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Alberta, Canada has about 66% of all known medicine wheels (a total of 46) this suggests that Southern Alberta was a central meeting place for many Plains tribes who followed Medicine Wheel ceremonies. These ceremonies would make it correct to say that a Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of our Spiritual energy. The individual or community can see what is going on within by examining what has manifested outwardly in the mirror like situation the Medicine Wheel shows us. As mentioned earlier, a Medicine Wheel can best be described as a mirror within, which everything about the human condition is reflected back.
Despite their physical existence, there is a lot of mystery that surrounds the Medicine Wheel.
Over time, Medicine Wheels have changed and evolved into many different kinds and have provided a tangible mechanism upon which the healing of people,communities and nations can be focused. There have been many books written about the Medicine Wheel, and they often differ as to the placement of some of the teachings.
The Medicine Wheel teachings are based on a circular pattern and cyclical set of four: the four Seasons, the four stages of Life, the four Bio-psychosocial and spiritual aspect of a person. The Medicine Wheel in the diagram above incorporates many of the teachings I have received over the years from the various Elders I have met and have received teachings from.
The above Medicine Wheel recognizes that Aboriginal people are spirit, heart, mind and body.
One of the main stone medicine wheels that is practiced consists of 36 stones laid in a certain way creating the beautiful circle above. The stones are laid beginning in the center, with the first Rock being the Creator, the second in the East being Mother Earth, and going clockwise the third in the South-West for Father Sun, the fourth in the North-West for Grandmother Moon, the fifth a little more to the North-West for Turtle, the sixth in the North for Frog, the 7th in the North-East for Thunderbird, the 8th in the East corner near to the South for Butterfly.
The next to last process of a laying down rocks in the circle is the outer circle beginning again in the North-East beside the 9th rock we laid down the 13th rock and I put the Snow Geese, the 14th rock I put the Otter, the 15th rock I put Cat and it goes on in a circle till we meet the 9th rock of the East. The criss-cross on the inside of the outer circle but not inside the inner circle is your final step.
You can build a medicine wheel out of all kinds or rocks which has special meaning to you and place it in your garden, the corner of a room or you can draw a medicine wheel on paper. The Wheel can be used practically to help an individual understand and deal with specific life circumstances (e.g. The Wheel can also be used to contemplate the flow of events unfolding over months, years or a lifetime. Our consensual experience of the physical world determines a lot of what goes where on the Medicine Wheel. The Circle – lacking a beginning or end, represents infinity, perfection and the eternal. The Yin Yang symbol in eastern philosophies is based on the interconnectedness of the balance of energies represented within a circle. Tibetan Buddhism represents many of its paths to enlightenment within the symbolic artistry of mandalas represented as artwork and in the form of sand paintings. Native American culture was mindful of the sacred hoop and circle as explaining their relationship with the cosmos and the Creator. For Native Americans and tribes of Lower Canada, the circle of the Universe provided the sacred model for all human activities. Native Americans believed the circle to be a symbol for not just a representation of the cosmos, but to represent the cycles of growth, death, and rebirth in the suns and moon’s rising and setting, the planting and harvesting of the crops, and the birth and death of each individual. Thus, the medicine wheel became a tool to focus the honoring and celebration of the cycles of nature through ritual, song, dance, and the making of offerings. Everyday living became a sacred act as each inhabitant of Mother Earth cherished that which it was provided by plentiful food, crops, water and co-existence with Nature. Their connection to the Earth was that of a human being having a spiritual experience with the Earth itself and therefore, everywhere they walked, ate and slept, became sacred space for which they developed ceremonies and ritual to honor and respect. The sacred circle was used as a stylized template to illustrate the cosmos and how various components were interrelated including the four cardinal directions and the corresponding elements.
Since the ancient medicine wheels left no clear purpose of their use, archaeologists and historians have speculated widely as to the ritualistic and ceremonial use of medicine wheels, especially the designated locations of the animal totems. This illuminating guide to the Native American ritual of the Medicine Wheel makes an ancient spiritual practice available to everyone. In the Medicine Wheel of the Hopi prophecy of the four peoples of the Earth, the cardinal direction North represents the body, plants and animals, the color white and ‘white skinned peoples, and Childhood.
West also represents the final life stage in the wheel, being an elder and passing on knowledge to the next generation so that the wheel may start again just like the circle it takes after. The circle with its four directions, corresponding to four elements of nature and the Four Original Tribes were all given by the Creator to all peoples originating from the four different directions.
Each culture developed their own rituals and methods for representing the circle as an expression of how they viewed their relationship with the Universe.
The Medicine Wheel can be adapted for garden use without all the traditional and sacred ritual and ceremony.
A garden that is designed with a strong circular shape so that the cardinal directions can be honored, so that animal totems in the form of stones or boulders resembling animals can be used and that has four basic spokes intersecting through the center to reinforce movement of the spirit of that which you are embodying can serve to create a unique, personal sacred garden space.
So I am suggesting that we try not to emulate or recreate traditional medicine wheels and call them so, but rather, take the Universal Sacred Form of the circle and embellish it with meaning using the earth, the elements of nature and other symbols to design a sacred spot.

This can be done by accessorizing your sacred circle by using such items as crystals, feathers, flowers, spheres, garden art, etc. Sacred (or spiritual) gardens encompass a design style that focuses on a particular theme such as Meditation Garden, Feng Shui Garden, Tranquility Garden, Zen Garden, Healing Garden, etc.
Initially it was used in the late 1800's and early 1900 by Americans of European descent in reference to the Bighorn Medicine Wheel located near Sheridan, Wyoming.
A majority of these ceremonies were to celebrate the Summer Solstice - June 21st, while other ceremonies would carry out through the summer season. In other words an outward expression of our internal dialogue with the Creator (God) and the spirit within. It is also a wheel of protection and it enables us, and allows us to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self and Nature. The teachings found on the Medicine Wheel create a bio-psychosocial and spiritual foundation for human behaviour and interaction.
It requires courage to look into the mirror and really see what is being reflected back about an individual's life. For example, there are some Lakota teachers who place the yellow race in the west and the black race in the east; others suggest the wheel is walked in a counter-clockwise direction.
It has not acknowledged the spirit and the heart, believing those to be the purview of the church.
Again you begin this one in the North-East stone number 9 and going down the south just touching the inner circle till it becomes rock number 27. What ever the venue, it is important to remember that this is another tool to be used on your healing and spiritual journeys. Working the Wheel is accomplished in both consensual reality and through personal introspection. All of life was given ritual meaning by incorporating the circle into everyday tasks and behavior. The ordinary acts of daily living were in some ways, performed in a ritualized fashion, to honor the cycles of nature.
They used Medicine Wheels, Mandalas, Sacred Circle Teachings, Labyrinths, stone megaliths, etc. Of course, some plants live very long lives, but the cycle of nature is seen more apparent in annual flowers which last only a season. Sharing the vision of the sacred form of the circle and incorporating the four quadrants will form the basic structure upon which you can add other elements that make it powerful.
Further, you can design a sacred circle so that it fits the space of your garden, thus you don’t have to walk through it or across it, violating its sacredness.
A website that blends the mind, body & spiritual lifestyle of the conscious consumer with the pursuit of gardens, gardening, design and art. Leslie can bring such design concepts and ideas to fruition through his website services or just provide the visitor with design insights and new ideas. Later, research on the Plains identified other features characterized by a variety of stone circles and spoke configurations. There is no real consensus as to when the medicine wheel began to appear in Native American Culture except to say that some of the wheels date back two to four thousand years BC, the time of the Great Egyptian Pyramids.
Thus, it is a model to be used to view self, society, or anything that one could ever think of looking into. The medicine wheel teachings are about walking the earth in a peaceful and good way, they assist in helping to seek; healthy minds (East), strong inner spirits (South), inner peace(West) and strong healthy bodies (North).
They are the remains of special ceremonial dances and spiritual events celebrated by the Plains First Nations people. The ancient medicine wheels themselves contain significant stellar and cosmological alignments as the Plains people believe that Star Woman fell to the Earth to help create Turtle Island.
The Medicine Wheel and its sacred teachings assist individuals along the path towards mental, spiritual, emotional and physical enlightenment. So little is really known about the original teachings of this ancient tool, however, it is safe to say that there is probably no wrong way to build a wheel. I have developed my personal Medicine Wheel in which I put a different animal representing the same meaning. Today many Aboriginal People are feeling the effects of only having 50% of them taken into consideration in the classroom. Again in the East you would begin the criss-cross starting with rock number 28 until all the rocks laid down touch the inner center marking rock number 30. The Wheel divides our world into different directions and applies specific meaning and significance to each direction.
It teaches us that we have four aspects to our nature; the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Gatherings for ceremonies, eating, dancing and their living quarters in the form of a tipi (Plains Indians) were circular. Just as the directions correspond with birth, adolescence, adulthood and death, plants and flowers experience the same cycle. He holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and has been a landscape designer and contractor since 1982.

Tu es Amour manifeste.L’illusion du temps est creee par la perception du mouvement constant de l’expansion interieure et exterieure. Some archaeologist and geologist even go as far as saying that The Big Horn Medicine Wheel is as old as a few million years. Medicine Wheel teachings are vast and limitless and form the basis of most First Nations beliefs - The great circle of Life. It is a tool to be used for the upliftment and betterment of humankind, healing and connecting to the Infinite. One such alignment is that the wheel points towards the rising sun or to certain star nation constellation(s). Because of this, there is a large drop out rate, high levels of illiteracy and dyslexia in Aboriginal People who did not fit into the formal school systems.
Then you lay more rocks from the south to the inner circle rocks till it becomes number 31 keeping in mind that no criss-cross stones is to enter the inner circle. Each of these aspects must be equally developed in a healthy, well-balanced human being through the development stages of our life. L’illusion du temps est creee a travers la danse de tous les elements de Toi refletes en toi.
I can only speak about the Medicine Wheel according to my teachings and that I have come to know through out my spiritual walk.
Aboriginal people recognize the importance of using methodologies that addresses all four elements of being. Lastly, starting from the number 12 going inside the outer circle towards the inner circle you would lay down rock number 34 to 36, keeping in mind that each rock has a special representation for you and an animal spirit helper. Within this paper I am describing three types of Medicine Wheels which I have worked with over the years. Regardless of where we sit on the globe there are four phases of the moon and typically four recognized seasons.
These phases and seasons follow each other in a circular and sequential rotation, because of this, our personal medicine wheels are a reflection of our relationship to the natural circular evolvement of the world.
Nous avons ete les gardiens de l’humanite pendant de nombreuses incarnations ici et ailleurs. Nous sommes tes protecteurs, s’assurant que tu ouvres la porte uniquement lorsque tu y es pret. Nous t’aidons egalement a bruler tout ce qui n’est pas la Verite, tout ce qui n’est pas en integrite avec Qui Tu Es et aligne avec ton but divin. Neanmoins, tu peux ressentir notre energie qui est tres puissante et facilement perceptible par ton vehicule humain. Nous tendons a demeurer tout pres de toi en tout temps, et ce, que tu en sois conscient ou pas.Nous souhaitons a present vous entretenir a propos des nombreuses portes que vous avez reussi a ouvrir afin de vous eveiller – souvenir – de votre pluridimensionnalite. Vous etes si nombreux, guerriers et chercheurs de Lumiere, a vous etre souvenu de tant de choses. Car cela faisait partie integrante du but que vous portiez au sein de vous-meme a travers votre Presence sur Terre. Vous pouvez acceder a Tout, car vous etes Un avec Tout.Vous vous etes souvenu et avez gueri vos vies anterieures sur Terre.
La sagesse de tous les Ages – passe, present, futur – reside au sein meme de la chambre sacree de votre c?ur. Tu rassembles tout cela au sein de ta conscience eveillee et ta presence energetique sur Gaia, en etant a son service et a celui de tous ses habitants ainsi qu’envers tes propres creations et but divins. Le temps et l’espace sont devenus malleables et interchangeables.Nous desirons maintenant nous pencher sur l’axe horizontal du temps (ou vecteur horizontal d’energie-conscience) qui devient de plus en plus familier pour ceux et celles qui sont prets.
Toutefois, tout comme chaque chose a un but et arrive en temps et lieu selon l’ordre divin afin de servir votre propre croissance, il en est egalement de vos incursions au sein de ce que vous pourriez appeler les realites paralleles. Ils me montrent deux vecteurs formant une croix a l’interieur d’une sphere, un peu comme l’image ci-dessus. Se tenir au centre du point immobile (ou point zero) ou les deux vecteurs se croisent a l’interieur de la sphere permet de voir toutes les perspectives des realites espace-temps. Des lors, cette autre voie vous aurait entraines vers d’autres experiences et une autre destination de celle ou vous vous trouvez presentement. Sachez que peu importe les choix que vous avez fait jusqu’a maintenant et qui vous ont menes la ou vous vous trouvez maintenant, vous pouvez avoir acces a toutes les lecons des choix que vous n’avez pas embrasse.Quel est le but de tout ceci, nous demanderez-vous?Eh bien, chers createurs divins et chercheurs de verite que vous etes, tout ceci sert votre expansion et votre croissance spirituelle vers la maitrise de Soi.
Si tel est votre choix, tout ceci devient partie integrante de la richesse spirituelle que vous reunissez en vous.
Ceci sert a mieux vous connaitre, puisqu’en revisitant ces differentes potentialites emanant de realites paralleles, vous devenez egalement plus sages.Une grande partie de cette conscience vous est presentee lors de votre sommeil, c’est-a-dire dans les reves, mais aussi lors de vos experiences quotidiennes comme, par exemple lorsque vous rencontrez a nouveau quelqu’un faisant partie de votre passe. Le but de ces incursions dans ces realites paralleles qui vous sont presentees par Vous-meme est de vous amener a realiser ce qui sert veritablement votre Integrite et Verite dans le moment present, et de vous aider a choisir et a vous reconcilier avec Tout Ce Que Vous Etes.

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