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Pachijal Reserva EcologicaOur Ecolodge is located in the cloud forest of Mindo, about 70 km far from Quito. My oldest son, diagnosed with celiac disease, has had a history of problems with corn and corn byproducts. Not all our featured non-GMO companies have products with this non GMO Project Verified Label. After learning about the possible risks, most readers are left with the question, how do I re-stock my pantry? There are many organic and non GMO brands that produce products that are both gluten free and made with organic or non GMO products. This non GMO company has a wide range of cereal products, toaster pastries, granola bars, oatmeal products, and even high protein chia products.
In addition to these major organic and non GMO brands, both the Super Valu and the Kroger grocery stores have private label organic brands.
If you are shopping for Simple Truth and Wild Harvest be sure you are buying food with organic written on the label.
If you concerned about genetically engineered corn and soy in your food products, contact the product manufacturer. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold.
In the years running Healthy Holistic Living, I have come to the realization that empowering yourself with information is the key good health. On a monthly basis, I will be updating this list in an effort to provide you with resources to help you along the way.
About Latest Posts Follow MeCaryn TaltyCaryn Talty enjoys being a stay at home mom to her 4 kids. This chart shows in detail the inter-relationship between the colon, the collarette (autonomic nerve wreath) and the structures of the body. The Brain Reflex Areas of Holistic Iridology® chart presents an enlarged version of this area of the iris including the advanced terminology. The Thoughts and Emotions desk chart to Holistic Iridology® describes the relationship of thoughts and emotions to the channels of elimination and detoxification and to the entire endocrine system. The Reverse Chart of Holistic Iridology® allows the individual the opportunity for easy self-analysis with the accuracy of the refined iris topography. Since that time I’ve written several articles about GMO foods and the potential health risks of eating them. You can find Amy’s frozen entrees and canned goods at places like Jewel Foods, Dominicks, Walmart, Peapod, and Whole Foods.

Local Chicago area consumers can find this brand at Jewel Foods, Peapod, Ultra Foods, County Fair, and various health food stores. They sell yogurt, milk and cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and non dairy cultured soy yogurt products.
Many businesses are more than willing to work to make their products accessible to a wider range of consumers.
I encourage all of you to take back your power and gain the knowledge you need to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life possible.
Before that she worked as a special educator for several years with students of all ages and disabilities. This chart contains all the latest refinements in organ, gland and structure location along with advanced brain reflex meaning and terminology. Each constitutional type and sub-type has detailed text that describes the appearance in the iris, physical predispositions, and thought and emotional predispositions. There are 8 high quality, high-resolution iris photos with no reflections paired with 8 anatomical illustrations corresponding to each iris example. Each brain reflex area represents specific thought and emotional patterns from the masculine and feminine aspects, which are genetically derived.
There are 36 high-resolution, clinical images showing all the signs you need to know from the basic to the rare conditions.
Pesek’s lecture at the 8th International Iridology Congress where he describes and discusses the 36 iris images on the Fundamental Iris Signs chart.
Peapod has several shopping filters for customers on special diets and they carry a large assortment of non GMO brands on their shelves.
Today Eden Foods can be found at local Jewel Foods, Pete’s Fresh Market, as well as local health food stores.
This non GMO company sells milk, cream, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, and butter. She has a master’s degree in English and is the publisher of Organic Living for a Healthy Family at
So if you are looking for a list of non GMO brands that are also gluten free, you can find additional information at Organic Living for a Healthy Family. Part of that involved doing crazy research into the scope and depth of corn in our food supply. If you are on a budget, you’ll love the online shopping cart that totals your amounts at Peapod.
You can get their lettuce greens and spinach in plastic containers at Jewel Foods, Dominicks, Super Target, Walmart, Super Kmart, Whole Foods, Peapod, and Costco.

The soy free buttery spreads are sold at most local grocery stores including Dominicks, and they are available at Peapod.
They’ve also got various cheese products, organic non GMO soy products, juices, eggs, and produce. Stonyfield is found at Meijer, Dominicks, Super Target, Kroger’s, Peapod, and Whole Foods. This can influence the decisions executives make in whether or not to become non GMO companies.
Her website is devoted to healthy organic gluten and corn free eating, various topics about raising kids, free downloadable paper crafts, holiday crafts and activities, non-toxic living, and tips for parents of learning disabled kids, children on the autism spectrum, and kids with food allergies and intolerance. That’s when I discovered that scientists had manipulated corn to create genetically engineered crops.
If you are not in the Chicago area, visit their store locator page to find a store near you. You can get organic rice cakes, organic brown rice syrup, organic rice couscous, organic MSG free risottos, organic rice chips, and organic rice. Spectrum Organics carries non GMO organic canola oil, organic flax oil, organic olive oil, and organic mayonnaise made with olive oil. If you are also shopping gluten free, check out our non GMO gluten free product manufactures page. This is truly a holistic approach to colon health and is perfect for the healthcare practitioner.
They sell a wide variety of canned products in BPA free containers, dried goods, snacks, tomato sauce products, condiments, fruit products, and whole grains. There are Peapod trucks delivering food all across the east coast too, from Virginia to Massachusetts. Get it at Meijer, Jewel Foods, Ultra Foods, Walmart, Whole Foods, Peapod, and Super Target. They sell products at Meijer, Dominicks, Super Target, Kroger’s, Peapod, and Whole Foods. At this time Applegate Farms cannot guarantee their Naturals line is non GMO.They are moving toward 100% non GMO on their naturals line. Gluten free and food allergy shoppers need to see their page on special diets to find safe products.

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