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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The body uses glucose from foods for energy - so having a steady supply of glucose over time can help sustain you during physical activity. The slow burning carbs in Extend Nutrition are particularly unique – they actually help prevent drops in blood glucose for up to 9 hours. The Extend Nutrition formula was found to have both a Low Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Load. Even during the most demanding physical activities, Extend Nutrition helps sustain energy by providing a steady baseline amount of blood glucose for energy.
Unlike typical foods that convert to energy quickly, Extend Nutrition converts slowly and continue to supply you with energy for hours - even as you exercise. Simple carbs convert to blood sugar quickly giving you a burst of energy – but they also wear off quickly, sending blood sugar levels falling. But, if you provide your body with a steady supply of glucose while you exercise – you can help prevent exhaustion and keep your energy level up.
Extend Nutrition unique slow-burning carbohydrates provide you with a slow and steady supply of glucose for up to 9 hours. The glycaemic index (GI) measures how quickly we convert dietary calories into glucose, and therefore useable energy.
The basic mechanism for controlling blood sugar is that as our blood sugar rises we secrete insulin to absorb the sugar out of our blood for later use. When we have the same number of calories coming into our body, but absorb them more slowly, we increase our ability to use up the energy as it comes into our blood.
In terms of yin and yang, generally, foods that provide more energy (or higher in calories) are more yang, however, if they are so high they provoke an insulin rush and subsequent blood sugar low, the food is initially yang but soon becomes yin.
The longer we cook and the higher the temperature, the quicker we absorb the calories from the food. Eating roughly the correct number of calories for our daily needs in a form that is low in the GI will mean our weight will be stable. In terms of food, we are looking to eat sufficient energy for our needs, in a way that brings that energy in slowly so we have sustained energy throughout the day.
Dried fruits like raisins, apricots, dates and figs will be more concentrated in terms of calories and the GI.
In terms of calories remember the syrups vary in sweetness and are often sweeter than refined sugar cane, therefore we may need less of a something like honey compared to refined sugar cane to achieve the sweetness we are looking for. Try porridge with nuts, seeds and fruit for breakfast instead of breakfast cereals or toast and jam. For help with a macrobiotic low calorie foods for weight loss, and to learn to improve your health naturally book a macrobiotic consultation with Simon. Extensive research has shown that using energy density is an effective weight loss strategy.  Eating meals that are made up of low energy dense foods allows you to eat regular portion sizes, so that you fill up and feel satisfied on fewer calories.
So what is energy density?  All foods have a certain number of calories within a given amount or volume. Zestar® Diet Pilot automatically recommends meals that have low energy density.  It also calculates the ED of your food choices and suggests ways to lower the ED of your meal.
You can also use the Nutrition Facts on food labels to figure out the ED of your food choices.

If the number of calories is more than twice the grams= high ED, limit your portion to a small amount.
In the Nutrition Facts panel below for macaroni and cheese, the serving size is 228 grams and the calories per serving is 250 calories. A great tip for lowering the ED of a food is to increase the water and fiber (and nutrition!) by using fiber-rich whole grains and adding veggies or fruits.
Sharon Lehrman, MPH, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian with a private practice and corporate wellness business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Zestar Featured on WCCOFounder Joy Solomon shares what makes Zestar different from other diet apps and why it’s more effective for sustainable weight loss on the WCCO Saturday Morning Show with Jamie Yuccas. Assuming we absorb all the energy in a food, calories tell us how much energy we have put into our bodies. So if our blood sugar rises quickly (in the GI this might result from eating a food with a GI of more than 55) then we produce insulin and absorb the sugar.
So, for example, boiling (100 degrees C) a potato results in a GI of 50, frying a potato (180 degrees C) a GI of 78, and baking a potato (220 degrees C) a GI of 89. Just by being alive we use energy fueling all our cells, our minds consume energy, we need energy to keep warm and we convert calories into movement.
Ultimately weighing ourself at the same time each day will tell us whether we are matching energy absorption with energy used. Essentially green vegetables are low in calories and the GI whereas the sweeter vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin and squash will be higher in calories. They will be lower in the GI than refined sugar, and contain useful nutrients along with their calories.
The image of sugar has become distorted as we typically consume so much of it, and so many of our calories come from sugar, that it is seen as one of the main culprits for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Energy density (ED), sometimes called calorie density, is determined by its content of air, fiber, and water.  Some foods that have little fiber or water, such as desserts, candies, and processed foods, are high in ED.
The calories are slightly higher than the weight in grams which indicates to eat moderately and watch your portion size.
The recipe below is an example of adapting an old favorite to make it delicious, more nutritious, and less energy dense! Add to the hot milk and cook, whisking constantly, until the sauce thickens and simmers, 3 to 7 minutes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We will also learn simple and easy ways to consume less sugars in our diet and how to take in energy in a way that encourages stable blood sugar levels, leading to long lasting energy. Other forms of energy are dietary fat, which can be stored as fat and later converted into glucose. This is useful in terms of finding out whether we are putting too much energy into our body.
We experience this as feeling weak and tired with huge cravings for carbohydrates or something sweet. Some high fibre foods, like celery, require more energy to be absorbed than their available calories, meaning we lose energy just eating them.
We feel just as full and satisfied with a stomach full of liquid food, such as a soup, fresh vegetable juice or raw fruit, as a similar volume of drier food.

Our biggest, energy hungry muscles are the gluteus maximus muscles that we think of as our bottoms. This can be mitigated by cooking them in soups and stews where their calories will be a smaller portion of the whole dish.
As raw fruit has a high water content we can feel full and satisfied for longer with the calories from fruit, than for example a cracker with the same number of calories.
In terms of the GI whole unprocessed grains like brown rice (GI 55) will be lower than processed grains like white rice (GI 67). Sugar is high in the GI (GI 100) and only contains calories, no other nutrients, so if too many calories come from sugar, we risk becoming deficient in other nutrients. There is a lot of controversy over the health concerns of this type of sweetener and has been associated with increased risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease when consumed in excess. The basic science is that if we consume 2000 calories of energy in a day, but only use 1750 calories then we have 250 calories left over.
Our body will generally prefer us to eat more carbohydrates to increase blood sugar, rather than convert stored fat back into available energy. These combine with other muscles in our legs for activities like walking, running, cycling, climbing stairs and squats.
Beans tend to bulk up soups and stews and are a good substitute for grains if you want to keep your blood sugar more stable.
Raw vegetables in the form of salads will be lower in the GI and require more energy to digest. For example dried fruits, nuts and tea could combine to make a satisfying snack, and as long as the tea is filling enough not to eat too many dried fruits, the overall calorie intake can be mild relative to other forms of snacks, like biscuits, cake or chocolate. Its position in the GI changes dramatically (GI 40 to GI 70), depending on what the bees have been fed on. The GI is interesting as it tells how quickly energy is coming into our blood and whether we might use it up before turning it into fat.
Generally, bees feeding on wild flowers will have a much lower GI rating than those fed on refined sugar. The fiber and water in low ED foods also provide the additional benefit of helping us feel more full when we eat them. If we then reduce our daily energy intake to 1500 calories and still use 1750 calories to create warmth, movement and fuel all our organs, we will need to convert 250 calories of stored energy, or fat, into useable energy. The GI is valuable for weight loss as it makes the process much easier by reducing cravings for more energy, and reducing the cycle of turning energy into fat and all the hard work of converting the fat back to energy again later. Maple syrup is taken from the trunks of maple trees, whilst syrups like rice syrup, molasses and barley malt are processed. The longer the gains are cooked and the higher the temperature the more available the calories become and the higher the GI.

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