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Helping prevent future genocides and intercultural violence through genocide and Holocaust education. Cummings Properties Foundation (CPFI) was founded by Joyce and Bill Cummings of Winchester, Masschusetts in 1986 as a Massachusetts trust. Indeed, in CPFI's very first venture, it invested $8 million to purchase and totally rebuild Woburn's bankrupt Choate Memorial Hospital in January 1990, as a large independent and assisted living community known as New Horizons at Choate. By 2002, CPFI had become an operating foundation, and effective April 1, 2002, it changed its name to Cummings Foundation, Inc. The vast majority of all CFI funding has been internal, including the considerable growth of CFI's investments. On March 31, 2002, the formerly for-profit New Horizons at Madonna Hall continuing care retirement community in Marlborough, Massachusetts became CFI's second operating entity. Since 1996, the Foundation has provided more than $2 million in scholarship aid to hundreds of local students, mostly in honor of the Foundation's founding trustee, and late president of Cummings Properties, James L.
Over many years now, the Foundation has had especially substantial interest in numerous local organizations, including Winchester Community Music School, Supportive Living, Inc., North Suburban YMCA, Winchester Hospital, Beverly Hospital, VNA Hospice Care of Woburn, and The Giving Camp. After earlier endowing the Cummings Family Chair in Business Entrepreneurship at Tufts University, CFI entered a very unique relationship with the University in 2002 through CFI's newest operating subsidiary, Veterinary School at Tufts, LLC (VST). Although it is currently not active, the Foundation's fourth operating entity, Commonwealth Realty Foundation, LLC (CRF), is specifically organized to accept gifts of residential or commercial real estate. Bill founded Cummings Properties, LLC (CPL) and several dozen other Massachusetts commercial real estate firms, and is involved in numerous community activities. He has also served as an elected member and as chairman of the Winchester Planning Board, and as a director of Winchester Country Club, Winchester Hospital, and Tanners National Bank. In 2011, Bill and Joyce joined the Giving Pledge founded by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates. From its beginnings in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1969, CPL has evolved into one of Boston's most prominent, full-service commercial real estate development firms. Danforth Campus students, their parents and alumni may also download the student verification request form and mail or fax it to the Office of the University Registrar. Verification request forms submitted to the university registrar are generally processed within two business days. The National Student Clearinghouse is WUSTL’s authorized agent for providing various enrollment-related services, including verification of degrees (pre-employment verifications of degrees or past attendance) and enrollment (verifications of current enrollment). To obtain degree or enrollment verification for a current or former WUSTL student, submit a request through the National Student Clearinghouse website. It is not necessary for students to request enrollment or degree verification from the Office of the University Registrar or the School of Medicine Registrar for federal student loan deferments. Note that the anticipated degree date reported by the Clearinghouse to your loan lenders prior to your actual graduation is a calculated value based upon your year in school and enrollment status.
For additional assistance with student loans, Danforth Campus students and parents may contact Student Financial Services.
Full-time enrollment status is based on the number of units or specific coursework in which the student is enrolled.  For undergraduates, full-time enrollment is generally 12 or more units in that semester.
Full-time status can vary by academic program; the student services area in an individual school can provide more detail.
Students and alumni of the Washington University School of Medicine and the school of Dental Medicine should contact the Office of the Registrar at the School of Medicine for verification of enrollment and degrees and other certifications. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This strictly not-for-profit facility is considered by many to be one of the finest communities of its type in New England, and once served as a state model for assisted living legislation in Massachusetts.
The entire debt-free community was donated to the Foundation by Bill and Joyce Cummings. In 2004, it contributed $1 million to the Beverly YMCA for the construction of its new Teen Center. Through VST, the Foundation has committed a minimum of $50 million in financial assistance to what is now the very prestigious Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

In this regard, CRF primarily accepts donations of developed or undeveloped land either in cooperation with area hospitals and colleges, or other not-for-profit entities. He is president of not-for-profit New Horizons at Choate and the much larger New Horizons at Marlborough retirement communities, and was founding publisher of three community newspapers. In 2013, they served together as Joint Commencement Speakers, and received Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters from Salem State University.
The lenders and servicing agencies for federal student loans download this information directly from the NSC on a regular basis.
They use it to project when you may no longer be in school and entering repayment on your loans. Medical students should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at the School of Medicine. For graduate students in master’s and doctoral programs, full-time enrollment is generally 9 or more units in that semester.
I was amazed toknow practically how a single disease Malaria, unfolded the diversity and challenges in InternalMedicine. It continues to provide ongoing support to hundreds of local causes.
This sister facility to New Horizions at Choate currently serves more than 400 seniors in one of New England's largest and finest comprehensive retirement communities. This brand new building was dedicated in October of that year in memory of the late executive vice president of Cummings Properties, Douglas Stephens. Deborah Kochevar, serve on the Foundation board, while half of the overseers of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine are officially designated by Cummings Foundation.
Cummings of Winchester, provided the Foundation's financial base. Bill is also president of Cummings Foundation, Inc., and in 2006 received an honorary Doctorate from Tufts University. This practical experience multiplied my love for Internal Medicine.While working in the hospital, I met many patients struggling with terminal disease. In 2014, the Boys and Girls Club where Jamie McKeown spent many of his formative years, was renamed the James L. It is one of the most financially solid real estate firms in the country, employing more than 350 regular full-time staff. Their courage andwillingness to continue fighting despite diminishing hopes reinforced my commitment to becoming agood physician to assist in this valiant struggle.
Route 20 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, NHM offers a wide array of independent and assisted living and dementia services. I originallybecame interested in medicine in my teens because of a very important incident in my life. It is the Foundation's expectation to continue its mission in perpetuity through investment growth as well as anticipated future bequests.
Among other activities, she has been a director of VNA Hospice Care, Inc. Last year in the month of June, a tribal family brought their only son to thehospital in a stage of coma and respiratory distress because of aspiration. Most of these scholarships were awarded following rigorous competitions conducted by individual high school authorities.
His throat was blocked withthick secretions for which I performed suction and left orders to the nurse on duty to continueintermittent suction. Other aid has been given through various community scholarship associations, as well as direct scholarship aid through several Massachusetts colleges. She is also a former trustee of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and chaired the women's golf program at Winchester Country Club. Their paranoia made them unacceptable to the family because the familyhad no knowledge of the pathology. The patients family pleaded me to stay with the patient and showedenormous trust saying that my presence itself would heal him. Eventually, my family realized that my aunts were not mentally normaland got my second aunt treated.

This incident sparked my interest in medicine and it gotconfirmed when I discovered my predilection towards Biology in my higher secondary school. I realized that my future must revolve around instances like this one and that truefulfillment comes from helping another person heal. Thispropensity for medicine led me to take a highly competitive medical entrance exam in which I wasplaced in the top 1% and I eventually got admitted in to XXXXXX Medical College, a premier medicalinstitute which is ranked as the fourth best medical college in India.My undergraduate college education was filled with great competence. My job experience at the hospital taught me thatpatience, compassion and sensitivity are just as crucial as scientific skills to medicine.
The excellent faculty and fouraffiliated 500 bed multi-specialty hospitals provided me with hands-on experience right from the start. Though I had somesleepless nights in the hospital, they were worth the satisfaction.However, I did not feel qualified enough to receive the trust the tribal people gave me so willingly. Iconsistently maintained good grades in all the subjects but I found myself inclined more towardsInternal Medicine because Internal Medicine offers a great variety and diagnostic challenges. Ihave this burning desire to expand my knowledge in Internal medicine and to become a great physician.I am dedicated to meeting new challenges and applying the knowledge that I have obtained through allthese years.
Eventually,I obtained second best score in General Medicine in university final examination. I realize this will be not an easy road but with perseverance, commitment, and hard work, Ibelieve that I can become a valuable addition to your institution. During my clinicalclerkships, I experienced a variety of medical specialties but consistently found Internal Medicine to bethe most interesting.
I am proud to see that I have come thisfar but it is my quest for academic excellence and service to mankind that spurs me to reach greaterheights.As I evaluate programs for my residency training, the first and foremost quality I seek is the ability tofurther my education-both clinically and academically. My desire is to find the residency trainingprogram which will best prepare me in all the fields of medicine by first offering excellent clinicalresources and teaching in a setting where the residents are encouraged to be independent and take ona higher level of responsibility for cases as their proficiency increases.
I look forward to a programoffering a diversity of experience and a staff that works as a team to provide education for patients,family, community, and faculty. I want to seek a residency program that will enrich and augment myclinical skills and also to participate in community based research.
This kindled a strong desire in me to apply theknowledge I have gained and motivated me to join as a medical officer under the State Government. The excellent reputation of youracademic program influenced me too choose your hospital for pursuing my residency program. Asa Government medical officer I worked in a 50 bedded ,well equipped hospital in a tribal area for twoyears. Theambient and competitive atmosphere of your hospital will help me to improve my clinical skills.
These two years gave me an opportunity to prove myself as a hard-working, compassionatedoctor as well as an excellent administrator.
Thankyou for your consideration of my application and I hope that you will give me an opportunity to comeand visit your program to experience it firsthand. I was successful in winning the confidence of the tribalpatients and consequently I was soon promoted as Hospital Superintendent.
During this period I had tosupervise the hospital staff, maintain the hospital, attend the patients and take care of all their needs.This gave me an opportunity to discover and refine my leadership and communication skills. Thehospital under my supervision gradually moved from Grade-C to Grade-A and consistently remained in Athereafter.
The Government recognized my services and awarded me the Best Medical Officer twiceconsecutively in a year. The area I worked in, was hyper-endemic in Malaria and had a high incidence ofTuberculosis.

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