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In addition to being partners in SAIN (Southern Alberta Information Network), we work together to provide delivery of materials and access to services and resources.
Medicine Hat College students, staff, and faculty can use their College ID cards to borrow material from any of the twelve public libraries in the Shortgrass Library System.
To start borrowing materials from the Medicine Hat College Libraries, Shortgrass patrons can register at MHC libraries either in person (in Medicine Hat or Brooks) or by calling the Vera Bracken Library circulation desk at (403) 529-3867. Free parking is available at Medicine Hat College on weekdays after 5:00 pm and all day on weekends. For more details about the One Community, One Card project, please see the FAQ on the MHC Library website.
OIART graduates enjoy an average job placement rate of almost 90% within 6 months of graduation and have worked with successful artists and projects worldwide. Statistics Canada provides university undergraduate tuition fees for full-time Canadian students, by discipline, by province. Posted deadlines may be extended beyond the posted date until the program has reached capacity.
Check out the Portage College website or give them a call for all upcoming course offerings and fees.
The Campus Navigator tool on helps students and parents compare and rank schools. Medicine Hat College welcomes its international students to a life long educational experience.

Medicine Hat College has got programs in many fields and you can choose to graduate with a certificate, diploma and a growing number of degree options! The quality programming allows you to complete a number of degree and applied degree programs at Medicine Hat College or study to transfer to one of the partner institutions to complete your program. The City of Medicine Hat, home of the Medecine Hat College is a thriving city of approximately 60,426 residents. Recreational facilities in Medicine Hat are diverse and offer a number of different activities for every season. The community boasts six golf courses, three indoor and four outdoor swimming pools, six indoor ice arenas, indoor and outdoor waterslides, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a skateboard park, and BMX track. Student residence is also offered to international students providing them with a modern, condominium-style dorm located on campus. Since living in Medicine Hat for the past few years, I have seen a considerable number of people come through my doors, with the mention of training at MHC.
Graduates of the program can apply to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission for credit for Level 1 Carpentry training.
Mary's College of California; University of San Francisco or San Francisco State University. Students are invited to learn, to enjoy and to thrive on all that Medicine Hat College has to offer you. Their international activity is guided by the philosophy that education and learning is greatly enhanced by an understanding of different cultures, languages and peoples.

The class sizes remain small at Medicine Hat college, the facilities modern and the quality of instruction is second to none. Make the most of your college experience and check out the numerous extracurricular activities on both campuses.
Located in southeastern Alberta, it is an excellent destination for all ages at any time of the year. The College continues to participate in educational projects overseas, and welcomes many international students to Medicine Hat each year. Athletic opportunities, clubs, weight room facilities and organized events are just some of the opportunities that await you.
The Homestay experience is an ideal way to practice English and learn about Canadian culture. With no placement fee and one of the most affordable Homestay prices available in Canada, students will enjoy a secure, stable, and affordable experience! All meals are included and students have the options whether or not they wish to be in a home with pets, children, smoking or non-smoking. Students should complete the Homestay section of the application form and specify any special requests.

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