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Medical assistants work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, outpatient clinics, and surgery centers.
Why Medical Assisting?Employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Medical assistants generally balance clinical with administrative roles, helping doctors and physicians run their practice more efficiently and effectively. Katrina McDonald, a student in the medical assistant degree program at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) said, “There are so many opportunities and so many places where I can work and I’m just looking forward to getting out there and participating in the medical field.” She added, “The skills that I’m learning, it’s just amazing. At American Institute, we believe you can become whatever you want to be, and we’re ready to help you get there. Medical assistant jobs are projected to increase by 29% from 2012 to 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most medical assistants work in doctors’ or physicians’ offices, but they also can work in outpatient facilities, clinics, residential care facilities and for governmental agencies, says Brown College. Medical assistants generally balance clinical with administrative roles and doctors and physicians to run their practice much more efficiently and effectively.
According to Whitney Delay, a medical assistant at the Memorial Health System’s Koke Mill Medical Center, medical assistants typically work eight to 10-hour shifts and spend a lot of that time on their feet. Numerous colleges and universities across the country offer medical assistant degree or certificate programs to train individuals to meet the demand of this growing allied healthcare field. Generally a certificate program takes one year or less to complete and includes classes and on-the-job training that delve into clinical, administrative, first aid, biology, medical terminology, ethics and other concepts.

Some schools also offer programs where you can complete coursework online, to cater to your current lifestyle. Completing formal education, such as a medical assistant degree, and obtaining certification, such as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential, tend to provide medical assistant candidates with more job opportunities and the potential to earn higher salaries. Lisa LaForge, a medical assistant instructor with First Institute Training & Management, Inc.
While some medical assistants work for family doctors or general practitioners, others may work for more specialized MDs and thus perform duties particularly related to that field. LaForge adds that she often sees that her former medical assisting students are inspired to eventually advance and become Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses, for example.
Jessica graduated from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PA College) in 2011 and is currently pursuing her Health Sciences Bachelor Degree. The information provided should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. I never understood the concept of taking blood pressure and someone’s pulse and respiration, and to know that I can actually check someone for vision.
We offer diploma and associate and bachelor's degree programs in business, criminal justice, culinary arts, health care, and cosmetology at our campuses in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas — plus some courses are offered online.
Designed for today’s tough job market, our in-depth programs cover many fields including: Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality, Automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology. From the personal attention you receive from instructors that stay after class to make sure you are on the right track.

We pride ourselves on working hard to deliver quality, innovative education to our students that gives them the skills to begin or enhance their careers. According to Catherine Flores, program chair at Central Piedmont College, “The definition of medical assistant is someone who is multi-skilled which means they have multiple skill sets.  The type of office you’re in will depend on what you do, but basically you’re helping the physician …So it’s very broad and what’s nice about that is that the office can have a couple medical assistants that can basically do everything they need”. A medical assistant degree at the associates level is generally a two-year program and allows students to complete more externships and to advance their knowledge-base and expertise compared to a shorter educational program.
Before selecting an educational program, find out if it will adequately prepare you to sit for one of the relevant certification exams. According to Brown College and the BLS, they may work as assistants for chiropractors, podiatrists, pediatricians, allergists, optometrists and more.
Other opportunities for advancement include becoming a clinical supervisor or manager of a medical office. The things that I never imagined learning but was always curious about what my doctor was doing in his office, now I understand, now I get it! From the moment you enter ourschool, to graduation and beyond, we are right there with you.

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