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Land on the balls of your feet and bend forwards to place the ball back on the floor and repeat the sequence. Any replication, retransmission, reproduction or other unauthorised use of images and photos from this website is strictly prohibited. I’ve posted a couple of other workouts with this structure (here and here) and called them “countdown” routines, but it’s synonymous with pyramid, ladder, etc., and I just decided to switch it up today. You’ll start by going through the four moves, doing 10 reps of each (that’s 10 reps on each side for the side plank twists, and 10x2=20 reps for the kettlebell swings).
Jump lunge mountain climbers: Start in a lunge position and jump up, landing with opposite leg in front, back in a lunge position.
Side plank twists with weight (complete on both sides): Start in a side plank position holding a weight in your outstretched arm parallel to the ground. Medicine ball burpees: This is a regular burpee, only holding on to a medicine ball the whole time. Haha luckily my office building has a locker room & showers with the gym so I rinse off after each workout.
So first time I did it in 34.24, which isn’t too bad for someone who had hip surgery 10 months ago? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

This workout may not be the typical cardio workout you would do, but this is my kind of cardio and if you do this workout you will feel why!
The flow of exercises throughout this workout moves from upper to lower which makes this a full body workout that will have you sweating in no time. Complete the reps for each exercise in the exact order below without any rest between exercises. Lushious Lifts will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere.
The next round, you’ll do 9 reps of each, reducing each round by 1 until you reach the tip of the pyramid where you praise tha lo’ you only have to do 1 measly rep of each exercise.
Place hands flat on ground and do a mountain climber set (one on each side) so that the same foot ends up in front. Twist your body in as if your torso were turning into a regular plank position, and as you do so, bring the weight in across your rib cage, crunching as if hugging yourself. Squat down, placing medicine ball on the ground in front of you, carefully jump back into a plank position, jump back up to squatting, then stand up and jump with your arms (and medicine ball) in the air.
Start with kettlebell down between your legs and, using your arms as a pendulum, swing the bell to slightly above eye level by thrusting with your hips while keeping your core tight as you stand up straight. Love your blog, it’s been a constant source of inspiration to get stronger post surgery.

I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. This workout calls for zero rest, a little bit of weight – thanks to the medicine ball and a lot of moving. Normally, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I have been downing the stuff all week, and so in addition to being incredibly busy, I’m also now incredibly jittery and sweaty. Beginning with the push up, this workout moves into a quick burst of cardio with 100 toe taps following the push ups which will increase your heart rate right away. To make sure you aren’t working one leg more than the other, alternate the front foot on your uneven rounds of 9 reps, 7 reps, etc. Multiply the round by 2 for your rep count (during the first round, you’ll do 10×2= 20 reps). I had a tough time getting through those and then only to see the next exercise is single leg deadlifts – holy!

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