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ShareFor students who want to be doctors, undergraduate admissions is only the beginning of the scary admissions process.
I didn’t go through all of the links but the few that I did look at spoke about a 7 year accelerated MD degree. Could you provide me with a few examples of universities that offer acceptance to med school straight out of high school?
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Medical schools are notoriously difficult to gain acceptance to and can cause students high amounts of anxiety. If a student decides she doesn’t want to attend medical school or wants to apply to a different medical school, the programs permit it (though you should check with each individual school).
Over 50 colleges and universities in the United States, however, offer early acceptance to medical school for high school seniors.
Many of these programs are competitive but others accommodate a wide range of motivated learners.

Sometimes, these programs will even allow students to finish medical school in 6 or 7 years instead of the typical 8. The colleges range from the most selective, Brown University, to smaller schools like Rosemont College which has a partnership with Drexel University School of Medicine.

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