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Sports Medicine evokes a fun image of working with athletes, being on the sidelines, and watching free games.
These doctors practice in the office usually with occasional field work but some also work in the operating room. Nonsurgical salaries for sports medicine can start out just like any other primary care job with $158k. An orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, however, can make $266,000 to start.
The majority of patients seen in sports medicine are pretty healthy but present with very interesting injuries.

Welcome to MD SalariesPhysician salaries for all specialties including physician executives and non-clinical careers. To learn more about this blog, visit the About page and don't forget to read the Disclaimer. Click on the maximize button in the top right corner of the browser for a better view of the site! They are responsible for seeing any patient who walks in the door regardless of what a patient has and regardless of their ability to pay.
After you examine patients, stabilize them, and initiate treatment, you decide whether they get admitted to the hospital or sent home.

We’re actually probably one of the higher paying specialties when hours worked are considered.

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