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The first question is easier:  there is a very good chance you were shedding virus during the sexual activities you describe, since shedding often starts several hours (up to a day or two) before symptoms start.
En France, 10 millions de personnes sont touchees par le virus de l’herpes a des degres et des localisations diverses. Once the mother has been infected, subsequent pregnancies should be unaffected as she will have made enough antibodies to keep the virus in check. Sebuah penelitian lain menemukan bahwa mengobati HSV dapat mengakibatkan penurunan yang bermakna pada viral load HIV.

Many of the city hotels appeal to business people, and travelers looking for a different side to Puerto Rico. For this reason, it is recommended that a pregnant female dog be isolated from other dogs for the last three weeks of pregnancy and the first three weeks after birth. While many people think of Puerto Rico simply in terms of beaches, you’ll find that Old San Juan offers much more and is the heart of the island. Artinya, apabila yang terinfeksi adalah kulit wajah, maka hanya area itu saja yang terserang.

L’herpes est une maladie contagieuse a recidives dont on peut difficilement se debarrasser definitivement.
Une des premieres MST par sa frequence, l’herpes genital est du, le plus souvent, au virus HSV-2 dont les recidives peuvent etre frequentes pendant de nombreuses annees.

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