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An emerging centre of excellence in healthcare education, research and patient-care, the Chettinad Health City (CHC)is located in Kelambakkam, about 30kms from Chennai. Located in Kelambakkam 30 kms from Chennai, CHC is easily accessible by road from the city. Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Latur was started in a small portion of Rajarshi Shahu College in the year 1990, with an annual intake of 100 students for MBBS undergraduate course and shifted to the present premises on Ambajogai road in 1992 having 95 acres of land. In addition, the college acquired the facility to use initially, 100 beds for clinical teaching in civil hospital; later on this facility was extended to 200 beds by the govt.
The college since 1995 has grown in stature, infrastructure, in the quality of its clinical services, and rural health care projects. WeekendNotes is a free email newsletter which reviews fun and interesting things to do in your town or city. How many times have you driven past this eye-catching building affectionately known as the "cheese grater" and wondered what it would be like inside, and more importantly what goes on once you step through the doors?
Well, wonder no more as you can book to go on a tour of the site which should satisfy your curiosity. It was flagged back in 2008 by a "Review of Health and Medical Research in South Australia" compiled by Professor John Shine and Mr Alan Young AM as a recommendation that a flagship research institute for South Australia be established.
Both the State Government and the Federal Government committed to the major project and in December 2009, SAHMRI was incorporated as the state's first independent health and medical research institute. 200 million dollars was allocated by the Federal Government to build the facility which incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as high level skill sets by staff.
Upon entering the building, the first thing you notice is the high amount of natural light penetrating into atriums through the 6,300 triangular glass prisms cladding the building.

Most of the work areas are all open plan which encourages and fosters communication between the 600 or so researchers who inhabit the congenial and modern spaces. The research carried out is divided into 6 main areas, namely Aboriginal Health, Cancer, Healthy Mothers, Babies & Children, Heart Health, Infection & Immunity, Mind & Brain as well as Nutrition & Metabolism. Each one of these areas are seen as being the most important for human development and well-being and all research is subject to funding, and of course the amount of funding will determine how much research can be carried out. The tour schedule for 2016 has also been released and will run from 8th January until 10th June with tours at 2.00 pm, except again on Public Holidays.
The tours take around 1 hour and visit state-of-the-art interiors, atrium, plaza area and spiral staircase, with an opportunity to hear from one of SAHMRI's leading researchers.
For individuals, tours are free, however if you are thinking of making a group booking for 5 or more, there is a charge of $250 per group up to a maximum of 25 people.
As you can imagine, millions of dollars of funding are poured into the attempt to make breakthroughs in medical science e.g. Apart from general donations through the website, there are options of funeral tributes, with donations in lieu of flowers to go to SAHMRI, or perhaps special occasion tributes in lieu of gifts at Christmas to this vital institution. Bequests can also be left as part of estates, so as to continue the great work already being carried out at SAHMRI. SAHMRI also have a Windows Campaign, which allows anyone to "buy a window pane" in memory of a loved one, or it can even be an existing family member or friend. If you haven't already taken the opportunity to visit SAHMRI, would highly recommend you do so.
Like me, you'll be gob-smacked by not just the building itself but what wonderful work is being done within its walls.

So as part of your weekend activities around Adelaide, make it a longer weekend by taking the Friday off as well as experiencing a tour through the complex.
As South Australians, we can be proud of what is being achieved already at SAHMRI, and it is important that we shout from the rooftops and tell as many people as we can about the future potential of medical research. It is an interesting visit, inspiring really. Till then, I had thought it was an air-con unit for the hospital.
I was in Adelaide recently, from Sydney, and my accommodation was directly across the road from the SAHMRI.
The College just off the East Coast Road that connects Chennai with Pondicherry and beyond.
Chennai itself is well connected with the rest of the country and the world by air, rail and road. The college also utilized 150 beds of Vivekanand Hospital for the same purpose so had 1100 beds for teaching against the 700 beds required by MCI. It has also given stress to develop the effectiveness of the faculty by organizing training programmes.

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