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Female herpes, male herpes and herpes simplex in children is growing at an alarming rate.  Though there is herpes simplex medicine available to help, there are no cures.
Herpes Simplex Type 1 and 2 are incurable viral infections which cycle through resting periods where there are no signs or symptoms of the disease, and flare-ups or outbreaks. If you are pregnant and have genital herpes , if there is an outbreak at the time of birth, your child could contract the disease and they themselves could later infect others.

DisclaimerPlease note that we don’t guarantee correctness and accuracy of any of the information published in this website. They are treatable and there is research being done to provide more treatment options for herpes, and to find a cure for these two types of viral infections. If you are pregnant, it is important for you to talk with your doctor about the condition as well as how you can prevent your children from becoming victim to it.

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