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Find out how easy it is to pay your bill online and sign up for paperless billing, automatic payments and other options that can simplify the payment process and make your life easier. The Energy Savings Assistance Program, which is free if you qualify, can save you money by improving the energy efficiency of your home at no cost to you.
Pay up to 20 percent less on your summer electric energy statements.** When you're on the SmartRate plan, you pay a lower rate in exchange for reducing your electricity usage up to 15 days a year. Oklahoma City was established in 1889 when over 10,000 people settled there after a land run. Using Oklahoma City Water Bill Payment options to make payments on time cuts down the risk of the service being disconnected and charged a penalty. Using the account and user access details provided by the government customers can access the account and make payment. Pay by mail: To send payment via mail one needs to send either check and or order to the address below and make sure you send it witha a copy of your bill statement.

Pay in person: Customers that want to pay in person can visit their offices to make payments between office working hours. We average your costs to come up with a monthly payment amount so if your usage varies, you don't see big spikes from month to month. This program focuses on the most effective ways to reduce energy usage and maintain a comfortable living environment.
To access this service customers have to have an account that can be found by registering using the link ‘create user’. Learn More » *Gas and electricity customers can save at least 30 percent while gas-only customers can save at least 20 percent. With increase in population the city council provided basic things such as water through its departments like the Oklahoma City Water. This services uses credit card to make payments and accepts credicards with Mastercard, Discover and Visa logos.

The company owns a treatment plan that produces 250 million gallons daily and not yet close to its maximum capacity.
SmartRate is unavailable to customers who receive their energy from third-party energy providers, such as Energy Service Providers and Community Choice Aggregators.
We recommend that you use the most current version of Internet Explorer for the best experience.

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