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Currently, 134 medical schools in USA, accredited by the Association of American Medical Colleges, award Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees. The MD programs of four years duration is usually divided into pre-clinical education that lasts roughly for about two years and clinical study, in which students gain clinical experience in the different wards of the hospital. For students planning to study medicine in the US, here is a list of the top medical schools of the country. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1765, is the oldest medical school in the United States. The Washington University School of Medicine shares its campus with other affiliated hospitals including St.
Established in 1930, Duke University Medical School is the youngest among the premium medical schools of USA. The School of Medicine at Stanford admits students who are passionate about a career in medicine. Students applying for the program are required to complete at least three years of pre med courses at the undergraduate level. The medical schools also take into account the clinical work experience, research and volunteering activities of the applicants.

The curriculum of the medical school requires students to study biological, clinical, behavioral and social sciences. Students visit the different hospitals and clinics affiliated to the Medical School to gain clinical experience. Since its foundation in the last decade of the 19th century, the curriculum of Johns Hopkins has been considered the model of medical education in the United States.
Louise Children’s Hospital, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Siteman Cancer Center, Rehabilitation Institute of St Louise and Center for Advanced Medicine. In the first year of the four-year MD program, students are taught the core basic sciences. In addition to providing in-depth knowledge of medical sciences and clinical practices, the MD curriculum of the medical school helps each student to develop expertise and scholarly interest in specific areas of interest through the scholarly concentration programs.
Starting a career in medicine as a doctor, surgeon, nurse or hospital administrator begins with a solid education and that's exactly what the best medical schools in the world provide for thousands of students each year.
The pre-clinical curriculum, spanning for the first two years of the program, focuses on the fundamentals of medicine.

The students of the medical school serve these prominent health care and research facilities of the university.
News and World Report ranks Harvard University as their number one medical school, this list ranks the best medical schools by votes.
Add which colleges and universities you think offer the best medical programs by adding your list below!Just as the same colleges routinely rank above and beyond others in general college rankings and for having the best law schools, those universities also come in atop the list of the best medical schools. Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University come in as just a few of the best medical schools in the United States. For everyone who grew up wanting nothing more than to be that top doctor or surgeon, these schools (and tens of thousands of dollars for tuition) can help you make that dream come true.
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