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A mounting body of research suggests most cancers are highly responsive to therapeutic ketosis—a natural physiologic state induced during prolonged states of decreased glucose—in combination with calorie restriction. One way to achieve this is to use a ketogenic diet that eliminates all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates, replacing them with high amounts of healthy fats and adequate amounts of high-quality protein. Three Weeks to Vitality: The Ultimate Cleanse is a 21-day whole foods-based holistic detox program. This program is designed to help people lose weight, learn about liver detox and why it's so important to cleanse in our toxic world, break sugar cravings, increase energy, get clear skin, get better sleep, decrease pain and inflammation and improve GI function. Stay up-to-date with Holistic Health Naturally by signing up for our free weekly newsletter. The study, carried out by Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) incollaboration with scholars at National Sun Yat-sen University'smusic department, examined the effects of Mozart's music on epilepsychildren 17 years old and under.
Lin Chang-lung, a child neurologist at KMU Hospital and a memberof the research team, said brain wave tests on 58 epilepsy patientsin the age group showed that the frequency of abnormally excitedelectrical signals in the brain dropped an average of 30 percent in47 of them, after listening to eight minutes of Mozart's pianoconcerto K448.

In a second-phase test over a longer period, it was found thatthe longer the music healing lasted, the better its healing effectson the patients.
In a third-phase test, 18 patients with a high frequency ofseizures or convulsions were found to have experienced a whopping 53percent reduction in frequency after a long period of music healing,Lin said. Yang Jui-cheng, another team member and child neurology expert atKMU Hospital, said the study found that in addition to "markedlyimproving" epilepsy in children, the music can also help to reducepatients' medication dosage and side effects. In fact, he said, foreign studies have shown that music can helpcure Parkinson disease, dementia, strokes, sleeping disorders andattention deficiency syndrome, and has a good record of improvingpatients' quality of life.
In 1993, a medical journal reported that college students whotook an IQ test after listening to Mozart's piano concerto K448 hadscored eight or nine points higher than usual, Lin said. Lin said his team's research will be published in "EpilepsyResearch," a well-known medical journal.

The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Children and Others with Epilepsy By John Mark Freeman, Jennifer B. 2 (CNA) Listening to Mozart's piano concertos foreight minutes a day can reduce the frequency of seizures in youngepilepsy patients by 30 percent, a study here shows.

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