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Rethinking Orthodox Clinical Medicine , Retraining Conventional Medical Graduates ; Protecting The Public . Medical Graduates wishing to ethically obtain MLC Licensing , should expediently email us their Fee plus copies of their Medical Degree and Passport.MLC Licenses last for 50 Years and will not be revoked by us . One Year of Basic General Medical Council Licensure (and Registration) costs more than the whole 50 Year Basic MLC Offering. The GMC has Full Control of it's Registrant's Certificate of Good Standing ; and usually refuses to issue it directly to them. All Formal MLC Complaints are officially forwarded directly to the Licentiates Themselves , for onward consideration and Possible Transmission to their Appropriate Professional Indemnity Providers (Insurers). The Medical Licentiates Consortium always helps it's Licentiates to get back on their feet again - and Fly .
The General Medical Council almost always seems to publicly rejoice whenever Precious Medical Careers sadly seem to be Helplessly Sinking down the drain .
Medical Licentiates (MLC Consultants) can swiftly set up their very own Private Clinics immediately their MLC License , Professional Indemnity Insurance and Immigration Formalities (if necessary) are in place. The General Medical Council Establishment often prevents it's Registrants from running their very own Private Clinics ; especially those who are relatively young in the Medical Profession. Effective from the 16th of November 2009 , all UK (and Irish) Applicants for Registration with the Medical Licensing Commission will be subject to Additional Competence Checks. All Potential MLC Applicants are therefore strongly advised to thoroughly ensure that they appropriately finish all of their MLC Licensure Formalities before 12 Midnight on the 15th of November 2009.
After the 16th of November 2009 , all UK (and Irish) Candidates will be required to sit for the MLC Entrance Exam which costs GBP 2999.

The Chief Purpose of the MLC Entrance Exam will solely be to objectively decide whether a Specific Candidate is eligible for either MLC Option 1 or MLC Option 2.
The Basic (MLC Option 1) 50 Year MLC Licensure Fee will still remain permanently fixed at GBP 299. How To Lawfully Start Your Own ClinicMLC Step 1 : Pay Fee , Contact Us , Send Documentation , Carefully study our Wellness Publications and Ethically Sit for the MLC Entrance Examination .
I would therefore like to make it abundantly clear (to all and sundry) that the Medical Licensing Commission is the Paramount Regulatory Body for a whole new Clinical Profession altogether. As far as our brand new profession is concerned - the Medical Licensing Commission lies FAR ABOVE the General Medical Council - in every (regulatory) manner, way, shape or form.
MLC Licenses are strictly awarded to MLC Consultants in the MLC's independent kind of Evidence Based (Clinical) Alternative Medicine - and they have absolutely nothing to do with GMC Registered Medical Practitioner Licenses (which deal with statutorily regulated Conventional Orthodox Clinical Medicine).
The General Medical Council does not own any exclusive monopoly rights to the word Medicine ; and neither does the GMC hold any exclusive rights over the 'Doctor' Title either. In fact ; the lawful possession of a General Medical Council License does not mean anything to the Medical Licensing Commission - and Vice Versa.
This is to categorically reiterate that the recent Licensure Changes at the General Medical Council (GMC) have absolutely nothing (whatsoever) to do with the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC).
Professor Joseph Obi sadly notes the Totally Unacceptable number of Deaths which have Unnecessarily Occurred during Forcible Deportation Procedures throughout the World ; most especially within both the European Union and the European Economic Area. Doctor Obi hereby publicly calls on both the United Nations and the European Union to Comprehensivly Enforce (and Update) the Current Directive that a Panel of Independent (Neutral) Observers must Fundamentally Monitor all Forcible Deportation (Repatriation) Exercises , Appraisals and Assessments. It is the Firm Diplomatic Opinion of Professor Obi that at least one of the Aforesaid Observers must be a Licensed Medical Doctor (with a Specialist Interest in Emergency Medicine) ; while another Observer should be a Licensed Attorney (with a Specialist Interest in Human Rights Issues).

Enough is Enough : A (Highly Preventable and Utterly Inhumane) Forcible Deportation Death is (most definitely) One Death Too Many.
Dr Colm Quigley is the clinical director at Wexford General Hospital and is himself a former president of the Medical Council.
Patient X was said to have been suffering from a number of complaints including low sodium in the blood. After the consultation, Dr Quigley wrote to Patient X’s GP and said he would be carrying out a series of tests on Patient X. Dr Quigley told the inquiry he believed subsequent examination of medical records had shown Patient X had not contracted the cancer that killed him in 2010 – and so the missing tests in 2009 could not have revealed it. During closing statements, Neasa Bird, for the Medical Council, said Dr Quigley had been unable to provide an explanation or excuse as to why the series of tests were not carried out. 1000001 (A Million and One) Amazing Aristocratic Titles of The Supreme High Quack , Joseph Chikelue Obi.
There is no allegation that Dr Quigley caused deterioration in the patient’s health or in any way contributed to his death. Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is still trying to (Diligently) Figure Out precisely what the Term CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT (CVA) CARDIO VASCULAR ACCIDENT is actually doing on the (STROKE-RELATED) Death Certificate of Britain's Iron Lady . If a Poor Black British Physician had (Innocently) made such a Highly Embarrassing Professional Error (in relation to such a Profound Clinical Moment of UK Political History) , (rest assured that) the Institutionally Racist General Medical Council (GMC) would have Summarily Deregistered Him or Her (without Regulatory Mercy) .

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