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Does it hook to cable???Gina Miller added this to master bathDecember 31, 2012like this idea, but holy expensive! Next, you need to nail 1x4x15 inch pine boards to the ends of the two 20-inch boards by using 2-inch wood nails and a hammer. If you are done with those steps above, you should draw 16×20 inch rectangles on the wall in the mounting place for recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors at the studs. The next thing to do in installing recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors is attach the ? inch piano hinge to the back edge of wood-framed mirror by using the screws. Bathroom medicine cabinets are not only for storing your medicine but also for complementing the bathroom wall decoration. And you will see there are wide selections of these bathroom medicine cabinets available in the market. Usually, when you are purchasing the hinge and cordless drill package, you also get some screws which are included into the package. Due to this reason, they need to design their bathroom properly to avoid a crumpled look in their bathroom.

The first thing to do is to draw two 18-inch length wide lines on two 1x4x20 inch pine boards with a line 1-inch from each length-wise edge of the boards. Do it with 1-inch brad nails spaced at 1-inch intervals and ? inch from the edge of plywood. After that, you need to drive a 2x4x15 inch board between two studs and make sure it is flush with the bottom of the drywall hole.
You need to pre-drill the screw hole into the front of the framed mirror before screwing the cabinet knob in the hole. This cabinet may have small size and mounted on the wall but it has important role to add the beautiful bathroom interior look. Use the drill to make holes with ? inch diameter which is 1 inch apart along the two lines on 20-inch boards.
It is important for you to place two studs on the wall where you are planning to install the recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors.
The last step is screwing the piano hinge into the exposed edge of the medicine cabinet’s frame.

Insert the medicine cabinet to the hole in the drywall before drilling two 4-inch wood screws into the bottom of the cabinet and two in each side. If you are cutting a hole into the wall to add the medicine cabinet, you need to do it to an interior wall rather than an exterior wall where the cabinet would interfere with the insulation. So, the small bathroom will not have too busy wall decoration when mirror and these bathroom medicine cabinets are shortened as one. By setting the cabinet inside the interior wall, you will be able to complete the project much easier. It is important for you to use the right tools and proper planning to prevent plumbing and electrical wiring. Make sure you are not pulling on any electrical wires which do not have enough slack to be moved.

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