical features of integration responsible for better outcomes. BufferHave you ever tried to use an old rubber band, only to have it surprisingly snap in your hands?
DITI is especially appropriate for younger women between 30 & 50 whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to pick up suspicious lesions.
Imagine (client #1) having breast cancer a year ago resulting in surgical removal of the left breast, then finding a “lump” in the remaining right breast, and having to wait a few weeks (which feels like a few years) to get a biopsy to diagnose it? Thermography involves the use of infrared (IR) thermal imaging as a non-radiation, non-contact (no squishing), accurate, and safe breast screening method.
Infrared thermography cameras detect heat that is given off by the body and displays it in picture format onto a computer monitor.
From a personal perspective, let's look closer at actual client situations to understand how thermography is being utilized. Client #1 came to Clinical Thermography of Colorado after having heard of a “new” breast screening device which may give her, and her frantic husband, information which could help them wait for her scheduled biopsy appointment. The scanned images showed areas of color that ranged from white (the hottest area) to blue (the coldest area). Client #2 came with a recent mammogram reading that was negative, but with an ultrasound report that “showed something?” She consulted with her surgeon who “thought it did not appear to be cancer.” She proceeded to have a thermogram done as a sort of “tie breaker” to help decide if further clinical investigation was necessary. Client #3 is in her 5-10 year “wait and see” period having been diagnoses with Stage 1 breast cancer and having completed her chosen medical treatment. Sylvia Philpy is a nurse practitioner who is certified as a clinical thermographer, and is co-owner of Clinical Thermography of Colorado (CTC). Our integrated platform proactively drives the workflow that enables immediate action to be taken against poorly performing metrics vs.

Combining clinical and claims data in our Enterprise Data Warehouse allows you to work with a single platform for all your clinical and financial reporting needs.
We recognize that solutions must be tailored to readiness, and must work within practice and state-level constraints.
A warm up can be as simple as a lower-intensity version of the workout you are about to perform – for example, speed walking to warm up for a run. Imagine (client #2) having been told your mammogram was negative but your breast ultrasound showed something, and you were left with a nagging feeling everything wasn't as clear as it could be? It involves over 30 years of research and development history and has been FDA approved since 1982.
Scans are then sent to doctors trained and certified to read thermal images, called thermologists, who report on the findings. The following clients represent a growing body of health conscious women who take primary responsibility for their own health, and who seek collaborative healthcare providers willing to be on their team. The client was taken to a temperature regulated room, which also controls for external light, She removed her clothing from the waist up behind a privacy screen, put on a gown, and she and her husband sat for 20 minutes discussing her medical history and concerns with the nurse thermographer (person trained to take thermographic images) After her body temperature adjusted to the specified room temperature required for thermal imaging, six scanned images were then taken and immediately reviewed with the client.
The area of greatest concern on the part of the client was the area containing the lump in the right breast.
When she took the concerning thermography report to the surgeon he “thought thermography was not reliable” and wouldn't proceed with further investigation.
In addition, she has significantly changed her diet and lifestyle, and has added clinically directed nutritional supplements to her prevention plan.
She has a master's degree in nursing, and also works as a nurse case manager providing integrative healthcare at Integrated Health Solutions (a company who's focus is to combine conventional medical care with holistic programs).
If you’re doing a strength workout, start off by performing high repetitions of the same or similar exercises you have planned with very light weights. Imagine (client #3) having been diagnosed with breast cancer, having treatment, and then having to “wait and see” for the next five to ten years to determine if your treatment had been successful? Ongoing advances in digital and infrared technology, as well as continued advances in computer technology, have continued to develop the technology, especially over the last 10 years. IR scans are unique to each individual and remain very stable over time, which makes them effective as a screening tool for changes that may occur. They listen, they learn, they question, and they take final responsibility for their treatment and for the outcome. Whether it's quality measure performance or cost overruns, Lightbeam's Analytics solution quickly identifies problems and allows you to drill down by geography, practice, or provider to uncover areas for improvement.
These are just a few of the stories being told in Colorado Springs and Denver by women who have benefited from the availability of a non-radiation option for breast screening called thermography. An initial scan is taken to determine any possible concern which may suggest abnormal pathology, and need for further clinical evaluation. The nurse thermographer made sure the client understood that the images needed to be interpreted by a trained doctor (thermologist) who would provide a written report she could share with her existing healthcare providers.

Given the fact that tumors develop their own blood supply (often for many years before a tumor is even felt), and given that this increased blood supply produces heat at the site of the tumor, and given that heat shows up as a warm color (i.e.
Because the previous surgeon had “ruled out” the area of primary concern in the upper right breast, the client and her new surgeon decided to do a biopsy under the left breast as an initial clinical approach. Without a warm up, your body can’t perform to its fullest potential and you put yourself at a greater risk for injury. Sport-specific warm ups (those that mimic the activity you’re about to take part in) are a beneficial way to decrease injury risk and improve the functionality of your workout.
She states, “I am very aware of the advantages of early detection and I plan to continue to use thermography to maximize my options if another cancer develops.
A 5-10 minute dynamic warm up before a workout has numerous benefits, some of the most important being: increased blood flow to the working muscles, increased oxygen flow to prevent shortness of breath, reduce risk of injury, increased body temperature to help you exercise longer, loosened muscles and joints and less stiffness, and improved reaction and coordination. Following the initial scan, a three month follow-up scan is done to insure stability of the individual pattern. You should warm up before any kind of physical activity, even lower-intensity activities like yoga. This second scan serves to establish a baseline to compare subsequent yearly screening results. Most group exercise classes have warm ups built into them, allowing time for the instructor to get each participant moving gradually and safely. If you’re about to do a very intense or long duration workout, extend your warm up closer to 10 minutes or more.
The pathology report following surgery showed even more serious findings than the Stage 1 cancer found under the left breast on biopsy. Stretching muscles that are not properly warmed up actually increases your risk of injury and can even slow down a run and decrease power. It diagnosed the concerning area in the upper left breast highlighted by the thermogram report, as well as the areas commented on in the right breast. If there is no excessive heat in an area being scanned the area will not show up on the picture.
When you are stretching, be sure to hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds to get the full benefit and allow your muscles some relief.
The scan was sent for interpretation and came back stating “Regarding the area of concern over the right breast, particularly the site of the location of her palpable mass at 7 o'clock , there are no significant or suspicious thermal findings.” The breast biopsy done later by her surgeon agreed with the thermogram report, and revealed a non-malignant fibroid. In addition, this client now also has a tool which can be used to monitor the mastectomy site on the left side of her chest for possible recurrence of cancer, since mammography is no longer an option for her there.

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