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Be prepared to experience transformation in lifestyle habits, attitudes and beliefs that have limited your health and happiness. Brooke recognizes that physical and emotional suffering originates from each individual's own elaborate and unique story. One aspect of Brooke's healing energy involves the embodiment of a constant flowing of Reiki energy; this evolved out of necessity.
Brooke's awareness of neurophysiology and neuropsychology allows her to focus on renovating neural networks.
During a session, she establishes a dialogue with the body's innate healing intelligence, unlocking the hidden mysteries and obstacles that have diminished the body-mind's balance. During an intuitive energy healing session, you may observe your animal behaving in unfamiliar ways.

If the body indicates that further support is needed beyond the animal communication, you have the option of participating in Natural Medicine methods.
22 Year Master of Healing Arts, Psychic Healing, and Energetic Balancing is available by phone, or Internet Video Session, and in person in San Luis Obispo, Ca . The changes you experience in your physical and emotional wellness will be quite noticeable, and you and those that know you will be astonished with the positive shift.
Her intuitive capacity united with her educational background allows her to re-establish a healthy communication within the body, thereby empowering the body-mind to heal itself. This work is the key to literally re-wiring the brain, removing any obstacles that interrupt the ultimate well-being of the individual. She then custom tailors an energy formula specific to the distinct priority of each individual.

This results in comprehensive shifts in the essence of an individual's awareness as well as their physical and emotional relief from pain and dysfunction. These formulas will fundamentally change the concepts and function of the mind that contribute to any disease or imbalance. At other times, it may be apparent that the animal is suffering, however, there may be an uncertainty about the source of suffering or how to help. Although the session begins at the scheduled appointment time, the formula may run for hours, days, weeks, or even months to achieve a remarkable and lasting shift.

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