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You can work on something productive even when you don’t feel like you’re at the top of your game – and you don’t waste time trying to think of something to do when you’re feeling blah. You can identify your energy drainers and find ways around them, or limit their effect on the rest of your day.
When I drew things out like this, I realized that drawing on paper was different for me compared to drawing on my computer.
If I’m alert and energetic, I know that I should focus on writing, coding, or other high-energy activities instead of spending time handling e-mail or getting distracted by watching a movie in the background. As for e-mail – it can be hard to say no to people, although I’ve gotten much better at that over the past two years!
People-wise, I’ve been editing my interactions so that I focus on stuff that works for me better.
Sketchnotes 2013300+ sketches about learning, sharing, tech, semi-retirement, business, delegation, and other topics. A No-Excuses Guide to BloggingWhat's getting in your way when it comes to blogging consistently? The GearTag keeps track of valuables such as a mobile user's iPhone, wallet, purse and other important gear using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The GearTag is an effective and affordable way to keep track of valuables such as smartphones, wallets, purses and other important gear.
Each tag also carries a unique NFC tag and QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone barcode scanner app.
The GearTag is powered by a small coin-cell battery, consumes very little power, and requires no charging. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We have a dedicated team of professionals that can explain everything from installation to designing your preferred mood of lighting, We can also show you the different amounts of light that are given from different types of lamps including modern LED lamps and standard  incandescent lamps our specialist sample box has a meter that will show the difference and how much you will save. The operational life of a LED lamp (up to 60,000 hours) is in contrast to the average life of an incandescent bulb, which is approximately 1,000 – 3,500 hours. The cost savings are considerably higher than just the energy saving if you consider the cost of 30-50 replacement incandescent bulbs. For commercial premises like retail outlets, hotels and offices, there is a significant maintenance cost in replacing light bulbs which can be virtually eliminated. Bluetooth has been around for a long time, and nearly all new computers and phones have Bluetooth capabilities built in. Bluetooth Classic worked well for paired portable devices, except that it required significant amounts of power.

Bluetooth was designed to have low power consumption for implementation with portable electronics while providing high data transfer rates. About AislelabsAislelabs is a technology company assisting retailers to increase sales through the power of big data analytics. I find it easier to draw on paper at night because drawing on my computer often tempts me to stay up late. I found it can be draining mentally to try and start a high energy activity when you’re in a low energy state. Fortunately, my husband likes comparison shopping and consumer research, so he does all the electronics stuff. So, no one-on-one coffees with people, and more short Google Hangout conversations so that joining and leaving isn’t awkward.
You'll get a ZIP file (290+ MB) with hi-res images that you can easily flip through or print.
Please feel free to reuse or share content under a Creative Commons Attribution license unless otherwise noted. If someone finds and scans a tagged item, their web browser is directed to the GearTag website where they are provided with instructions on how to return the item to its owner while preserving the privacy of both parties. For lights in very inaccessible places, using LEDs would eliminate the need for difficult bulb replacement for many years.
With LEDs, there would be no replacement bulbs required for many years and they often pay for themselves in energy savings in less than a year of use. We all have been using this technology for pairing our headphones, car stereo systems, and wireless keyboard & mouse.
With the emergence of smaller always connected devices, such as fitness bands, there was a need for a lightweight alternative to the original protocol.
Commonly used Bluetooth radio uses only 2.5mW of power and is optimized to remain switched off when not in use.
Instead, these sensors simply transmit small data values like heartbeat, calories burned, or distance information. Our mission is to transform retail locations to smart stores, resulting in effective marketing, increased sales, and better customer satisfaction. Some activities like e-mail, talking to people, shopping, or dealing with technical issues can be draining, so I try to avoid doing them before high-energy activities.
I started drawing more on paper in order to take advantage of those low-energy moments and expand the time I spend thinking visually, scanning the sketches in and using my phone or computer to organize the sketches afterwards. Another thing that’s not so much energizing but gives me enormous focus are fish oil supplements.

Eliminating the constant need to replace bulbs by changing to LED options can be very attractive, and after the cost of replacing halogen bulbs is taken into account, LED bulbs really are the ultimate energy saving bulb.
The original protocol, now known as Bluetooth Classic, was developed in the late nineties for portable equipment and their applications. Nokia developed the initial version of a new protocol that needed significantly less power and was suitable for small battery powered sensors.
But even at these low power requirements, the protocol as is was not suitable for small sensor devices. As a result, Bluetooth low energy was developed to provide connectivity to these small sensors while needing extremely low battery power. A beacon, advertising its location using Bluetooth LE, can work for 5-10 years on a battery the size of an iPhone 5 with a single charge.
I used to take them on a daily basis, but now I just take them when I feel I need that extra focus. It’s still important to interact with and learn from people, so I’m not going to cut that out of my life, but I can certainly tweak it! But recently, the protocol received a major update as version 4.0 or the Bluetooth Low Energy. This new protocol merged with the original Bluetooth in 2010, forming the Bluetooth 4.0 also marketed as Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth LE (BLE). While car stereo systems and handsfree headsets will continue to use Bluetooth Classic as they need high bandwidth, newer sensors are using Bluetooth LE.
Getting work done, even if it’s low energy, is reinvigorating and gets one in a good state of mind to tackle those harder tasks.
If you really have some emails that need to be written maybe you can outsource it to a virtual assistant. Some examples are smart-watches (Galaxy Gear, Moto 360), fitness bands (Fitbit and Jawbone UP), health monitors (Mio), and countless more gadgets (Lockitron, Nymi). But probably you could just reduce the number and length of your emails to a level where it’s not that draining to you and quickly done.

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