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Saudi Arabia is the largest pharmaceutical market in the Gulf, valued at SR 19.1 billion, according to a report issued by Alpen Capital on the GCC pharmaceutical market. Saudi Arabia has one of the largest manufacturing industries, with around 15 to 20 manufacturing facilities. In a survey conducted by Arab News, 52 percent of the 250 male and female respondents aged between 20 and 60 said they would rather purchase a Western-made brand rather than rely on Arab or locally manufactured pharmaceuticals.
Among the other participants, 24 percent indicated that they would try an Arab-made medicine, but only if it was cheaper than its Western counterpart. The respondents, which expressed a preference for Western-made pharmaceutical brands listed trust as the main reason governing their choice. She added that countries such as Syria, Egypt and Jordan do not monitor the quality of the medicine and substitute cheaper ingredients as alternatives. Agreeing with her, Nowaf Ibrahim, a pilot and father of one, expressed the opinion that pharmaceutical products produced in the Middle East are not as effective as their counterparts in the US or European countries. He added that many of the drugs produced by Arab states have been discovered to have harmful side effects, which may only be discovered years after their presence in local markets.

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When your body is exaggerated  by such illnesses it can take quite a while to feel your self again. Remember when it comes to using an allergy medicine is to follow proper dosage instructions and always take your medicine as your doctor told you to.
Despite these figures, Saudi customers have cited concerns regarding the quality and effectiveness of locally manufactured medicine. However, the majority of what is produced locally is exported, while 15 percent is supplied to the 4,000 pharmacies across the country. On the other hand, 21 percent expressed the view that they trust Arab–made medicine regardless of the price. For this reason, I usually bring medicine from America rather than rely on local products,”he said.
With the busy schedule that most people have it can be virtually impossible to just stop taking care of them and focus on getting yourself better.

Educate yourself on any medication before you start taking it or you will end up getting even worse because the allergy medicine will counteract when it is not being used properly.Always check the expiry dates before taking or applying products. Preventative care by taking medicine is a must.If you take controlled drugs (such as methadone) check the law for taking them into foreign countries as there may be restrictions.
All out-dated products can be taken to your local pharmacist for proper safe disposal and the most important thing do not dump or pour them down the sink or toilet. A letter from your doctor must be obtained, and if you plan to be gone for more than three months you will also need to obtain a personal license to carry the drugs.

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