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Separating each medication into a pill box can also make it easier to take the right medication at the right time. Using computerized pill boxes.  For seniors with memory difficulties, computerized pill boxes will open when it’s time to take the medication, and sound an alarm until it is taken. Our clients should be aware that our volunteers cannot provide any medication management.  If you want to continue living at home, but need help managing medications, licensed home care providers can help you. First, prepare for your detox by setting aside a quiet three-day weekend when you won’t be disturbed by family or friends. Eat only fruit on Saturday and Sunday limiting your total intake to about three pounds a day. Engage in moderate exercise during your fast, such as stretches, gentle yoga or pleasant walks.  The activity will stimulate the release of toxins and boost circulation and appetite. Gradually reintroduce a normal diet after your fast.  Don’t immediately pig out on rich foods. Instead, spend about a week avoiding dairy foods and high-fat meals while your body readjusts itself. An alternative to this type of fruit fast is an idea from the book “Fit for Life”, where the authors advise daily fruit fasting until noon.  This is a wonderful way to maintain detox on a daily basis. Australia's position in a complex market and supply chain means more outages are ahead, experts have said.

Writing in the Medical Journal of Australia yesterday, Dr Simon Quilty and colleagues from John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle said the penicillin crisis was likely to be repeated with other drugs because of Australia's management of its stocks and position in a complex market and supply chain. If the medication isn’t taken, the computerized pill box records that, and then locks the medication up again.
Please call the office at 425-369-9120 if you or your family member needs a referral to home care providers in our community. Fasting will boost your immune system, slow aging, stabilize your weight, and revive your energy levels. Avoid acidic citrus fruits, but choose a wide variety of others — like apples, grapes peaches, apricots or even kiwi—to keep snack times interesting. Lay In a supply of good books, your favorite CDs and videos you want to see so that you’ll be entertained while you’re fasting. Concentrate on fruits, vegetables and salads and avoid heavy fried foods, sugary sweets and high-fat snacks. Add about 450 grams of Epsom salts to the warm bath water climb In and relax for about 20 minutes — then dress warmly and go straight to bed. Your energy levels may not be high, and you’d do best to relax, sleep and enjoy your leisure. You may suffer minor constipation, headaches, low ered body temperature and fatigue.These are normal reactions to a fast, but If they worry you check with )our doctor just to be safe.

They said a recent stocktake of drugs in a NSW health service revealed many in limited supply. Taking the wrong drugs together could cause an adverse reaction.  In fact, 40 percent of all adverse drug reactions occur in people over 60. Of 378 essential medicines, 3 per cent had less than seven days' reserve, 24 per cent had less than 30 days' reserve, and 26 per cent had more than three months' supply.The Age believes that the TGA is working to secure supplies of several crucial drugs, including penicillin. If you are a senior (or are a family member helping one), there are several ways you can help make sure that you’re taking medications correctly, while maintaining your independence.
However, a spokeswoman would not reveal details of the wider problem last night.Dr Quilty said that while Australia had not experienced any other significant medication shortages to his knowledge this year, supply problems had increased globally in recent years, particularly in the US, which had 198 drug shortages over the past three months - more than double what it experienced for the entire year of 2007. She said it was normal for the TGA to manage fluctuating supplies of drugs and that it had systems in place.

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