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Signs herpes outbreak is coming

In case of oral herpes, symptoms such as burning sensation, itching, pain or tingling sensation may be felt before the lesions appear at the site of infection, which is the mouth. The treatment usually involves the use of topical anesthetic and anti-viral drugs such as acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir. It is characterized by skin eruptions and symptoms such as redness, itching or a burning sensation.
Similarly, in the initial phase of genital herpes, one may experience severe itching, burning and tingling near the genital area.

You can also try some herbal remedies to reduce the severe itching and burning during the initial phases of genital herpes. Herpes tends to spread by direct skin to skin contact like touching, kissing and sexual contact. You may feel some discomfort or a stinging sensation initially, but it will soon fade away. Once the pathogen gains entry into your body, it lies in a dormant state in the body forever.

If the immune system becomes weak, the virus may become active and this may cause recurring infections.
The symptoms may resolve sooner in case of timely treatment, and also if the immune system of the affected individual is stronger.

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