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Step 1 What Are Diodes?Diodes are tiny electrical components found in virtually every piece of electronic equipment.
Step 3 Setting the MultimeterMost multimeters require you to manually set the range of volts, ohms, or amps you are trying to measure.
Step 5 TestSet your multimeter to the correct voltage level, double check that the probes are making contact with the circuit, and turn on the light. Final ThoughtsDespite my best attempts, I could not generate enough electricity to turn a motor or light an LED. I dont know you can turn a diodes into a solar panel?!BTW, I heard a lot different kind of diodes. Whether you are a mom on the go looking to make some energy bars for your kids, or you simply don’t trust what big companies put into your snacks, here you will find the perfect solution!
Catching energy from the Sun before it even enters Earth's food chain, photovoltaics are like an all-natural nuclear power plant.

They function as a valve in a circuit by only allowing electricity to flow in one direction. Because our diodes are producing so little electricity, we want to set our meter to the lowest voltage range possible. You should see an immediate rise from zero to a few hundred millivolts. Here we got to 183 millivolts.
Unfortunately, the constituted parts of a solar panel are rare, valuable, and subject to the coercive forces of market competition.However, the silicon found in solar panels that enables the transformation of sunlight into electricity can also be found in everyday components like diodes.
There are many kinds of diodes including rectifier, switching, Schottky, zener, and light emitting (LEDs). At a certain point, the energy lost to heat outweighs the energy gained from the light source.
While not nearly as powerful, an array of diodes can produce solar power just like a photovoltaic panel would!

The amount of voltage you get will depend entirely on the diodes and light source you use.  Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. For this reason, simply hooking up an infinite number of diodes would likely produce no electricity at all.If you are really keen on getting a usable voltage level, I have heard claims that zener diodes are capable of producing up to 3 volts. If you can make it to 3 volts, you have a good chance at powering a small fan!Hook up the motor to the diodes as shown below. Put the circuit on a hat and you have a personal solar cooling device!What would you use a solar diode array for? And as always, any questions can be asked in the forum, sent to me personally, or posted below in the comments.

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