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The Eclectic Medical Institute, known by its friends as "Old EMI" (and "Old EMC" when reorganized in 1910), was an American institution in origin, concept, and practice. A Profile in Alternative Medicine: The Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, 1845-1942 ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
Please tell me something about the ugc recognition status of Chitkara University in Himachal Pradesh. Periyar University, Salem,Tamil Nadu is UGC approved and NAAC B+ and DEC accreditec also and is also a member of AIU. Is IIMT (International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, which is in Ahmedabad and Surat……??
Is vinayaka mission university recognized?Is degree done from this university is valid in jammu?

Please tell me about alagappa university as i want to do MCA distance learning and i am a delhite.
Please confirm whether National Educcation of Management is FAKE from UGC or it is geniune.
Please confirm whether Neptune institute of management & technology is FAKE from Dec or UGC or it is recognised by dec or or it is geniune. For nearly a century, EMI was known as the "Mecca of eclectic thinking" and the "Mother Institute" of reformed medicine. Is it Fake, They say this particular courses in all private companies, So plz let us know is it true??? A Profile of Alternative Medicine recounts the history of eclectic medicine which, along with hydropathy, homeopathy, physiomedicalism, chiropractic, ad osteopathy, competed with regular medicine (allopathy) in the nineteenth century.

Sanskrit University, Putur, Trichi, Tamil Nadu West Bengal Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.
Unlike most alternative medical colleges that closed without leaving significant documentation, EMI left complete student records, faculty files, deans' papers, financial records, and minutes of the board of trustees.
This history of EMI is set within the broader context of American medicine and recounts the internal feuds, successes, adversity, and ultimate failure of this bastion of freedom in medical thought.

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