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The urethra is a tubular connection responsible for the transport of urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.
Mucous membranes create the inner lining of the tube, and it is generally surrounded by a muscular layer. In the female body, the urethra is approximately 4 centimeters long and leads out of the body via urethral orifice. In the male body, the urethra not only excretes fluid wastes but is also part of the reproductive system.
Imaging of the normal male urethra from the neonate to the elder: radiologic anatomy in fluoroscopic urethrography. 2 clicks for more privacy: On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click. Preoperative study of the petrous bone with multidetector CT (MDCT): identification of anatomical risky conditions in otosurgery. Abnormal narrowing of urethral lumen, mainly due to fibrosis of inner skin of urethra causing difficulty for the passage of urine is called as Urethral stricture. This opening performs two-fold functions in males; it helps in urination as well as in ejaculation of sperms.

The structure can be affected by a variety of problems and also be affected by several malformations. The internal urethral sphincter muscle is created by involuntary smooth muscles while the lower voluntary muscles create the external sphincter muscles.
In the female body the urethra’s only function is to transport urine out of the body. Rather than the straight tube found in the female body, the male urethra is shaped like a S to follow the line of the penis. This section passes through the proximal section of the penis and all the way through the urogential diaphragm. It leads from the outer edge of the urogential diaphragm to the glans of the penis, where the external orifice is located. Sometimes the flow of urine is completely stopped resulting in complete retention of urine. Epispadias refers to a congenial misplacement of this structure in which the aperture is found to be located in the dorsum.
Within the wall of the urethra, the highly specialized urethra glands coat the urethral canal with a constant secretion of mucous.

The male urethra can be segregated into three various portions, the spongy portion, the prostatic portion, and the membranous portion.
The spongy part accepts attachment from the reproductive ducts of the bulbourethral glands. The proximal portion, which is also the prostatic portion, is only about 2.5 cm long and passes along the neck of the urinary bladder through the prostate gland. This may occur naturally or as a result of excessive skin removal at the time of circumcision. This section is designed to accept the drainage from the tiny ducts within the prostate and is equipped with two ejaculatory tubes.

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