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If you fail to do so, you will lose several years (the years preparing for medical school and years during medical school) and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Remember not to choose a medical school based on how much you will enjoy the place as a vacation. The drop-out rate is the most important criteria because you will need to graduate from medical school before you can become a doctor. Availability of rotations is the second most important criteria because it will determine how smoothly your third and fourth year of medical school will go. If rotational spots are constantly unavailable, it could delay or even impede your path to becoming a doctor. Although Saba Medical School has the lowest tuition, it is ineligible for US federal loans.
The ease or difficulty in securing rotation spots were from Caribbean medical school forums. Pls am a nigerian, i want to attented a medical university in us, plz i need recomendations that is not costly and tofel or forieng exam is not strongly recomended for international student. Hello Jean, I am looking a possibly going to med school in the Carribean and noticed that you said that your son attended Saba University. I believe attrition is anyone who leaves the school for any reason: drop out, transfer, etc. Do you want to help your premed child get into med school…without having to nag or stress them out? The post How to Boost Your PreMed’s GPA appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Probably the biggest challenge for international medical graduates is securing a residency program after completing medical school.
If your child is interested in an international program, make sure you both do your research. If your child’s application is competitive, but he just didn’t make the cut, he might consider an osteopathic medical program.
They are fully licensed physicians; they train in the same residency programs, take the same national board exams, and sit for the identical USMLE exams that the MD students do. If your premed cares more about being a doctor than the letters following his name, the DO route is definitely something to think about. This is a popular route, especially for applicants who did well on the MCAT but need some help with their GPA. The quality of the institution offering the courses is important – community college won’t cut it. This is another preferred route for would-be reapplicants, because it provides opportunities for more independent, self-directed research and demonstrates scientific acumen. Master’s programs aren’t right for everybody – your child might not want to commit to a multiyear program, or might not be confident about his academic performance. Because SMPs have a reputation as a more certain path to medical school, they can be quite competitive. The post Med Schools Increase Enrollment by 25% Since 2002 appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
What do these results and the soaring number of medical school spots mean to you as a premed? This part of the medical school application can be time consuming since you will have to enter in the title, units, and grade as well as classification for every college level class you’ve ever taken. The post What Not to Do on the Medical School Coursework Section appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Even if the class does not appear on your high school transcript, if you received college credit for a class you took in high school, list it in the coursework section of your medical school application. Even if you took classes at another school as part of an exchange program at your school, list the university where you took the class and received the course credit. Using your own handwritten notes or an old unofficial copy of your transcripts can be dangerous. If you’re not sure whether you should list a class as BCPM or not, read the course description. While this may not seem like an important part of the application, the cumulative and science GPA’s that are calculated using the information you share will play a major role in how the selection committee views your application.
Alicia McNease Nimonkar is an Accepted advisor and editor specializing in healthcare admissions.
Grab your seat for an event that will make a huge impact on your AMCAS application’s success!
Register now to get one step closer to a stronger, more impressive, highly competitive, and timely AMCAS application! This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top medical schools and the med school application process. Kaity: That’s not an interesting story by any means – this is where I found myself accepted!
Kaity: My school works on an organ systems based curriculum, split up into 2 more foundational modules + 7 systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive, endocrine and reproductive, musculoskeletal, and neuroscience and behavior). Accepted: Looking back at the med school application process, what would you say was your greatest challenge? So all in all there were quite a few timing issues that delayed my application being processed, which delayed every subsequent step in the process and left me freaking out for a solid chunk of the year. So I guess my biggest advice is to start everything as early as possible; I talked with my letter writers and handed out my forms and information months before I was planning to submit my AMCAS and still had problems getting them to remember to turn everything in. I keep up with my classwork without a problem and still find myself with time to cook semi-elaborate meals and work out and watch something on Netflix and read a little for fun before going to bed. There’s also a lot of figuring out how you work best that goes into balancing your time. When it comes to being a busy student, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish with your time and then work for it. And never forget to do something for yourself every day – be it an hour of running at the gym or an episode or two of a TV show, or making a nice dinner. Kaity: I started my blog almost five years ago (which is crazy to think about!), when I was getting ready to travel to France to study abroad and wanted a good means to record my activities and memories of the experience. As far as spring fashion advice – I’m not a fashionista by any means, I love to wear what makes me happy! You can follow Kaity’s adventures through medicine by checking out her blog here or by following her on Twitter or Instagram.
For one-on-one guidance on your med school applications, please see our catalog of med school admissions services.
While the activities section of the application may not seem as important as the others, it can be. The post What Not to Do in the Activities Section of Your Medical School Application appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication by using every space available to detail how well you have prepared yourself for medical school.
If you have mostly participated in research throughout college, the selection committee will not feel bad rejecting you as it will appear that you are already well on your way to embarking on a career in research or a PhD track.
When looking at your activities, check to see if you can mark off the following categories: clinical experience, non-clinical volunteer work, leadership, research and teamwork.
To put your best foot forward, take the time to write complete sentences for your activity descriptions. Hopefully, these tips will help you produce an activity section that you will be proud to submit.
Do you want to help your pre-med child get into med school…without having to nag or stress them out? It can be nerve-wracking to determine how to best support your son or daughter during the application process to medical school.
Encourage your child to visit pre-med advisors on a regular basis, especially while in the thick of applying. Attending pre-med fairs or conferences can provide valuable information to students and parents.
You may also benefit by connecting with other parents of pre-meds so that you can support each other through the process. The application process can increase anxiety, so it’s important to stick to your routine to minimize stress. As the application season progresses and anxiety is rising, avoid bringing up the topic of medical school admissions or calling medical schools on your son or daughter’s behalf. In my experience as a post-bac program director, I have known so many students who have applied to medical school unsuccessfully but who used that experience to help mold themselves into stronger applicants who later earned an acceptance. Using these suggestions can help you navigate the stress of your pre-med’s application process. However, if despite these suggestions, your child is struggling with the process or has been rejected, and you want to help your child but aren’t quite sure how to do so, please contact us and review our services. If you have experienced any form of social, economic or educational disadvantage at any time in your life, you can apply to medical school as a disadvantaged applicant. The post What Not to Do in a Statement of Disadvantage appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Sharing your opinions here will not help to support or explain your status as a disadvantaged applicant.
You can include any details about your childhood, adolescence and early adulthood that are relevant.
If the paragraph focuses only on the background and struggles of your parents or siblings, you may need to revise it to include more information about yourself. This short paragraph is not the space to begin to work through any family issues that you have not yet resolved.

Having read hundreds of these essays in a decade of experience in admissions, these have been the most unsuccessful approaches that I’ve witnessed.
The post A Cure for MCAT Anxiety and Lots More MCAT Advice [Episode 153] appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Meet Bryan Schnedeker, National MCAT Director for Next Step Test Prep and a standardized test expert.
The cornerstone of good MCAT prep is AAMC practice exams, and with the new exam, that resource was going away, so Next Step revamped and created new materials, including full length practice exams.
Go to the Caribbean medical school sections for the reasons why it will be a tough road to doctorhood.
When the school accepts you, does it really believe you have what it takes to become a doctor? The less you worry about securing spots for rotations, the more time you have to impress your attendings and do well. George Medical School is the most expensive, but it maximizes the chance for you to become a doctor. Its tuition is competitive, its attrition rate is low, there shouldn’t be any problems for securing rotational spots, and its class size is comparatively low. The attrition rate is atrocious, which would be the main deterrent for attending the school. Click on the link if you want more tips and hints about getting accepted into medical school. But I think there is a high attrition rate because there are not enough rotation spots in the 3rd and 4th year for all students. Ross prepared me well for my residency in internal medicine and I do not recall a 50% drop out rate. My sister got admission at Texila American University, Guyana and they proposed a good plan of what their education is, but, now, everything is just a contrary… Bcas she has gone there.
There are few other schools in Caribbean where the quality of education is better and also affordable for Indian students.
I want to attend a medical school in the carribbean(apart from the big 4) that has a high USMLE rate and at least a 70 percent chances of getting a resident position in US hospitals and also affordable. I am wondering if you can give me some information on his thoughts of the University there as compared to U.S. The school has a history of putting people into residencies throughout the US (though they do have some negatives I was warned about). If they get California approval soon, they’ll be up there with the SGU, Ross, Saba, and AUC in terms of where their physicians can practice and getting federal aid from the US gov.
I am attracted to Saba’s small class sizes and safe island, but am concerned about the high attrition rate. Please I’d like to get some indepth info on the usmle for Windsor and ST George’s and also what are the chances of securing a job in the us after studying in the carribeans? This series has loads of concrete, actionable advice that will help your premed discover their competitive advantage and get Accepted!  A low GPA is probably the hardest area to improve. Only 54% of IMGs match to PGY1 programs, although the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates reports a consistent increase in this number over the past decade. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) focus on integrating the whole person into the healthcare process, which makes them especially strong in family practice, general internal medicine, and pediatrics. Your child’s chance of securing a residency might be less but the steady rise in DO matches suggests that any stigma against osteopathic physicians is waning. There are a number of programs worth exploring: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lincoln Memorial (Harrogate, TN), Nova Southeastern (Ft.
Retaking science classes can show that one has mastered the material, but a better strategy is for your premed to take advanced classes and do well. The best option is to see if your premed’s own alma mater will allow him to take additional courses; often this can be done at a reduced cost.
Or he might not have the minimum GPA required for admittance in the first place, ruling out this option. Students are immersed in a rigorous science-based curriculum almost identical to what they will face in medical school; often, they are even taking classes or being graded alongside first year med students. A 3.0 GPA and either a 17 on the MCAT or 70th percentile on the GRE is required for entry to the program.
Successful completion of their coursework enables them to continue on for another year to earn the MS of Medical Science.
In 2015, 84% of medical schools stated that they had, or planned to have within the next two years, detailed admissions programs or policies solely for the purpose of recruiting a diverse student body interested in providing care to underserved populations. 50% stated that they were worried about their own incoming students’ capacity to find residency positions, and 85% reported being concerned about the availability of clinical locations for clerkships – the required training for third- and fourth-years students must complete before graduation. MD-granting schools is growing, the number of colleges of osteopathic medicine is surging at an unprecedented rate, which has dramatically increased the number of osteopathic medical students. It can make your application look even better, if you got started on your Bachelor’s Degree before you even graduated from high school. Order an official copy of your transcripts to make sure that you are up to date on the status of all of your coursework and grades. Make sure that all classes that should be considered BCPM are and that you double check dates and grades.
Prior to joining Accepted, Alicia worked for five years as Student Advisor at UC Davis’ postbac program where she both evaluated applications and advised students applying successfully to med school and related programs. I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham for undergrad, where I double majored in biology and French with a minor in chemistry. I had an unexpectedly rough time with the application process (more details in a later question) that wound up with everything delayed and me finally getting interview invitations in March, so I really was thankful to find myself going anywhere.
I did well in my classes in undergrad, I was active with volunteering and leadership projects, but my MCAT score was nothing remarkable; I spent a lengthy amount of time picking out schools that I felt were in reach of my statistics to accommodate for this.
I was using the summer term to finish up the last bits of my coursework, so I waited until August to make sure that my transcript would be up to date to reflect this – I found out sometime in spring that this hadn’t happened.
How do you make sure that med school doesn’t totally take over your life, but still ensure that you’re getting all your work done and making the most of your experience? Medical school is a tough endeavor, but it’s only going to take over your life if you let it.
I’ve discovered that I kind of hate trying to study in the afternoon – I prefer morning and evening instead. Your health (physical, mental, emotional, whatever) should always be your first priority – otherwise you won’t be able to make anything else happen. If you prefer to work on projects by yourself, your activities will reveal that you are a loner. It could indicate that you are difficult to work with, or that you have difficulty making a long-term commitment and sticking to it. This series has loads of concrete, actionable advice that will help your pre-med discover their competitive advantage and get accepted! Most college campuses also have a writing center or learning skills center that provide free assistance with academic or application essays, though they generally have a time limit per student. Encourage your child to network with other pre-meds or professionals in the health sciences.
Reach out to anyone you know who has a child who is pre-med or in medical school or is pursuing a healthcare-related profession education.
By setting this example, your pre-med will find it easier to maintain balance, even while applying. By staying positive about her options and chances, you will be able to help decrease her stress level. As you demonstrate your coping skills and strategies, she will follow your example and learn how to deal effectively with the stresses and challenges of life. The Accepted consultants are happy to guide your child through the medical school admission process. When you specify that you are applying as disadvantaged, you will have a new section to complete in your application. Focusing only on college or not sharing information that may explain why you were not prepared to enter college, like attending low performing public schools that did not have enough materials for students, could hurt your application. I don’t recommend complaining, accusing or writing anything negative about other family members or people here. If the tone is one of gratitude, the selection committee may be impressed that you have found ways to thrive despite severe disadvantages. Avoiding the common pitfalls listed above will help you provide the selection committee with the information that they need to give your application a fair evaluation.
He scored 44 on the old MCAT and a perfect 180 on the LSAT, and has worked in test prep for more than 20 years.
The less debt you have, the better you are able to choose a specialty based on your interests and instead of the accompanying salary.
This results in a higher interest rate on the school loan.As of July 2013, Saba is eligible for US federal loans. It has the lowest attrition rate and offers the easiest path throughout clinical rotations. Since you are a Saba student, I am wondering if you would be able to provide some insight into the attrition rates – 40-50% seems very high! How do you rank Ross at the bottom when it placed more than 733 students into competitive residency positions last year (2012). If you have better data that compares the big 4 schools, I would be happy to revise my ranking.
He is finishing his residency in June and has gotten a job with a major hospital as a hospitalist. But I’m kinda deterred from the attrition rate… Information on the quality of the rotations and the campus culture, PLEASE!!!

Not to mention it’s on one of the most developed Caribbean islands with only a 45-minute flight from Florida (the USA). George’s University, and the American University of the Caribbean have consistently high placement rates.
Lauderdale, FL), Touro (Vallejo, CA, Lake Erie (Erie, PA), and Western University (Pomona) all have strong programs that are less competitive. If your child has any doubt about his ability to get an A, then this is probably not the best path for him. If this doesn’t work out, Syracuse University has a very useful list of programs that offer post-bac courses in the sciences.
Keep in mind though that applicants need to excel in their coursework and finish the entire program; making below-average grades or dropping out before the program ends will do premeds more harm than good when they reapply to med school. Success in these courses can show the admissions committee that your child is ready for medical training, which means that once he’s accepted into a special master’s program, the odds are very good that he’ll eventually get into medical school. The program runs for two semesters; the majority of courses are taught by faculty in the medical school. Success in the program guarantees admission to Drexel’s Masters of Biological Science or the IMS course. Since 2002, 20 new medical schools have opened, accounting for 37% of the overall projected growth by 2020-2021.
Almost 80% of schools have established or plan to establish programs or policies for minority groups now underrepresented in medicine. By 2020-2021 the study anticipates an increase in osteopathic first- year enrollment of 185% over the baseline of 2002-2003. Let the pros at Accepted help you discover your competitive advantage today when you choose from our med school admissions consulting & editing services. Besides entering in the basic information about each class, you’ll need to specify whether it is a BCPM or AO course. Otherwise, it could look like you’re trying to hide something if you do not share all the information as accurately as possible. I’ve gotten numerous phone calls over the years with students in a panic over what they accidentally entered.
I started taking classes freshman year of high school, and I’m now the proud owner of a French degree that I wish I had more opportunity to use on a regular basis. My friends and family all love to make fun of me for this, but I really can’t handle the creepy little things.
In undergrad I actually had the opportunity to lobby Alabama congressmen both in Washington, D.C. I applied widely and ended up only interviewing at the two in-state schools, and of the two options I infinitely preferred my current program.
Then I discovered in November that my committee letter hadn’t been submitted because no one had bothered to inform me that the prehealth office was missing part of my paperwork. Then I can fill in the in between with things I think of as I’m going through my day. So most afternoons I find myself catching up on other things before diving back into productivity after the sun goes away. I attend a lot of interest group meetings and I volunteer for a variety of things every semester. I discovered so many interesting bloggers and writers doing such cool things with the internet during those first few months of figuring things out that I got hooked. Recently, I reviewed the application of a student who was rejected last cycle—the only negative thing in her application was the fact that she included only seven activities. Make sure that you include some activities that you have participated in for at least one year or longer—the longer, the better. Reading or citing statistics about the intense competition en route to medical school doesn’t help.
For further or more personalized assistance, working with consultants like those of us at Accepted can provide an additional edge. If your child welcomes your attendance, consider going along; if she would rather go by herself, respect her preference and don’t attend. Perhaps doctors or healthcare professionals you know may even be willing to allow your child to shadow them or their colleagues. To prevent unnecessary stress, allow your child to be the person who gives you regular progress updates. There may be times in the application process that students need this additional level of overwhelmingly upbeat self-affirmation. Applying to medical school demonstrates a high level of commitment to others and the pursuit of academic achievement. In addition to accessing the expertise of med school admission professionals, turning to us can reduce the tension between you and your adult child.
AMCAS will request information about your family income levels, parent education and other questions that help them determine how difficult it was for you to access higher education. Those are valid emotions that you are experiencing, but journal about them elsewhere, go for a walk, or find other healthy ways to address them rather than self sabotaging yourself by expressing them in your statement of disadvantage. If you attempt to manipulate or elicit pity by exaggerating or telling the reader how to feel about the events of your life, the response will not be positive. At Next Step, individual tutoring is the entire business – so even their publications are built around that model (customizing for individual needs).
The lower your child’s GPA and the more classes he’s taken, the longer it will take him to reflect improvements in his academic record. What sets them apart is that they make up for any lack in their initial qualifications by working harder than the average medical student. Seven additional schools are currently waiting for accreditation and could increase the percentage. 67% are working toward increasing the number of students from disadvantaged upbringings, and 49% are targeting students from rural populations. The class size is smaller, the people are friendlier, and the interview experience itself made such a vastly different, more positive impression on me.
Then I had trouble getting in touch with my last letter writer, who didn’t upload her letter to AMCAS until January. I decided to keep my blogging going after I returned home, and my content has expanded and evolved based on what’s going on with my life.
Talk with your son or daughter about the resources and support they will need while applying. If your pre- med is interested in shadowing and requests your help in arranging for such a position, your initial introduction could be of tremendous assistance to her application cause.
The most important piece of information that you can provide in this area of the application is the Statement of Disadvantage. Celebrate what has gone right or what you have been able to do despite the difficulties that have presented themselves. I’m wondering if your reply will automatically be sent to my email or if I need to give you my email address?
I think the best schools to go to in the Caribbean are SGU and Saba (based on my own research).
They’re heavily involved in university activities, community healthcare initiatives, and international competitions. Schools in the southern United States will account for 42% of the growth in medical school admissions by the end of the decade.
Medical schools calculate a cumulative, science and “all other” GPA that they use in review of your application.
I love talking about clothes (major overspender here) and I love talking about my education, so those two themes have kind of emerged with time as the major talking points. And maybe try out something a little floral – I hear that’s pretty groundbreaking this time of year.
With the right guidance and a little perspective, however, you and your pre-med can survive – even thrive. Encourage your child not to babysit the physical or virtual mailbox and to be involved in other activities and projects. You have 1,325 characters that you can use to explain any factors that impacted your education, from the beginning of your life to your graduation from college. Any events that had a direct impact on the resources available to you should be included from before birth to graduation from college. If your child does decide to attend an international medical school, realize that there will be other challenges – from language barriers to culture shock – that could affect your child’s studies.
And Ireland’s Atlantic Bridge program, although quite competitive, is flexible in its approach to the GPAs of qualified American and Canadian students. I got selected as an officer for our AMWA chapter, so now I’m contacting women physicians in the area to create our event schedule.
Applications can become a painful topic for them and bringing it up before exams or while they are focused on other goals can derail their progress in those other activities. You can even have an open and honest conversation with them early in the application process about how they would like to manage the topic.
These details will simply provide the selection committee with the information that they need to understand just how hard you had to work to meet your educational goals.

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