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Intro: Medicinal Plants And Their UsesIf you're lost in the wilderness, one can easily get sick, hurt themselves, and walk into that well-placed poison ivy. Step 1: Juniper And Juniper BerriesJuniper can grow to be a large shrub, and is in the evergreen family.
Step 3: Dandelions A common weed, dandelions are actually great for the human body, internally and externally. You don't have any medicine, so how are you to make sure that you will be healed in time for rescue?

With this instructable, you can learn how to find and use plants to your medicinal advantage. If you are hesitant about eating medicine that does not come as a little sterile pill, consider this: that little pill is made out of plants, but only a bunch of other stuff is added to that pill.
Please keep in mind to wash the plant you are using, as the plant could have contaminates that will make your situation worse.
By simply eating juniper leaves, the plant will greatly aid chronic and repetitive urinary infection. Also, the plants are based on North American plants, so I am sorry if these plants are not found in your area.

However, if you have a kidney infection, the results will be horrendous to your kidneys and the rest of your body.

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