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Royalty free avenue clipart of electrical cables coming from home with bar graphs showing different energy usage ranging from low use to high use. The objective of this paper is to provide some insight into how HVAC systems are changing to meet the drive toward lower energy usage.
A team of researchers from Sweden compared Mexican Cavefish collected from dark underwater caves to Mexican Cavefish collected from Mexican and American rivers (aboveground environments) and came to the realization that the specimens living in dark underwater caves are very cautious about how they use their energy. Since food and oxygen are scarce in such hostile environments, Mexican Cavefish have to have the energy needed to catch prey when and if they come across it.
While the specimens collected from Mexican and American rivers have hold on to their eyes and in fact have perfect vision, the ones collected from dark underwater caves have opted to let go of their eyes in favor of an extra boos of energy. After the scientists studied the energy consumption associated with sight by calculating the amount of oxygen that the animals’ eyes require to function, as well as the amount of oxygen required by the the fish’s brain to process vision, they noticed that young Mexican Cavefish save 15 percent (15%) of their energy when they choose to go blind. Damian Moran, field expert from Lund University (Sweden) and study leader, offered a statement informing that the photoreceptive cells and neurons are the ones to blame as they are constantly hungry for energy.

The choice makes sense for the Mexican Cavefish living in dark underwater caves as their environment favors “individuals with reduced visual capacity”. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The paper is primarily focusing on trends, observed by the author in designs which have been highlighted in research journals and project work. But the research team also informs that the animals aren’t fussy, as they are even willing to eat the remains of other animals and plants. The absence of light keeps the animals from being able to use their eyes to spot food and predators, so they rely on other senses.
Eric Warrant, Lund University’s expert in Functional Zoology and study author, offered a statement of his own explaining that the Mexican Cavefish are not the only animals that have to consume high amounts of energy if they want to keep their eyes. As all animals have a strictly limited energy budget, a major investment in the visual system only occurs at a cost to other organ systems”.

The Low Energy R50 9w SES offer a soft white glow (2700k) and are ideal for domestic and commercial applications.
For all orders to other EC counties including Eire we charge a shipping charge based on weight. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. A case study is provided which highlights how some of the trends have been implemented on a current design. These large energy efficient reversible fans are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, gyms, pavilions, and more.For more information about high velocity low speed fans, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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