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Click on the image to the right to view a summary on how to approach medical registration in Australia. Applicants were issued with a final or provisional primary qualification by their training institution. Once approved you may submit to the AMC Clinical Examination or undertake workplace-based assessment. After passing all of the Assessment components AMC will issue you the AMC certificate that will allow you to apply to the Medical Board of Australia for general registration. All applicants must have satisfied all the training and examination requirements to practice in their field or specialty in their country of training.
The MBA requires IMGs to provide proof of English language proficiency for all registration categories unless it has granted an exemption.
Applicants can provide a copy of a pass in the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB).

Even if you received your primary medical degree from a comparable country of health, mistakes in your application can potentially afford you significant time delays. The Competent Authority Pathway is aimed at non - specialists who have completed their training abroad.
The Standard Pathway is generally for non-specialist IMGs seeking general registration in Australia who do not qualify for the Competent Authority Pathway. Assessment is by examination only—the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and the AMC Clinical Examination.
This is also a suitable type of registration for medical practitioners who are undertaking training so that they can sit the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination. These professionals have been assessed by the Board and have the skills, training and experience necessary to carry out this practice safely under supervision.
All applicants are advised to make arrangements to obtain that proof before they apply under any of the assessment pathways.

Once the AMC MCQ is complete, IMGs are eligible for limited registration under certain circumstances. The AMC certificate is awarded to IMGs who have successfully completed all components of the AMC examinations or the AMC CAT MCQ and workplace based assessment (standard pathway). Medical practitioners with this type of registration must comply with the Medical Board of Australia’s registration standard on limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice. If you have passed the examination or you've gone your practice through an AMC designated competent authority can apply to the AMC for assessment under this pathway. The Medical Board of Australia makes the final decision on whether to grant limited or specialist registration.

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