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All healing starts in the spirit and then manifests in the body.  In order to understand why we are creating certain painful situations in our life, we need to understand the energy that is creating the same series of events over and over. Intuitive Healing is a process by which the healer uses intuition to identify patterns of internal creation. A typical one hour healing session will be a process of exploring your seven chakras and the seven layers of the aura that extend from your chakras.
In addition to seeing chakras and the aura, we also see the inner workings of your physical body.
Modern external beam radiotherapy to the prostate relies on intensity modulated technologies (IMRT), technology that can alter the “fluence” across the radiation field during treatment, thereby allowing the most exact deposition to the contours of an individual’s prostate (bespoke conformity), at the edge of which the dose gradient gives a sharp “fall-off” in dose. CT scanning is used to plan the treatment and daily CT verification scan (low dose scan) ensures accuracy of patient positioning. Unlike most other IMRT techniques, Tomotherapy accuracy does not depend and does not require implanted fiducials into the prostate, giving it a real advantage over other IMRT techniques.
Axial CT scan through pelvis with an IMRT isodosimetric plan superimposed and the high dose regions dose-washed in turquoise and red. There is no risk of incontinence following radiotherapy and two thirds of men maintain potency (but not fertility). Elderly patients and those with capsular breach (T3 disease) are usually advised to receive this therapy.
Positive SSL Site Seal You can be confident using the Universal One Healing. Intuitive healing is an alternative healing practice in which the practitioner uses intuitive senses to locate and correct imbalances within the energy flow of the body. Intuitive healing may have the ability to work on different types of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other emotional or mental disorders. Keywords: healing, healers, spiritual, religion, online healing, heal yourself, make changes, find god get information, healers in america, get healed, become a new, change your life. The inner wisdom that is not judged by the rational mind is a quiet little voice that is hard to hear if you’re not used to listening. The Soul communicates through the body so muscle testing is a great way to learn to ‘hear’ and to trust your intuition.
Even if the information you receive seems irrational (such as not taking a lucrative job because of a strong gut feeling that it’s wrong for you), trust it.
Meditate to learn to control your thoughts (replacing negative, self-destructive thoughts with positive thoughts. Learn to ride out waves of negative emotions (don’t deny emotions, but don’t get attached to them – feel them as you feel a breeze on your skin and let them go just as easily). Visualize yourself in perfect health – meaning emotional, mental, spiritual and physical!
Over the years I have worked extensively as a healer with many different modalities, which I now weave together according to my intuitive assessment of what you need at any given time.
I create and hold a clear and compassionate space in which we can identify and unravel the threads and underlying patterns that lead to your limiting beliefs. Over time, and through client feedback, I’ve come to understand that my spoken voice carries the highest vibration, rhythms and codes that can connect you with, and enable you to bring through, the abundance of your divine potential as we work. Sometimes, one session is enough to address a specific problem or issue, but I recommend a series of four sessions to fully address deep-seated problems or chronic conditions. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you an email invitation to book an appointment in my simple-to-use online calendar.
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Have you ever wondered if intuitive healing can help you or if you can learn to use it yourself? The healer uses his or her senses to locate energy imbalances (which manifest as undesirable physical symptoms). Another method is to use the hands to scan the body for blockages – again, not by touching the patient but by sensing energy flow or lack of it. The healer instructs the patient to visualize the energy blockage and use any number of techniques to break the blockage down (these techniques may vary from practitioner to practitioner). In this non-invasive way, the body is encouraged to use its own healing resources to restore balance and harmony in the system. Some people add other healing methods such as herbal remedies to further support the body in its healing process. Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. Once we can identify why we are creating what we are experiencing, we can offer empathy to the needs that are attempting to be met, by creating similar circumstances. The healer then uses communication between your spirit and her spirit to shift the energy within these patterns. Our goal is to bring balance to your spirit and body by removing programming that no longer serves who you are.

Intuitive energy readers do not need to be in the direct contact of a person to be successful healers. Where the rectum is intruding into the prostate volume, IMRT allows a concavity in the high dose volume to the prostate to minimise collateral damage to the rectum. Tomotherapy has been used for all prostate radiotherapy treatments at the BUPA Cromwell Hospital for the last eight years. Note the ability of the IMRT technique to cause a concavity in the high dose region such that the rectum (pink) is spared from the high dose radiotherapy. The patient lies on the treatment couch, the position is verified by CT and then treatment delivered. Those with T3 disease, usually have anti-hormone therapy first (for 1-3 months) to shrink the tumour back inside the gland prior to radiotherapy and often continue the anti-hormone therapy after radiotherapy for two years. They may take the patient through visualization exercises to break the blockages, or they may teach the patient meditation practices in which they learn how to identify and free blockages on their own in order to feel in balance.
In some circumstances, it is recommended that these alternative healing practices should be used in conjunction with, not as a replacement for modern medicine. It’s not a voice in that messages usually don’t come in the form of words – they typically come in dreams, or spontaneously as hunches or gut feelings, strong urges, physical sensations or memories. Do that and the symptoms often go away on their own – or if they are already severe, will improve, giving medicines a better chance to relieve the symptoms. Your beliefs literally change the structure of your DNA – that is how powerful energy is!
High-vibrating positive, loving thoughts and emotions are healing; avoid the low vibrations of negative thoughts and emotions!
Now that you know how intuitive healing works, you can improve your health and well-being from inside out! When you feel the pain of deeply embedded limitation and wounding, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it can be very difficult to get to the truth yourself. We trace them back to the very core of the problem for release, across this lifetime, past lifetimes or parallel lifetimes (only exploring those if it is necessary to understand before there can be a release).
I also provide meditations to support the healing and integration process after our work, and check on your progress. Intuitive healing sessions can take place in my healing room in a beautiful and sacred part of mid Wales (Powys) but most of the work I do is internationally, over the phone or Skype. You can pay by Paypal using the button below, by cheque made out to Triple Moon or cash (face to face). Intuitive healing is a type of energy or spiritual healing that uses non-invasive methods to locate and correct energy imbalances in the body. Chronic pain, asthma, joint stiffness and many other physical symptoms are representative of energy blockages. Techniques such as visualizing healing light, visualizing the blockage breaking into tiny pieces and dissipating, or visualizing the blockage melting away as positive energy is directed at them, are just three examples of techniques used. Interestingly, there is really no such ‘connection’ because that would imply that the mind and body are separate; however, they are each aspects of the same thing, just as you cannot separate a side of a piece of paper from the material it’s made of. This gives the energy permission to release the current pattern in the human energy system. By shifting the energy within the patterns, the patterns are removed and healing energy then replaces the patterns.
We also see many mental image pictures of what you have created, and what you are currently creating in your future.
All last minute changes are posted on my facebook page, and the link to my facebook page is right here on the frontpage of my website. External beam radiotherapy is also treatment of choice in the elderly, as it is the least invasive method of curing the cancer and has equivalent cure chance. The treatment is not “sensed” by the body and after the treatment is over (10 minutes)the patient departs hospital unaware of any therapy related effects.
Often times energy blockages can lead to feeling stuck in our lives without any understanding of why. Some people have also claimed that energy work has helped with back pain, stiffness of joints, or other physical ailments.
It is a well-known fact that your thoughts and emotions directly affect the health of your body. It’s all happening on an energetic level that you can feel – if you’re attuned to it. Without belief in your intuitive healing abilities, you won’t achieve the results you want.
The media has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on world events, and that negativity can be highly contagious.
It’s easy to ignore what goes on inside, because there aren’t that many nerve endings inside the body as there are on the outside. Your self-protective mechanism, quite understandably, will prevent you from locating and so revisiting the pain.

Once this healing has taken place, we continue with restoring your soul back into its full and free expression in whatever way is most needed, resetting your beliefs to what is true for you in the present. Also note that I require 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation, or full payment will be due. It is not yet well-accepted in the Western medical community; however, energy healing has been used with great results for thousands of years. If the energy blockages are removed and harmonious balance is restored, the symptoms can spontaneously disappear. An energy blockage alters the color of the patient’s aura at the point of the blockage, which occurs in the body’s energy centers or chakras.
The healer acts like a facilitator, guiding and supporting the patient through self-healing using mental, emotional, spiritual and physical methods such as visualization and focused intention. As the healing energy replaces the old patterns, new patterns that serve the client in present time are formed. We scan your body systems to reveal any energy work that can improve your overall health and well being. In your email be certain to include a few available times ( time that you can give your complete attention with little distraction for one hour) to schedule your appointment and we will do our best to schedule you within seven days. Also wanted to schedule a time to meet next week if you had any openings for an individual session. Sign in as a guest, just put in your own name, anyone can join when you have a guest option.
However, towards the end of the 7.5 weeks, urinary frequency and slowing occur and often some tiredness and increased call to stool. Communication with God and the Angels through the medium of intuition and inner guidance to receive the abundance of love and wisdom they offer. The power of your mind translates into energetic vibrations that either create strength and well-being, or weakness and dis-ease. So pay more attention to your feelings, urges, hunches and dreams, and you’ll be guided to making better decisions.
Belief intensifies and amplifies the energy you are transmitting while doubt and fear diminish it. The digestive system goes about its business quietly and outside your awareness, yet it is here that many diseases begin to manifest as physical symptoms. Western medicine is still very slow to accept the efficacy of energy healing methods, although it is acknowledged that the power of the mind plays a significant role in the healing process. Since each chakra corresponds to a certain aspect of a person’s life, the healer can also locate the blockage by observing the quality of the patient’s life in various areas such as relationships, self-esteem, wealth, etc. The body does a great job of self-repair, when given a chance, but any persistent problem means the system is out of balance. Your answers come in the form of hunches, visual images, sounds, gut feelings, memories or simply a ‘knowing’.
This allows you to move on in your life creating situations more suited to the pathway of your spirit. Another method a practitioner may use is to run their hands about an inch over the body in order to read the flowing of energy. Information can also come in the form of words – intuition is nonverbal, but can bring up the memory of a word or phrase that is relevant and important.
Of course it’s vitally important to take care of your body with nutritious foods, exercise and sleep, but mental and emotional toxicity is even more disastrous in the long run! These can be tough to interpret sometimes because the symbols used by the mind are unique and sometimes bizarre. Keep a dream journal and write down and interpret every dream you can remember – especially the recurring ones, which are essential to understand! Other practitioners may physical place their hands on the patient to achieve the same goals. The more you learn to listen to your intuition, the easier you will come to notice it and trust it. They feel the energy transfer from the patient to them selves and with it pick up important information.
If you are feeling lethargic, have digestive issues, a “bleh” feeling “for no reason”, even a slight feeling that something isn’t quite right… don’t ignore it!
Meditate, get guidance from your spiritual guides and angels, and do what intuitively feels good.

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