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IHI is downtown Toronto’s leading integrative health clinic, located in the historic King East neighbourhood. Coaching provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with an experienced partner to carve out the kind of optimal health you’ve envisioned. There are many different Stress Management tips and techniques to help you weather the storms of life. Integrative medicine as a complement to conventional medicine is growing in acceptance of patients and prestigious universities in America.
Complementary and alternative medicine focuses on the person as a whole, consider the physical symptoms, mental, emotional and spiritual person. Among these therapies are: acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Massage, Biofield therapies and bioelectromagnetic coming from integrated health systems used in East and some other practices that were considered CAM in the West have been formalized as patient support groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy. The degree of effectiveness in the application of alternative therapies therapy treatment varies from patient to patient and, in recent research usually concludes that even though some therapies have positive effect on the general welfare of the person, it takes more research. In many shamanic societies, if you go to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed, they don’t throw a couple of pink pills at you and tell you to come back again in a month if things don’t get better.

When we’re stuck, we live in our heads and create scenarios and situations to worry about, that haven’t even happened yet.
Getting unstuck is about getting back to basics: loosening up, tossing out the thoughts, things, people and situations that no longer serve us and getting reconnected to what our gut is telling us we need. I help my clients live more authentic and full lives by encouraging them to embrace change and life holistically.  My coaching is a mix of straight-up conversations, goal setting, Reiki, creativity and fun. Our health coaching services facilitate behavior change within the structured, supportive partnership between the participant and coach. Christel’s focus will be on you, the individual, and the powerful impact your knowledge, your choices, and your spirit can have in transforming your health and healing.
Approaches the study of “natural therapies elements using non-invasive and chemical free for health maintenance and treatment of diseases . NCCAM is part of its mission to provide funding for scientific research of alternative medicine and complementary to validate the effectiveness of therapies. The Georgetown University created in 2003 the Master of Science to study alternative and complementary therapies that focus on preparing professionals to meet and evaluate the safety and effectiveness of these therapies and introduce scientific rigor necessary for validation.

Data and facts show that in an increasing demand for health solutions that take into account the lifestyle and the person as a whole, government and educational institutions are sponsoring research to flesh out the application and scope of therapies alternative or complementary to traditional medicine. When we’re depressed, anxious, rundown and stuck, we can look to play, creativity and mindfulness techniques to get us feeling like ourselves again. Our team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to listening to you, understanding your needs and providing you with the comprehensive health resources you need to succeed. She would like to thank her amazing team and wonderful clients for their support during her maternity leave. He values a holistic approach, seeks to treat the root causes of illness and provide symptomatic relief for people seeking to better their health. We are very excited to work with Jonathan and looking forward to collaborating with him.

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