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The Smilow Center for Translational Research brings Penn basic scientists and physicians together to deliver discoveries quickly and effectively to patients. Chestnut Hill resident William Smilow, president and founder of Great Oak Holdings, Inc., serves on the Penn Medicine Cardiovascular Institute Leadership Council, where he was first introduced to the research advances taking place on the Penn campus. Joel Smilow and Family have long been major donors to the medical field, most notably with the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Joel E.
In the youth services sector, Joel Smilow is the naming donor for nine Boys & Girls Clubs of America clubhouses in various parts of the United States. Penn Medicine is one of the world's leading academic medical centers, dedicated to the related missions of medical education, biomedical research, and excellence in patient care. Penn Medicine is committed to improving lives and health through a variety of community-based programs and activities. As a physician specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, I know that stem cell therapy is an impressive tool in my line of work, whether it’s used to treat low back pain resulting from disc degeneration or osteoarthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder and other joints.
So it’s been very eye-opening to learn about how stem cell research is progressing as a potential treatment option for patients with many other conditions, from Parkinson’s disease to multiple sclerosis and even erectile dysfunction and hair loss. At the 2014 World Stem Cell Summit in San Antonio earlier this month, I was honored to present on an expert’s panel in addition to attending many of the seminars as a summit-goer.  What I learned there and at another recent conference in Florida was truly mind-blowing in terms of the possible applications for stem cell therapy.
Stem cells are like blank sheets of paper that have the potential to become skin, muscle, bone or other types of cells.  There was a fair bit of controversy in the early 2000s over the use of embryonic stem cells in research. A company I am familiar with, Bioheart, has developed a trademarked Myocell clinical cell therapy which is being studied as a treatment for those who have suffered heart attacks. Bioheart also recently announced a cardiologist in Azerbaijan had conducted the first successful intracoronary implantation of autologous adipose-derived stem cell in a 70-year-old man suffering from ischemic heart disease.
Be clear that these are experimental treatments, but all approved treatments today started as experiments.

It’s still decades away they say, but the fountain of youth has been a discovery sought after for centuries, so a few decades seems like a short wait for such a grand prize.
Until then, remember that healthy diet and exercise are still the only proven ways to fend off Father Time.
Clinical faculty within the research program come from a variety of backgrounds, including pediatrics, neurology, genetics and neurophysiology. The gift also establishes the William Smilow Professorship in the field of cardiovascular medicine and the William Smilow Award for Innovation in Clinical Excellence. The collaborative, innovative design of the Smilow Center for Translational Research helps research teams accelerate targeted scientific discoveries for a wide range of diseases and train the next generation of physician-scientists.
But researchers have since discovered ways to create cells like embryonic stem cells without destroying human embryos, which has helped lessen the criticism over this important scientific work. In October, researchers from a company now known as Ocata Therapeutics reported they had created new retina cells from embryonic stem cells for 18 patients who were suffering serious vision loss. The process involves taking a piece of thigh muscle, isolating the muscle stem cells and processing them for injection into the scar tissue of a patient’s heart.
Essentially, the surgical team took the patient’s own stomach tissue and treated it in a solution that was injected into the patient’s heart in a 10-minute procedure that, hopefully, will improve cardiac function. Clinical studies are under way for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, such as chronic emphysema, in which stem cells are being inhaled with the hope of regenerating damaged lung tissue. There will be trial and error but the promise of stem cell therapy makes this an almost miraculous time for people like me to be in medicine. At the 2014 World Stem Cell Summit, researchers discussed how scientists from around the world are working on the ultimate prize – the so-called “God pill” – to help humans live quality lives well beyond 100 thanks to the promise of stem cells in rejuvenating human tissue.
We collaborate with clinicians and researchers at the University of Utah, across the US and internationally.

The gift also provides support to enhance Penn’s medical bioinformatics team and infrastructure, allowing researchers to mine large amounts of genetic, imaging, and biomarker data for patterns, and analyze gene sequences and drug targets. He retired from the corporate world (Chairman, President of Playtex Products, Inc.) in 1995. Additional affiliated inpatient care facilities and services throughout the Philadelphia region include Chestnut Hill Hospital and Good Shepherd Penn Partners, a partnership between Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network and Penn Medicine. The goal is to help improve cardiac function by helping the heart muscle beat more effectively. People with COPD often have lung lining that is lost or scarred, making it painful or difficult to breathe. Z” Zaharoff heads the Non-Surgical Center of Texas, focusing on non-surgical alternatives to relieve pain and repair injuries. Our primary mission is to further advance research that will contribute to improved care and treatment interventions in pediatric patients with motor disorders from a variety of etiologies. The eight floors of the Smilow Center for Translational Research are each the size of a football field, with more than 700 laboratory work stations and 180 research bays throughout.
One company involved in the clinical studies, StemGenex, reports some patients with this degenerative disease reporting improvements after inhalation stem cell treatments.  Improvements included increased ability to perform daily tasks, reduced reliance on supplemental oxygen, improved sleep and an ability to breathe that is less labored. More than 100 lead researchers and 900 staff members from a wide range of departments, centers, and institutes work in the building. Major gifts have been made to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, the Norwalk Connecticut Hospital and the Bridgeport Connecticut Hospital.

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