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It has been documented that 20 percent of diagnosed cases of male breast cancer are found in men who have had a close blood relative who had a breast cancer diagnosis.
Males who have undergone radiation therapy for other types of cancer, have been found to be at higher risk for developing breast cancer as time progresses. As mentioned earlier, men with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer tend to develop it more than others.
Male breast cancer tends to occur in older males, with an average age of 68 – when first diagnosed.
The liver functions to preserve the balance of androgen and estrogen, so that differentiation of sexual characteristics is maintained. Chronic and ongoing consumption of alcohol leads to irreversible liver damage and cirrhosis.
Estrogen and estrogen-like drugs are used in some cases as hormonal therapy for treating men with prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.
Studies linking obesity and breast cancer in women have been around for a long time, but recent research shows that this may be true for men as well.
Testicular disorder like cryptorchidism or undescended testicles, adult incidence of mumps, or surgical removal of the testicles have been tentatively linked, by ongoing research, to higher incidence of male breast cancer.
There is evidence to believe that prolonged exposure to higher temperatures such as furnaces and steel mills could impact the testicles, resulting in skewed hormone levels. Governments and health agencies take this opportunity to spread information and knowledge about this disease, its risk factors, and treatment options.

This has been found to be more prevalent when the radiation therapy was directed to the chest area.
Patients with liver damage tend to have elevated levels of estrogen and suppressed levels of androgen. This impairs the liver’s ability to break down estrogen in males, leading to higher risk of male breast cancer.
Other research implicates occupations where men are exposed to high levels of gasoline fumes. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. For the most part, in the last 25 years of this awareness campaign, the focus has been on women.
Other scenarios in which estrogen-like substances may be used therapeutically include a sex change procedure. With the prevalence of men using laptops that generate heat that is transmitted to the genital area, this could also be an area of concern. Most people do not want to get cancer since having cancer diagnose means death for most people though doctor and other health specialist believe that cancer has chance to be cured.
Breast cancer has gradually come to be seen as a condition that is confined to women alone. However, there is no conclusive evidence linking occupation and increased risk for male breast cancer.The preventive strategies for this condition are simple and can be adopted by all men, regardless of their risk profile.

Typically, these families demonstrate a younger age for developing cancer than the average male breast cancer patients. Moderating or eliminating alcohol consumption can lead to significant reduction in the risk of male breast cancer.
Given the misconception that men cannot get this disease, identifying it early becomes a challenge in treatment and cure of breast cancer among men. In addition, it will also contribute to overall good health at all levels, physical, mental and social. Here is an overview of factors that can put men at greater danger for acquiring this disease.
Keeping a check on your weight is another important step you can take to keep your risk for this disease low. They want to respect their close relation, family, and friend who survived from breast cancer. If you already fall into a high risk category for this condition based on the points given above, ask your physician immediately to educate you on breast self-examination techniques and other alternatives available to you to ensure early detection and treatment.

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